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Donald Trump asserts Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Prize should have gone to him

January 10, 2020

Talking to supporters in what is said to be a campaign event in Toledo, Ohio, on Thursday, US President Donald Trump asserted that he should have won the Nobel Peace Prize, not Abiy Ahmed, for “saving the country.”

Aaron Rupar, a  journalist with , tweeted what Donald Trump talked about the Nobel peace prize :

“I’m going to tell you about the Nobel Peace Prize, I’ll tell you about that. I made a deal, I saved a country, and I just heard that the head of that country is now getting the Nobel Peace Prize for saving the country. I said: ‘What, did I have something to do with it?’ Yeah, but you know, that’s the way it is. As long as we know, that’s all that matters… I saved a big war, I’ve saved a couple of them.”

He did not directly talk about Abiy Ahmed or Ethiopia. However, it is clear he was making a reference to Ethiopia and the country’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who won the Nobel Peace Prize in October of 2019.

Trump’s remark about saving Ethiopia has apparently caused curiosity among politicized Ethiopians to know how Trump saved Ethiopia and from what.

The Nobel Prize Committee was precise as to why Abiy was selected: for  “efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea.”

It is not for the first time for Trump to talk about “unfairness” about the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 2019,  He told Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan that he “would get a Nobel Prize for a lot of things, if they give it out fairly, which they don’t.” as quoted in Politico

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  1. Our outspoken, & unreticent world leader, Mr Donald Trump ,clearly told us the fact that he intervened in our national affaire, politics or economy, etc and smuggled Ibin Aby Ahmed to the Minilik Palace, cave where neftegna elites hide themselves and rob the public money and kill whoever, esp non-amhara, they dislike.

    My revered appreciation goes to his excellency the ourspoken leader, Mr Trump even if he reduced to our continent to a shithole!!Since he expressed publicly the intervention of the US govt in Ethiopian POlitics and type of help he imparted to Abiy, the full-time serial killer and banda! BTW, He promised to tell the truth and that he will have nothing to hide before his people during first speech at his presidential inauguration.This is not a surprise for many of us , but could be a lesson for those people who incessantly try to disprove the fact that Abiy is not a banda and stooge working for foreign organizations.

  2. QUOTE: “Donald Trump asserts Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Prize should have gone to him” UNQUOTE

    There is an Ethiopian saying >>> “ayn awTa” OR “yemerkato laTiyie”.

    Indeed, the saying about America is still strong and upright >>> AMERICA IS A COUNTRY FOR ALL SORTS of CHARACTERS. And what is so admirable about AMERICA is that THE FOUNDATION and PILLAR OF AMERICA IS UNSHAKABLE. AMEN.

  3. I am not sure how shallow are people to understand what Trump stated is actually the whole truth. Without his administration consent there is no way TPLF went to hide to Mekele not EPDR/PP would have second life in power under the reformist Abit and team Lemmaa. Neither Eritrea would have lifted all the santions that TPLF and Susan Rice deployed in the past. That is plan truth and his administration actually has avoided to aware between Ethiopia and Eritea (no will neither resources for another meaningless costly war) but in fact his admistration out of self interest has chosen to keep the country united and avoid a civil war along ethnic lines. That kind of balkanization sadly did happen in Yugoslavia and Ruwanda under the watch of previous US admistrations and yes we should be thankful to all actors at least for not having another Sryria in our land. Not only US and Trump but other powers including Europe and possiblly China have been facilitating such relative peaceful transition albeit with all the ethnic strife and killings and desplacements have happened in the last two years. Diplomats have been going back and forth Between Addis. Asmera and Mekele to temper all the forces that could caos and damage to the general population. That is why is imperative that Abiy must lead the country as statement until the election and do a peaceful transit and not play the ethnic political games as that could backfire and ignite unstoppable carnage. Eventhough I do dislike Trump in most policies and his rudeness in public statement, I do agree with his statement. People should not forget that as statement is way better that most African empty head leaders that only live about their ego and grandiose. If people hate Trump due to his narcissistic tendencies, our African leaders are Trump on steroids, all of them. But one thing the differnciate Trump from them is that Trump’s play is not about vanity like African rulers but idiology, He is also very smart in his plays except that sadly he use the most vulnerables as scapegoat to saciate his voters. Everything that Trump does is finely calculated, including things that most economists would call is a blunder. He even plays cards on how to accelerate and desaccelerate the economy for example to postpone economic boom and brust to avoid tough election time. He is a big time player and plays with everything as needed.

  4. Dictator Abiy Ahmed the former INSA spy who served the evil Ethiopian killing machineries of Tamrat Layne , Meles , Hailemariam , Getachew Assefa , Jawar while supporting this half ass unfair ethnic constitution is not a peacefull person worthy of a peace prize , he is just wishy washy .

    It is true, Trump is much more worthy of the peace prize than Lt. Colonel Abiy Ahmed ever will be .


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