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Ethiopia’s business Forum in Toronto attracted as many as 40 investors

Ethiopia's business Forum in Toronto
Participants of Ethiopia’s business Forum in Toronto. Photo credit : Embassy of Ethiopia in Canada

January 20, 2020
Updated on January 22, 2020

The Ethiopian Embassy in Canada had organized a Business Forum in Toronto on January 17, 2020.

The aim was to promote investment opportunities in Ethiopia for Canadian businessmen, according to the Spokesperson Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

The Ministry of Economic Dev’t, Job Creation & Trade of Ontario and the Canadian trade commissioner service have partnered with the Ethiopian embassy in organizing the forum.

As many as 40 investors and business personnel have participated in the event, according to the Ministry’s spokesperson. 

During the event, Ethiopian Ambassador to Canada, Nasise Challi, highlighted what she called “untapped investment and trade opportunities” in the areas of agro-processing, infrastructure development, manufacturing, Power generation, ICT & telecommunications, PPP in various sectors, Hotel & Tourism, Consultancy service, among others.

Ethiopia’s big domestic market, regional and continental trading blocs, easy connection to Ethiopia (via Ethiopian Airlines which directly fly to Addis Ababa from Toronto five times a week), and other comparative advantages are among the things that make the time right to invest in Ethiopia, as highlighted by the Ethiopian Ambassador.

Apparently, there will be a Canadian Trade Mission to Ethiopia from February 08-10, 2020.

Mr. Bill Macheras, Infocentre and Trade Commissioner for Global Affairs Canada, has invited Canadian investors to join the business trip to Ethiopia. 

Mr. Eyad Qudsi, Area Director, Middle East & Africa at the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, is cited as saying that investors need to pay attention to what he called “emerging markets like Ethiopia,” as reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

Editor’s note : This news article was updated on January 22, 2020 to to make corrections that Ethiopian Airlines has direct flight between Toronto and Addis Ababa five times a week, not three times a week.

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  1. Excellent news and the folks at the Ethiopian Embassy there deserve a deafening applause for such extremely valuable accomplishment. This goes without saying that every one of such investment will create desperately needed jobs in the old country. I wish such an effort will be extrapolated in other venues like having booths at major trade shows here in the USA and Europe. There are thousands of companies that have their products made overseas and majority of those products used to be made domestically here in the USA. Despite the efforts to change that many of those products will never come back. The fundamentals are not there anymore. So those companies will continue to have their products made overseas where the landscape is rapidly changing. Automation, AI technology and other contemporary gadgets will not do the tricks for these companies. With its competitive labor and overhead cost the old country has the chance to cut into this huge pie. What it desperately needs is to prove/show to the world that it is stable and capable of holding peaceful election in 2020. Please remember the damage that instability and chaos do to the soul of a society/country. It will wipe away the culture of discipline needed for development from the working age population. Once such hard core values are gone, it will be next to impossible to instill it back in the disturbed minds of the youth. This must be understood by everyone who is sincere about the welfare of the old country. So this is it for the old country!!! It is on its last chance. Stability is in the hands of the opposition and those who are now ruling the country. All of them must talk in measured/cultivated/civil terms and avoid utterances that could justifiably upset/enrage other fellow groups of people. So this is it!!! The Valkyrie will either come out belching uplifting songs or she will come out wailing and dejected by the loss of lives and property during and after the planned election in the summer of 2020.

    Kudos to the embassy staff in Canada!!!

  2. Subject: “Ethiopia’s business Forum in Toronto attracted as many as 40 investors”

    Commentary, 21 Jan 2020
    There is no question, the potential of such business magnitude and consequential benefits to Ethiopia in multitude of factors is so over whelming that one can only summarize it as simply “mind boggling”.

    But — and this is a monumental “BUT” — Ethiopia must be a PEACEFUL and STABLE country not only for the benefit to ITSELF but an encouragement to OTHERS [in and out] to have confidence in the stability of the country and consequently in the establishment of deeper and varied, voluminous investment in the Country. Is Ethiopia deeply ready to have such a country — and be a Bright Example for Africa? It is Ethiopians choice. THE END

  3. Investment is a key to reduce unemployment .

    Encouraging Investing money and encouraging investing knowledge is a duty of all Ethiopian born diasporas .


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