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Ethiopian Students seeking evacuation from Wuhan, so far no response from gov’t

Soliyana Aregawi , currently in Wuhan- China, admires the fight Chinese doctors are undertaking to arrest CoronaVirus but she does not seem to be happy that the government of Ethiopia is not responding to the plights of Ethiopian Students who are seeking to be evacuated.

CoronaVirus _ Wuhan _ China
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February 5, 2020

Most foreigners stranded in the epicenter of the deadly CoronaVirus in Wuhan are said to be students and there over 300 Ethiopian students in that province only according to information from the students themselves.  

They say it has been over 12 days now since they were locked in their dormitories.

Soliana Aregawi is one of the Ethiopian students who are stranded in Wuhan. She studied economics for that last four year, and she is a graduating student, according to a report from rfi

Despite the horror of being stranded in a city that seems to be now essentially equated with where death is hunting everyone as death toll and the number of infected people rises, she appears to be optimistic.

She admires the sacrifices that Chinese physicians are paying. She tweeted: “These are z people fighting z virus. They’re wifes, husbands, mothers… Doctors are z unsung heroes of a nation. Let’s take this moment to acknowledge z doctors in Wuhan. They’re risking their lives everyday to save others. #WuhanCoronovirus #武汉加油”

Ethiopian Students _ Wuhan China
Soliyana Arega, Ethiopian Student in Wuhan. Photo : Soliana Arega Twitter page : @SolianaA

But she also seems to be disappointed that the Ethiopian Embassy in China has not yet contacted Ethiopian students in Wuhan. On February 5, she tweeted, “When is z right time 2 reply 2 our questions? Is it 2 much 2 ask for a response from z embassy that represents us? Z Beijing office hasn’t contacted us yet. A Representative from z Chongqing office has sent us a couple ofmessages by that was it @TToga9 @lia_tadesse @fanatelevision”

Other Ethiopian Students in Wuhan contacted the leader of the Solidarity Movement for New Ethiopia, Obang Metho, on Thursday via inbox messages.

One student said in his message to Obang: “Believe me or not in our university only us Ethiopian are left I do not know how should I explain the feeling we have, we are struggling and fighting with death…”

They want the Ethiopian government to evacuate them.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia has not issued any statement or update regarding the situation of Ethiopian students in Wuhan or if there is a plan to evacuate them.

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, H.E. Chen Xiaodong, is on a visit to Ethiopia and met with Ethiopia’s State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Hirut Zemene. News updates from the ministry did not mention anything if the situation of Ethiopian Students in Wuhan was discussed. All that is mentioned in connection with Coronavirus is that “Hirut…expressed Ethiopia’s confidence that China would fully control the current Coronavirus outbreak and reiterated her country’s commitment to stand by China in the fight against the virus.”

Ethiopians in social media are putting pressure on the government to evacuate the students.  

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  1. she looks one of those people sent by woyane . I guess she is studying there with the money we gave to to build our great Dam. I am so furious we amhara people are abandoned in our country which we run it for centuries by Oromos. We shall restore our monarchy soon;


    • gashaw


      you are sent by woyane and go against them to get greencard. We know as you lready knew it, people sent to abroad for studies are the most idiot people it is coz their ties with managers or ruling party they win this chance. after all, schools are for idot slow learners like you where you can buy academic credentials.Ethipopia will no lonegr be fair even if jawar or merara leade it.

      soccially and culturally abusive elments couldn’t be eliminated at all.

  2. This is just propaganda to calm people in Ethiopia, most of us students here in China know we are safer here in China than in Ethiopia, due to the severe lack of infrastructure and professional .

    So far in a continent where not even one detection is made yet it is u ghly unlikely treatment is available when it starts getting detected. If you look at where it spread globally so far, not a single detection is made in Africa on the map. › 2019-ncov
    Confirmed 2019-nCoV Cases Globally | CDC


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