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Ethiopian PM briefed about dam negotiation deal with Egypt,Sudan

Dam negotiation with lower riparian countries, namely Egypt and Sudan, concluded in a way that observes the dignity and interest of Ethiopia, negotiators briefed Ethiopian Prime Minister

dam negotiation _ Ethiopian PM
Photo credit : Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia

By Staff Writer
January 19, 2020

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his cabinet members are reportedly briefed on Sunday about the latest negotiation on the filling and operation of Ethiopian Dam which took place in Washington DC between January 13 to 15 of this year.

According to state media, Ethiopian Press Agency, Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Seleshi Bekele who has been the chief negotiator on the Ethiopian side told the Prime Minister and his cabinet that the negotiation in Washington concluded in a way that defended the interests and dignity of Ethiopia. 

Seleshi Bekele is also cited as saying an agreement has been reached, with Egypt and Sudan, to complete the initial stage of filling the dam in as little as three years. 

During the filling stage of the dam, the flow of the water will not reduce over 10 percent. 

It is also indicated that US officials had the impression that lower riparian countries will not get water from the Nile river until the filling of the dam is completed, which is not the case. Explanation from experts has helped US authorities understand the Ethiopia’s position. 

Ethiopia, from which 80 percent of the Nile water originates from, has been advancing an equitable and mutually beneficial use of the Nile water position throughout the negotiation. In the course of the negotiation, Ethiopia assured lower riparian countries that the Grand Renaissance Dam will not affect Egypt’s share of the water.  

Egypt, on the other hand, has been asserting “historical right” position which is entrenched in  the colonial document to which Ethiopia was not a signatory. 

Currently, Ethiopia’s $5 billion dollar dam  is said to be 70 percent completed and could start filling as early as this year. 

The consensus reached between the three countries caused outrage in social media among Ethiopians for the agreement was seen as one that has compromised the interest of Ethiopia – from which over 80 percent of the Nile water originates from.  

A day after completion of the negotiation, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew and Seleshi Bekele had a press conference at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington to clear skepticism among Ethiopians regarding the contents of the latest negotiation. 

The three parties will meet in Washington again later this month to sign the final document. The World Bank and the US Department of Treasury will attend it as “observers.”  

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  1. Subject: “Ethiopian PM briefed about dam negotiation deal with Egypt,Sudan” borkena
    By Staff Writer, January 19, 2020

    Commentary, 19 Jan 2020
    As Readers , we are voluntarily obliged to give credit to the Government of Ethiopia, leading by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. What amazes me is the democratic attitude of the Government to inform the People of Ethiopia about the development of the subject matter. It is very impressing and sad to say very rare in our beloved Continent of Africa, which is governed by Dictators who do not have an iota of respect to their own citizens. I pray that the Government of Ethiopia would continue on the right track and be a shining example to the rest of Africa.

    Now to subject matter.
    1st. It is necessary to note that “Ethiopia, from which 80 percent of the Nile water originates” has been a dignified country, in front of international forum, for equitable solution with those who are in need of water. That is what it should be. But ……

    2nd. Ridiculous as it is, Egypt was arguing — with a straight face — that the agreement it reached many decades ago with Great Britain, and only with Great Britain, over the Nile is a testimony of the negative attitude of Egypt over Black Africa. Even Ethiopia’s dignified and rational debate, in front of international witness, Egypt was debating on the impossible –a testimony of Egypt’s attitude to Black Africa. And so it is worth quoting a dignified statement from the above news item >>>”Egypt, on the other hand, has been asserting “historical right” position which is entrenched in the colonial document to which Ethiopia was not a signatory.”

    3rd. Good wishes to the Government of Ethiopia on its track of governance and be a shining example in our beloved Africa. In the same vein, may the people of Ethiopia concentrate on the development of Ethiopia with the fascinating sociological rich diversity and be the example of the so-named ‘coloured’ people around the Globe. THE END

  2. Water filled in 21 years as Egypt suggested is what Abiy Ethiopian EPRDF PP wanted all along . EPRDF PP don’t want to pay back the bond it borrowed , it is a known fact bond is not a gift but it is a loan expected to get returned back on a time specified initially at the time the bond was purchased.

    That’s why D Trump is involved so diasporas donot make complaint about not getting back the bond money as promised in time . Actually Ethiopia broke laws when Ethiopia sold in billions bonds in USA , Ethiopia admitted only for a small fraction of what was sold , claiming it was only $6.5 million USD with diasporas silenced not caring about their children’s future . Previous US Ambassador Girma Biru built owns so many high rise buildings in the North America while the bond purchasers families live in severe poverty in North America/Ethiopia because the bond money was looted . Families broke up which led to the country being so divided .

    Almariam › 2016/06/12 › ethiopia-t…
    Ethiopia: T-TPLF Criminals Nabbed in America Selling Unregistered Bonds …

    Almost all of the funding for these GERD dam construction came from selling bonds to North America and Europe citizenship holders-Ethiopia born “diasporas” who currently are too old to live to see the dam making profit if 21 years later water is being filled. That way the diasporas should forget getting their bond money back with the bond purchasers kids ending up in poverty while EPRDF TPLF PP living it up in planes traveling around the world laughing at bond purchasers children suffering in severe poverty in Ethiopia and in diaspora

    Securing these dam without it making profit for 21 + years is exhausting with for sure piece by piece it will be taken apart , that is what Egypt wants.

    the dam will get looted by whoever is put to guard it as there is a no rule of law, that is what Egypt is betng on , with EPRDF PP betting on that bond purchasers will not live to ask their bond money back in 21+ years with the amount of money loosing the value it got now since interest accumulation is not part of the calculation.

    In twenty one years water will be filled meaning those that bought the bond will have to wait longer than they were initially told to get their money back with their kids suffering while the looters TPLF educated bandits take hostage rape them and pay them to say it was consetual , killing those that don’t accept thesteal of women .


  3. Whatever agreement we have now, must not be permanent and in perpetuity (binding at all times in the future) since Ethiopia’s needs and capacity to use the water of the Blue Nile will vary depending on its economic development; its capacity to use the water; and its changing needs for water in the future.

  4. The implicit and tentative agreement by Ethiopia for the first time in its history to ceding 75% right over the use of the water of the Blue Nile (Abay) to lower riparian countries, namely Sudan and Egypt.
    …………Ok say this is bad, what is your best case scenario?

  5. Do we even have to sign any agreement? Why?………..aren’t the international water treaties grantee a fair and equitable share?…………..if the downstream countries still feel uncomfortable let them deal with their anxiety ……….


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