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Ethiopia says it will not take part in GERD negotiation in Washington

GERD _ Ethiopia

February 26, 2020

Ethiopia will not take part in GERD negotiation in Washington, which is scheduled to take place on February 27 and 28.

The Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Energy said on Wednesday that it has not completed consultations with stakeholders in the country and that Ethiopia will not be able to make the negotiation.

The United States Department of the Treasury organized the meeting. The Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, is notified that Ethiopia will not attend it.

The meeting organizer and The World Bank claim that they are attending negotiations between Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan as “observers.”

Egypt and Ethiopia were unable to reach an agreement on legal documents prepared to govern the operation and filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Ethiopians, both in the country and abroad, are mounting pressure on the Ethiopian government that it should not compromise Ethiopia’s right to use water from the Nile river to generate Hydroelectric power.

Ethiopians in the United States are planning a protest rally in Washington to oppose pressure from the United States against Ethiopia in the negotiation.

The US denied that it is not putting pressure on Ethiopia.

Public opinion in Ethiopia is swinging to the idea that bringing more neutral mediators to the negotiation could make reaching a fair agreement possible.

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  1. Quote: “Public opinion in Ethiopia is swinging to the idea that bringing more neutral mediators to the negotiation could make reaching a fair agreement possible” Unquote

    Humble Opinion
    The USA under the Government of the present President will NEVER be “neutral mediators ” when it involves BLACK AFRICANS — regardless who they are, where they are. Period.

    By the way, the above quoted statement is a reflection of the usual elegance, dignity and diplomacy of Ethiopians. If I may add, leaders of “neutral mediators” could learn the A, B, C of Diplomacy from that Ancient Country, rich in History <<<<< It is NOT emotional exaggeration. THE END

  2. The right move…PM Abiy. It is strange how US got involved in this matter in the first place. El Sisi…should stop looking elsewhere and try to resolve the issues by working with Ethiopia.

  3. n all honesty, this dam issue is the least of my worries now. What left me with sleepless nights is the current scourge that is wreaking havoc on the population of many countries. The world economy is taking telling blows from the specter with indices tanking. I am worried witless about the current pandemic, the corona-virus. Some experts are heard saying that the already warm climate on many sub-Saharan countries may work against the virus. I am banking on that notion. But I am still worried. I can’t even start to imagine a scene with this deadly disease dropping people like flies in the highlands of Western Haraghe, central, south, west and northern Ethiopia where bigots are roaming like rabid dogs. I don’t wanna just imagine such a scenario. I’m calling on all of you my dear countrymen/women to fill up your places of worship and throw yourself at the feet of The Almighty Our Creator and pray!!!! Beg For The Lord’s Mercy and Blessings!!!! He Has Never Forsaken that gem of the colored and with our Blessed Prayers He Will Not Abondon it!!!! May The Merciful Lord Protect His Children Here, There and Everywhere!!!!!

  4. Well, I just found out that the old country has informed the observing two bodies that it will not be ready for the meeting scheduled at the end of this month because it has not completed the consultation it has been holding with domestic stakeholders. That is ok. This dam has a potential to bring about miraculous results for the current and future generations. That is if it will not be mired by corruption just like many dams in other African countries. I am those bigots who want the negotiation to fail so they can run to el-Sisi and lick his boots may be holding parties now. They need and dream the effort to fail so they can roam around in Al-Qahirah panhandling and play as his long arms of destabilizing the old country. You just watch them now!!!!

  5. Meles Zenawi wanted to stay in power through any means , he chased the most educated , the most prominent Ethiopians out of the country.

    The challenge he was facing from diaspora was so overwhelming for Meles Zenawi’s regime. Especially the challenge he was facing from those he chased out was contaminating those that stayed in the diaspora longer it was starting to affect his tight grip, So to break down the exiles he resorted to getting those that stayed in the diaspora longer be in his pocket, he used the GERD dam construction , bond money sales meetings to spread his lies propgandA about how the new comers are to be not paid attention, to soften the whole diasporas opposition and break down the exilees spirit , so since his main a was to start conflict among diasporas he didn’t really persuade Egypt about the future of the dam, he just used it to stay on power without opposition from diaspora exilees.

    Hailemariam Desalegn was predespotioned by Meles Zenawi to sellout Nile, as About was predespotioned by Abiy. It’s time to cut our losses .As we cut our losses of one hundred thousand intelligent irreplaceable brave Ethiopians at Badme. The diaspora now is fighting over a loaf of bread since Meles succeeded .


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