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National Movement of Amhara elects new chairperson

The Central Committee of National Movement of Amhara (NaMA, one of Ethiopia’s ethnic-based political organization with popular support base in Amhara region, elected Belete Molla as the next Chairperson of the organization. Desalegne Chanie, now ex-chairperson of the organization got applause for what he did to the organization

National Movement of Amhara _ Chairperson
Desalegne Chanie, ex-NaMA Chairperson. Photo credit: Asrat Media

February 24, 2020

The National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) announced on Monday that it had made leadership changes. The change came in the wake of the movement’s 1st General Congress.

It took place in Debre Birhan Town, about 120 kilometers north of the capital Addis Ababa, on February 22 and 23 in the presence of observers from the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE).

The importance of the movement’s structure reform, overall organizational work report, audit report, the party’s council report, and the movement’s code of conduct are among the agenda items discussed during the congress, according to NaMA’s statement.

The General Congress approves the reformed constitution of the organization.

“National Movement Amhara has evaluated the roads it traveled in the past to ensure that it has what it takes to overcome the challenges of the time to address Amhara People’s question, and has prepared structural reform,” said Desalegne Chanie, who served as chairperson, in his opening remark of the congress.

Belete Molla _ New NaMA _ Chairperson _ Amhara
Belete Molla, the new chairperson of National Movement of Amhara (NaMA). Photo screenshot from Asrat Media video

Belete Molla replaced him as Chairperson.

The General Congress elected 45 central committee members in a secret ballot. And it is the new central committee that selected the party’s chairperson and deputy chairperson.

The new chairman proposed nine executive committee members, and they are all approved.

Accordingly, the new leadership for the movement is as follows ;

1) Belete Molla, Chairperson
2) Yesuf Ibrahim, Deputy Chairperson
3) Addis Haregewoin, Policy Strategy Head
4) Tahir Mohamed, Public Relation Head
5) Tewodros Hailemariam, Foreign and International Relation Head
6) Gashaw Mersha, Organization affairs
7) Melkamu Tsegaye, Head of NaMA office
8) Tibebe Seife, Law and Ethics Head
9) Christian Tadele, Political Affairs Head

Christian Tadele has been in prison in connection with alleged involvement in what Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government called attempted coup d’etat in June 2019.

There is anticipation that he could walk free from prison soon.

On Monday, the office of prime minister announced that it had released over 60 prisoners. However, the identities of those who are released are undisclosed at this writing. And hence it is unclear if Christian is among those released.

Desalegne Chanie had been serving as Chairman of NaMA since the organization was officially established in June 2018 in Bahir Dar. Belete Molla was serving in a role of vice-chiarperson.

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  1. A village political party, in a country of over eighty ethnic groups and over one hundred million population will remain a village political party.


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