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Ethiopia : Two journalists from Tigray region reportedly arrested in Benishangul

Tigray region _ Journalists

By Staff Writer
January 14, 2020

Two journalists from Tigray region of Ethiopia are reportedly arrested in Benishangul Gumuz region on Monday. 

Dawit Kebede, used to own Awramba Times newspaper, and cameraman, Bahulu Wube, were arrested without any reason. 

Tigray region Communications Affairs Bureau said the journalists traveled to Assosa to cover the meeting of Federalist Forces, and has called for their unconditional release. 

Tigray region authorities said it has contacted relevant Benishangul regional state authorities and federal authorities seeking to secure their release but the journalists are not released, at this writing. 

Why they are arrested is unknown. 

“The arrests of journalists in Assosa where they traveled for work is inappropriate and violates the constitutional rights of citizens to move from place to place and work,” said the statement from Tigray Region Communications Affairs Bureau. It also said that it will follow up with the matter until they are released. 

DW Amharic service reported that it reached out to Benishangul Region Communication Affairs Bureau in connection with the arrest. Meles Beyene, head of the aforementioned office, said the matter is under investigation. 

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  1. Awaramba times was more and more affiliated with TPLF after the arrest of it’s deputy editor Woubshet Taye.

    Dawit Kebede , the chief editor of Awramba Times was not prosecuted by TPLF while the deputy editor Woubshet Taye was prosecuted and convicted of terrorism in 2011, he served seven years behind bars.

    Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

    Woubshet Taye was arrested in June 2011, before being convicted on terrorism charges in January 2012, when he was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment. His arrest came soon after he had published a column critically assessing the ruling party’s performance in its two decades of rule. Woubshet was the deputy editor of the Awramba Times, but following his arrest, the paper stopped publishing in Ethiopia and the editor fled into exile.

    Shortly after his initial imprisonment, Woubshet was moved to a new, more remote facility – Ziway prison, about 83 miles (160 kilometers) from the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, making it difficult, if not impossible for his family members to visit him. He has been suffering from kidney infections and has been moved repeatedly between different prisons, most recently back to Kality prison in Addis Ababa. The authorities denied his wife visits (in January 2015) and his health remains poor. Though he applied for a presidential pardon, his application was rejected, and he remains in prison. Woubshet was a recipient of Human Rights Watch’s Hellman/Hammett Award.

    Woubshet Taye has been RELEASED.

    Ethiopian journalist Woubshet Taye is free from prison after serving nearly seven years. Woubshet, a former editor with the weekly newspaper Awramba Times, was among 746 prisoners that the Ethiopian government last week announced would be pardoned. (February 14, 2018, Committee to Protect Journalists)

    Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission
    House Committee on Foreign Affairs
    5100 O’Neill House Office Building
    200 C Street SW
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    United States of America

  2. human rights based in US is led and infested by amhara neftegna . I do exactly understand the fact that neftegna has a tidy sum and support in and outside.

  3. 10000% right. Yes ,we need to segregate ourselves from the so-called ethiopian church infested with metetam gojame , tenkuway, melkaa diablos degami tebtabi minu kitu etc

    Neftegnas often strive to upset us using words such as « ye dedbit dedeb, ibid , mad, dingay ras, chingilatu tebelashe «etc . Amharic langauge is rich in vulgar words, because its speakers are rude and dishonest ones!! These words are from those amharas who were mentally, psychologically tortured and resulted in distorted mentality among themselves .

    Oromo Orthodox church could work with Tigray Orthodox church. Church is used by neftegna for centuries for political gain by neftegna emperors to subjugate and deceive the laity as if they are chosen by God and the laity should accept thier narcissitic approach in the pretext of being obedient and subservient to the kings.. We will kick them out of Shoa , and this is not on the hush. Neftegnas do know it very well. That is why they are crying out loud just as those demons who were screaming while descending to the inferno. Belt up and Buckle ,ye Demons !!

    • Shoa history 101 –
      The name itself means ‘safe heaven’ . It was established before 10th century as a safe site for Ethiopian kings when they were in exile from Gudit and Zagwe kings. Oromo migrated into Shoa in the 16th century. Now, who should kick out who?

  4. Teweywey lebi tigray didn’t have a vision a Crepy agame imitates old Amhara’s fashion to use orthodox church for political benefit ezi kenreyo kelena nay amharu maekor is greater than kab agame’s mind .


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