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Eritrea rejects Saudi Arabia’s claim of “Islamic role” in Ethio-Eritrea peace agreement

Eritrea seem to be not to happy about Saudi Arabia’s claim of “Islamic role” in Ethio-Eritrea peace agreement, and to resolve conflict “between brothers in Africa”

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by Staff Writer
January 14, 2020

Eritrea issued a statement on Monday condemning what it called “condescending narrative” from gulf region regarding the peace process between Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

The statement came in response to Saudi Arabia’s view about in which it painted the peace process between the two  countries as a sort of an outcome of the Gulf Kingdom’s exercise of “Islamic role.”

The statement issued by the Ministry of Information of Eritrea made a reference to  Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for African Affairs’, Ahmed Abdul Aziz Kattan, interview with Asharq al-Awsat on January 9, 2020. 

Saudi’s assertion about conflict resolution in Africa has “…deprecating tone,” as Eritrea pointed out. 

Eritrea said, “while we recognize the goodwill of our international partners, a condescending narrative that belittles Africa and its achievements is not only improper but also fraught with blighting the image of the Kingdom.”

Full statement from Eritrea’s Ministry of Information reads as follows : 

In a long interview with Asharq al-Awsat (Thursday, 9th January English and Arabic editions), on the strategic importance of the Council of Arab and African States bordering the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, the Saudi Minister of State for Africa digresses from the central theme to speak about resolution of conflicts in Africa in a rather deprecating tone.

In this context, the official alludes to Saudi Arabia’s “efforts to resolve differences between brothers in Africa”.  He then proceeds to assert: “the Kingdom has harnessed its pioneering Islamic role in this regard… the first result of those was the historic peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea”.

This description is grossly at variance with the genesis and facts of the historic agreement.  And while we recognize the goodwill of our international partners, a condescending narrative that belittles Africa and its achievements is not only improper but also fraught with blighting the image of the Kingdom.

Ministry of Information
13 January 2020

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  1. Subject: “Eritrea rejects Saudi Arabia’s claim of “Islamic role” in Ethio-Eritrea peace agreement.”
    borkena, by Staff Writer, January 14, 2020

    Commentary, 14 Jan 2020
    It is not a secrete that Saudi Arabia is the “custodian” of religious spiritual belief for the dissemination thereof to cover the entire world. In my humble opinion, Saudi Arabia has no business in the dissemination of spiritual belief around the Globe — regardless of its monetary power out of oil.

    Specifically, concentrating on the subject matter of the News Item, Saudi Arabia is embarking on the interference in the affairs of Eritrea which may very well lead to catastrophe, arising from the well known sensitive sociological affairs, in a country which is struggling to develop its own political, sociological and economical fields of endeavour. Saud Arabia’s ‘eternal agenda’ is a direct attack on the effort of a country that is trying to survive from the cause of thirty (30) year war for liberation of Eritrea and, sadly, entwined in internal problems. It is a grave mistake, of great proportion, to take advantage of an internal problem of a country in the dissemination of religion for conquest.

    The meddling of Saudi Arabia in the internal affairs of Eritrea — in all practical REALITY — is to DESTROY Eritrea as we know it!!! It is International Crime.

    The Letter from Eritrea on the subject is admirably clear with diplomatic language. One hopes that reasonable personalities in Saudi Arabia would heed to it seriously. THE END

  2. Saudi officials must have forgotten that Isaias of Eritrea is an Athiest and an avowed Hater of Religion in General and Islam and Christianity in particular and has the worst Imprisonment and Torture Record to show for that in the World…………Including the Respective Leaders of Both Faiths forced in to a House Arrest as we speak……..Wake up and smell the Coffee……….Here you are dealing with the worst Tyrrant on the Planet and not a Civilized Man………Selah

  3. What Cam I say for them it’s just for the benifit of them I Hope Allah Be with my Eritrean Brothers and thanks So Much fo the Saudian Effotts!!!

  4. The country with the highest Human Developmental Index score Norway , had made it clear that it is the Ethiopia who brought this peace.


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