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U.S., Ethiopia Artists Meet for Final Collaborative Performance at Yared Music School and Mekelle American Corner

Yared Music School _ Ethiopia
Artists during the workshop. Photo : courtesy of US Embassy in Addis Ababa

US Embassy Addis Ababa
February 6, 2020

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, – The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa was pleased to sponsor a musical and cultural exchange workshop between American and Ethiopian artists from January 27 to 31, 2020 at Yared Music School and February 3-6, 2020 at Mekelle American Corner. The workshop culminated in a grand finale performance by Next Level hip hop artist educators group and Ethiopian artists.

Over 100 local Ethiopian artists participated and developed their skills in emceeing, hip hop dancing, graffitiing, and DJing during the five-day workshop that was aimed at further enhancing cultural exchanges as well as the people-to-people relations between the United States and Ethiopia.

When delivering remarks at the finale, Carmelia Macfoy, Cultural Affairs Officer at U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa said, “We believe support of the arts community both in the U.S. and in Ethiopia helps to foster cross-cultural understanding and collaboration, and demonstrates shared values and aspirations between our two countries.”

“The workshop is part of the U.S. Embassy’s ongoing efforts to engage Ethiopian audiences through the arts, and to create opportunities for art lovers to gather together,” she added.

Ethiopia is one of seven countries  hosting Next Level in 2019-2020. The others are Russia, Mongolia, Peru, Bolivia, Jordan and Nepal.  The group has toured over 30 countries worldwide promoting the mutual sharing of knowledge, values, perspectives, and respect between local populations and American artists.

Next Level, an initiative of the U.S. Department of State, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Meridian International Center, aims at utilizing hip hop music and dance to foster cross-cultural creative exchange in diverse communities.

The group will travel to Mekele next to hold similar workshops with artists at the recently opened Mekelle American Corner at Mekelle University.

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  1. As most types of music hip hop originated from Tegaru’s
    cultural music of the ancient Tigrayan people.

    Now it is time to introduce Zenawism through music to all of our Carribean and North American brothers that got sold to slavery centuries ago.

  2. M. L. King’s death is what got African Americans start searching for their roots through hip hop music , now we Tigrayans have to follow Zenawism ideolgy and share our hip hop know how with them.

    The Atlantic
    Martin Luther King and the Birth of Hip-Hop

    • Mr Yeha

      It is offensive to tell us our fathers were sold . We are making another history that we are heros who make the socalled developped countries great again.


      • Bombarely3

        You made it great all right , chained and worked for free throughout many hundreds of years, just like those huge percentage of inmates in this day and age that are allover the penitentiaries in the US right now making license plates , fighting wild fires , not dropping the soap and many more things while other races donot get thrown to penitentiary as much in percentage ratio .

        Either way bobmarley sang about Rastafarianism . Ras Tafari was Moja , feudal bourgeoisie oppressor who starved millions of people to death . I donot care if Rastafari’s children are offended because they deserve to get starved so they feel our pain , Rad Tafari starved my ancestors to death in Mekelle Tigray so I suggest everyone to step forward to the new millennium by replacing Rastafarianism with Zenawism.

        With much Respect,

  3. The lyrics the African Americans use in hip hop music is as dirty as an Eritrean music, Tegaru got no need to learn hip hop music from anyone, let them try the dirty Asmara .

    • Hip hop music dancing is a good fitness exercise , so we should allow it in Tigray .

      Same as TPLF politicians should now take this opportunity we got to refresh our brave Tegaru soldiers fighting spirit, by giving them a chance to show where to the whole world our greatness , we brave soldiers of Tegaru can win all of Africans if we want and we will not stop until Lt. Col. Abiy takes the place of Gen. Kinfe Dagnew .

  4. To YehaKingdom

    Both slave trading and the Ethiopian famine will be remembered as one of human beings lowest historical moments, which we all should learn from at any cost so it does not get repeated.

    Repeating wrong actions tit for tat is not what should be done , try to move on, forgive or forget . Nowadays the country need positive people only.

    The story of Oromo slaves bound for Arabia who were brought to South Africa.

  5. Someone please use Goshu the gentle wild animal , in your music videos and or movie productions and save his life from being terminated by the Humans that are unable to cover his ever growing food consumption.

    ከሞት የታደገው ጎሽ ከቤት አልወጣም ብሎት የተቸገረው ኢትዮጵያዊ


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