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Ten students, three security forces wounded after clashes at Ambo University

Ambo University _ Ethiopia

December 30, 2019

At least ten students are reportedly wounded after a clash with security forces in Awaro Campus of Ambo University, VOA Amharic service reported on Monday in the evening.

They were admitted to the University referral hospital. Their condition is not life-threatening. Three security forces are also wounded.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education learning said 15 of the 22 universities that experienced security crisis are back to normalcy. And it has called communities in the town where the universities are located to help the effort to restore normalcy in the universities.

Two days ago, Yihun Alemayehu, a third-year Accounting and Finance, was found dead in the University campus. Dire Dawa Dile-Chora hospital Hospital sources said, on an anonymous basis, his body bears signs of death thrown from heights.  His body is sent to his parents in West Wollega, Guliso town, and is laid to rest.

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  1. “Ten students, three security forces wounded after clashes at Ambo University”

    “TPLF vows to take measure against “internal forces” disrupting peace, unity of Tigray”

    “Dire Dawa University closes after student thrown to his death from the 3rd floor”

    It goes on, and on, and on…….. until Ethiopia is fragmented into pieces based on tribalism, religionism, all sorts of ‘isms’ and, of course, for the hidden agenda of individuals to enrich themselves with wooden boxes full of yankee hundred dollar bills for their retirement in earthly paradise and let the wretched people agonize for eternity.

    And then the DEVIL, with glittering teeth, gnaws at the divided pieces of quasi-zombies population and drools his sarcastic questions >>> are you happy now? are you prosperous now? Are you ……………. I think, I better stop here before heading to being a perfect zombi.

    In any case, what is new in our dearly beloved Africa? We are what we are. WE are what we have always been. We are immune to the universal phenomenon where nations strive to be better from day to day. Instead, we are stuck at where we were YESTERDAY with all the gimmicks out of our schoolings and holding the ornament of testimonial for our pride to the end of our existence (not LIVING). AMEN , INSHALAH, <<< in alphabetical order, please! THE END


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