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Baladera council officially evolving to a political party

January 10, 2020

Baladera Council announced that it is has transformed itself to a political party.

It was announced as its leader returned home on Friday after weeks of working visit in North America and Europe.

Tens of thousands of his supporters showed up at Bole International Airport to give him a warm welcome waving the Ethiopian Flag which reportedly caused some friction with Federal police forces who claim that the flag that his supporters waiving is not Ethiopian one. 

He told his supporters that his working visit was successful and that he said his party will submit an application to the National Election Board of Ethiopia to seek recognition before the general election which is believed to happen sometime in May of this year.

Baladera will be fielding candidates in Addis Ababa for the general election, he added.  

The Council was established in March 2019 to advocate for an elected Mayor for the Addis Ababa City as Oromo ethnic Nationalists including from within the government  mounted pressure on the city claiming that ethnic Oromos have exclusive right over the city, not residents of the city. 

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    • ezra leba neftegna

      antededeb Yosef

      what are you talking about! Do you suffer from metete or any kind of mental disorder ? I could help you with that . We donot need to ask debtera or tenkuway or ganen sabi .

      how did you get there ? have you slaughted your neighbours and fled to US with the money you got from thier pocket ? Many of you neftegnas are killers tabot shachoch.

      if you are not eating to the fullest, you could still make videos and post it in your youtube. I am very worried about you sir. The death of innocent people doesn’t bother you at all, kefetam.

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      Donot worry this article goes to the commeration of you the bigots, Yosef, and the rest of your neftegna killers and thier boss, colonel Abiy!

      We will crush you soon by a united forec with Dr Jawar , OFC!Mark my words , you will be kicked out of Shoa, and Finfine!!

  1. The residents of a land make the law. If Oromo historical right is raised, then the same question should be raised by the Damot people who lost their land in Wollega.

  2. The Federal police stole the flags from us at the Bole international airport while we were there to greet Eskinder’s on the day he returned back from USA.

    African leaders that are planing to attend African Union summit in 2020 are worried if their flags will get stolen too by the Ethiopian federal police.

  3. Eskinder Nega registers Balderas for Real Democracy with the Ethiopian Election Board while Birtukan Midekssa was in a meeting elsewhere, Birtukan’s signature is not put on the document yet , the next step is for Birtukan Midekssa to sign the document .

    Due to Election board’s controversial draft Lidetu Ayalew’s EDP asks election board to admit its mistakes. Birtukan Mideksa appointed to the Election Board . The election Board ard does not have the authority to extend the upcoming elections – per Soliyana Shimelis.


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