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Egypt wants to control the Nile river, says Ethiopia

The way Egypt behaves regarding the Ethiopian dam got Ethiopians talking as the country was celebrating the 124th anniversary of Adwa victory.Negotiators on the part of Ethiopia say”Egypt wants to control the Nile river

Egypt _ Ethiopia _ Dam
The press statement in the office of the prime minister. Photo credit : EBC

March 3, 2020

As Ethiopia celebrated the 124th anniversary of the victory of Adwa over the Italian Colonial army, the mood across the country was special.

What makes it so is that it was celebrated after Ethiopians learned about the statement from the United States of America regarding the operation and filling of Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam – a statement that infuriated Ethiopians across the country.

The government has issued an official statement on February 29, expressing that it is “disappointed” with the statement from the Department of Treasury of the United States of America.  

Ethiopia did not take part in the last round of the negotiation that took place in Washington between February 27 and 28.  It is because Ethiopia was preoccupied with engaging stakeholders locally.

However, the United States, joined the negotiation as an “observer” and mainly with an invitation from Egypt, did not seem to like that Ethiopia was unable to attend the last event.

Furthermore, the U.S.’ statement has a tone of ordering Ethiopia not to start filling the Dam without signing the agreement with Egypt and Sudan.

On Tuesday, March 3, 2020, members of the Ethiopian negotiating team, Seleshi Bekele (Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy ) and Gedu Andargachew (Minister of Foreign Affairs),  had a press statement in the office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

The message underscored is that the Dam is necessary for the existence of  Ethiopia and that it is part of the struggle that the country is making to get out of poverty.

“Ethiopia will not sign any agreement regarding its own dam under the pressure from external power,” the team told journalists.

However, said the team members, there has been negotiation with lower riparian countries of the Nile river with the understanding that the Nile is an international river, although more than 86 percent of the water originates from Ethiopia.

The United States has been mediating Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan regarding their difference on the Ethiopian Dam,  said the negotiating team.

While noting the positive roles the U.S. played in the past in the negotiation, the team explicitly criticized that the former made a mistake to take a stand as a government forgetting its mediator role. However, Ged expressed his hope that the U.S. will reconsider its position.

The project that Ethiopia is undertaking with its resources said Gedu Andargachew, in a way that does not affect the interests of the lower riparian countries.

Gedu also said that “Sudan as a country has a strong stand that the Ethiopian Dam is relevant and that it does not have an interest in controlling the waters of Abay, but Egypt has the interest to control it.”

Despite interest on the part of Egypt and the USA for swift completion of the negotiation, Ethiopia does not believe rushing to sign the negotiation, the team stated.

Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy, Seleshi Bekele, on his part, said that Ethiopia as a country from which over 86 percent of the Nile water originates from, it needs to be beneficiary from the water. Ethiopia is a sovereign country and that no state should infringe on her rights to use from the water is the position.

Meanwhile, Egypt accused Ethiopia of conspiracies and said that it is ready to “face it,” according to Ahram online’s report published on March 2. Egypt still claims its “historical right” over the Nile. The latest agreement that Egypt bases his claim is the 1959 agreement between The United Arab Republic (that was the political union of Egypt and Syria) and Sudan. Ethiopia was not a party to the agreement.

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  1. At.the time Italy was in continuous war after war , across the globe so we let you have Adwa after we really found out how barbaric Ethiopians are, we went back after Adwa not because we failed but because we didn’t want to colonize cannibals.

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        You know why these thugs eriotreans like him are chosen to seek asylum . because majority of them are ignorant and easy to manipulate and twist and fitting for modern slavery.

        Most are engaged in snooping and passing info in and outside ethiopia while claiming they are against esayas regime. All countries have armies , nothing special with eritrea .

        attention on these selayoch in and out

        bravo esayas gonderew put them under and stay tuned in your power!!!

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    • You dope mr Guissepe go and sniff pot .

      What are you doing here?

      You came to us with genocide and colonization in mind ; but your evil dreams were thwarted by our heros and heroines.

      your justication is nonsense !!

  2. Let these idiot Egyptians know that we will start irrigating all the small and large tributaries of the blue nile soon and make they know who really owns the blue nile.

  3. Egypt’s effort has been not only to control this river but to colonize the old country. Don’t laugh now but what else to make of it. Since 1956 it has been spoiled both by the dead Soviet Union and the West since 1979. Since 1979 Egypt has been in peace with Israel which it used to consider a sworn enemy. So after the historic peace accord of 1979 there hasn’t been an ‘enemy’ strong enough to pose a serious treat for Egypt. So, why does Egypt need to pile up such a huge arsenal that includes more than 200 F16’s and so many Dassault Rafale supersonic fighter jets? To protect itself from Italy, Spain, Libya, Sudan or the Gaza Strip? I remember reading an article many years ago where it was told that Egypt was creating a new highly mobile fighting force trained for jungle warfare. I don’t see a jungle in Libya and for sure now in Sudan anymore. Do you see one? If el-Sisi decides to send some of these jets to do harm on an innocent nation those who armed him have the obligation to restrain him. The writing is on the wall in big and bold letters. Those two patriots Obbo Gedu and Seleshi are saying that the construction of the dam will continue unabated and the filling will start during the rainy season beginning July as planned without causing any harm to Sudan or Egypt. And that is it. End of story!!!

  4. Subject: Last sentence of the Article: QUOTE: “Ethiopia was not a party to the agreemen” tUNQUOTE

    Commentary, 4 March 2020

    Egypt NEVER considered Ethiopia — the “Abid” Black African Country — was NEVER an equal partner in the negotiation over the Blue Nile. NEVER.
    With such INHERENT negative racial attitude, it would be a futile attempt to expect a rational negotiation with Egypt. Do not also also forget that sleek Egyptian leaders — hungry for everlasting power and money — always use the Nile as a camouflage for their intention to keep their presidency for Life.
    In such an atmosphere, ETHIOPIA must be fully ready for ugly eventuality.

  5. Ethiopians need to lay off what they are smoking and start examining their last
    thirty years actions realistically , since Ethiopia got no control on others actions except her owns. All USA can do is just watch Ethiopia fall into pieces since Ethiopia based her foundation by begging superpowers and sudden disputes with superpowers can be costly to Ethiopia since Ethiopia based her growth by selling bonds loans to those Ethiopians that gave up on the Ethiopian leaders of the last thirty years including the current one.

    Ethiopia sold her children and almost everything else to export to USA in the last thirty years reassuring USA is the boss of Ethiopia. Things that USA didn’t want got exported to other countries.

    The Addis Ababa taskforce Meles Zenawi’s enemies are not Gregg Wenzel killers as Abiy Ahmed claimed at the time , his claim made EPRDF the favorite of USA and other Ethiopians not favorites, now the table has turned .

    New York Daily News › world
    New Yorker killed in Ethiopia in 2003 revealed as CIA spy – New York Daily …

  6. ”Egypt wants to control the Nile river” It is – was – obvious for seemingly time immemorial.

    But more deeply than the above fact, Egypt had always an attitude of superiority complex over Black African Country — actually countries. Egypt has a nomenclature for their attitude towards the African countries >>> “ABID”

    Therefore, to repeat history, Egypt had an agreement with GREAT Britain — NOT WITH ETHIOPIA — on the ‘question of the NILE!!! This is irrefutable glaring example of Egypt’s negative attitude of what one calls the audacity over audacity, a glaring historical fact of negative attitude of Egypt over BLACK AFRICANS in TOTALITY.

    In such condition and negative inherent attitude of Egypt over Black Africa, there seems to be no sensible possibility for self-appointed ‘civilized’ Egypt to come to a ‘civilized’ negotiation over the usage of the NILE for the benerfit of ALL — taking natural historical physical facts as a solid ground for discussion. Less than that, the alternative is disastrous — that Egypt knows full well, in its embarassing history. What would be the point in repeating shameful history?!?! THE END

  7. The count down is started. The war is soon. Nothing worse than cutting off water from a nation of over 100 million. Ethiopians thinks mistakenly that they own the blue river. No there is international law govern this matter. Ethiopia in the harsh path and playing with fire.


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