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Eritrean President : “it was like a two months long visit”

Eritrean President speaks as if he was impressed with his latest visit to Ethiopia

Eritrean President _ PM Abiy
Photo credit : OPM

December 27, 2019

Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki has arrived in Asmara on Friday Morning after concluding three days off an official working visit to Ethiopia.

He was seen off by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa.

His visit was packed with events – ceremonial ones as well as serious ones like meeting with Prime Abiy Ahmed, apparently it was a closed meeting. They reportedly discussed ways of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.

He has also visited industrial sites within 100 kilometers range of Ethiopia’s capital. Adama Industrial Park, Industrial projects in Dukem and Bishoftu (Debrezeit) are some of the projects he and his delegation visited during the second day of the visit on Thursday.

In the afternoon, he has to lay the foundation stone for the construction of a new Eritrean Embassy building near Hamle 19 recreation park in sidist kilo area of the city.  He was joined by Abiy Ahmed who said: “it is a Christmas gift for the people and the government of Eritrea.”

The day was wrapped up with a dinner invitation for the Eritrean delegation at the National Palace. The dinner event was labeled as “Let’s celebrate shared historical chapter.”  President Sahle-Work Zewdie and Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen, among other senior-level Ethiopian government officials, attended it.

“My two days of visit felt like two months; it was filled with several surprise events, “state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) cited president Isaias as saying. It is unclear if he was being sarcastic about it.

Yet, viewed from the business of his visit which was to bolster ties between the two countries, it seems it has achieved its purpose. In a new update published on Friday, The Ministry of Information of Eritrea said: “President Isaias and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed underlined that both Governments are working to redouble efforts to achieve peace and develop strong bilateral cooperation in several sectors.” He is also cited by Ethiopian media as saying the three generations of time is lost between the two countries.

President Isaias Afeworki has visited Ethiopia at least four times since Ethiopia and Eritrea signed friendship and peace agreement in July of 2018.

A considerable number of Ethiopians see his visit in a positive light. Others, especially those who are indifferent to politics, see his visit with indifference.

Still others tend to see his visit with anger and hate. A prominent pro-TPLF digital news portal, Tigrai Online , wrote on December 27 : “The real reason for Isaias Afwerki’s visit is to reassure the masters of the Middle East and the Western world there is no crack between Isaias and Abiyot Ahmed.”

The article itself is given the title “The destructive symbiotic relation of Isaias Afwerki and Abiyot Ahmed.” 

While it described Abiy Ahmed as “low-level security officer…who was spying for foreign governments came to power in Ethiopia,” Eritrean President is labeled as “leader of the African North Korea” 

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  1. There are many eri , fake yefugiii here and there selayoch ke afrikan norz corya

    they are enemies of tigray who wish Tigray to set ablaze. It is true that Woyane , mainly adwa people, were abusing thier power and tegadelti and thier family got nothing except being exploited for political and financail profit. We were humilated and working for amharas and oromos who were empowered and appointed by TPLF power mongers in every district , regional state in the name of EPDRF, socalled coalition of nations and nationalities. Tegaru are happy to help amhara man at the expense of segregating Tigraway; This is how you spent 27 years . Koshasha hiwhat, When they are in trouble and captured by Amhara they appease Poor Tegarus . Down with Elites tegaru , robbers and thier complice Amhara , Oromos etc

    If you delete this message here I will post it everywhere . I will see what you can do wether you threaten me with videorecording or hunting or whatever . You are running for profit here in case you become little top dogs in towns, or villages etc THis is reffering esp to YUkuno, Manjus

    Yours in cyber


    • It is good that you called out TPLF for their lies. Those keyboard soldiers Manjus, Alula, etc are not a true representation of Tegaru people. The real farmers of Tigray want to live in peace with the rest of the country.

      But you should still let go off the ethnic mentality of ‘working for Amhara, Oromo, etc..’ The educated people of Ethiopia should develop a unifying agenda that might even include the Tegaru in Eritrea.

  2. As of shabia, hone come if he wanted peace, Ethiopia is going under this dangerous road? Shabia itself behind all this chaos is the leader of both Ethiopia and eritrea that is why aby also mentioned Ethiopia must speak arabic will turn Ethiopia under Arabs just like eritrea. It is ok to have diplomacy just like other countries but the Arabs have been converting African countries and their surroundings into islamic. Tanzania is fully controlled by Oman. The land that belonged to Tanzania, islands are more vulnerable, so zanzibar that belong to Tanzania today 100%islamic code work for Arab/turk colonization. Comoros today 100%muslim just from 20 years ago!

  3. Subject: “Eritrean President : “it was like a two months long visit”” borkena, December 27, 2019

    Commentary, 29 Dec 2019
    1. Quote “His visit was packed with events”.Unquote
    One is tempted to ask why. The answer?It is a preparation for his future move, tactically and physically.

    2. Quote “He has also visited industrial sites within 100 kilometers range of Ethiopia’s capital.”Unquote
    In line with No.1 above, he may have a plan to have a permanent place for retirement, including owning vast land, business venture etc

    3. Quote “President Isaias Afeworki has visited Ethiopia at least four times since Ethiopia and Eritrea signed friendship and peace agreement in July of 2018″ Unquote
    The Final Act of Issayas seems to be accelerated. Why? The accelerated friction with Tigrai has a bearing on his safety; hence, a need to accelerate things to safety. In any case, he has achieved his lite-long agenda AGAINST Eritrea [No.4]

    4. Let us admit. Issyas was NEVER interested in the independence of Eritrea. Issayas had — and still has — INTENSE HATRED against Eritreans. He succeeded fully in what he intended to do with Eritreans [Footnote ].

    In a moment of relaxation with a comrade, over the consumption of spirit, Issyas blurted out his life long agenda (vengeance) against Eritreans by these words >>>”I will show you! I will take this country down as I put it up”. Page 322, Eritrea at a Crossroads, Andebrhan Welde Giorgis, 2014.


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