Ethiopia’s election board meeting with stakeholders ahead of general election

Political parties, among other key stakeholders, to discuss draft schedule that Ethiopia’s election board prepared

Election board _ Ethiopia

January 8, 2020

Ethiopia’s election board announced on Wednesday that it will be meeting with stakeholders, including political parties, within the next two weeks to discuss the schedule about the next general election.

The meeting is intended to get feedback to refine the schedule. The board has already a draft schedule and time frame of the election.

When the board meets with stakeholders in the next two weeks, it will be presenting the draft for discussion. And it is after that the board will pass a decision on matters related to the schedule, according to Fana Broadcasting Corporate report which cited the Board’s Communication Affairs adviser – Solyana Shimeles.

There has been a rumor that the election board is postponing the general election to sometime in June of this year. However, the board dismissed that information shared by some media outlets as false and that it will announce dates in the future.

Meanwhile, the board this week approved compulsory guidelines/criteria that registered national and regional (a word that the election board uses to mean ethnic-based parties) parties have to fulfill.  The board has undertaken reform measures after Prime Minister Abiy Amed became prime minister.

In December 2018, the board approved the political party registration guidelines with the participation of political parties (some submitted written feedbacks- according to election board).

Among the issues included in the guideline are all registered parties need to fulfill the founding member’s signature within two month and those parties who have not yet completed general congress to do so within two months and notify the election board. 

There has been a divide among Ethiopians regarding postponing the next general election on grounds of security concerns in the country, and also on grounds that the national census did not take place before the election. On the other hand, there are parties, including Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), among others, with a firm position that the election should take place on the schedule as stipulated in the constitution.

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