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Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council issues warning

A warning statement is issued calling authorities in Amhara region of Ethiopia to address five demands over burned Mosques in Motta or face a nationwide protest. However, Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council has dismissed that it does not recognize the demonstration called for December 27, 2019. 

Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council _ Demonstration

Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council has issued a warning on Thursday calling for Amhara regional state to address demands of the Muslim by January 1, 2010, or The Federal Muslim council will call a nationwide demonstration, according to a report by DW Amharic service.

The Council also extended appreciation to entities that acted to contain the problem and condemned the act of burning of Mosques in Motta Town, Gojjam, in western Ethiopia.

Amhara region Islamic Affairs Council has expressed support to the ultimatum of Ethiopia’s Islamic Affairs Council

Sheik Saed Mohammed Omar, President of Amhara Region Islamic Affairs, on his part said that he has disclosed to the government that damage has been caused to Mosques in Motta because of failure to take necessary caution, and that he fully supports the statement from Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council, as reported by DW Amharic Service

Demands of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council are:

1) The government to provide all necessary support to the Committee established to investigate the origin of the problem and the damage caused as a result of it.

2) To capture individuals and/or groups who were chanting and ranting in an outlandish manner after burning places of worship, and hold them legally responsible so that they get appropriate retribution

3) Indemnity be paid to individuals and organization who suffered damage to private property or in other forms

4) To rebuild all burned Mosques quickly so as to enable them to offer their daily services

5) To establish a committee capable of investigating problems Muslims in the region face and resolve them, and start acting soon.

Amhara regional government has disclosed that so far it has arrested about 33 suspects in connection with the incident in Motta.

On December 20, 2019, several Mosques were attacked in the town (at least three of them burned completely) after an ancient church in the town was burned.

As well, Muslim owned businesses were targeted during the attacks. At least 18 are reportedly destroyed. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has issued a statement immediately condemning the attack and expressing readiness to help the effort to bring perpetrators to justice.

There have been protests, in Jijiga for example, calling for perpetrators of the attack to be held responsible.

The Ethiopian government says that those who are engaged in the act of burning places of worship (dozens of churches have also been burned in this past year) are groups with political agenda of their own and their intention is to trigger religious-based clashes in the country.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council said that the demonstration called for  December 27, 2019 does not have a recognition, as reported by Fana Broadcasting Corporation.

Secretary of the Council, Haji Sheck Kassim Tajudin, said in a statement on Thursday that the demonstration called for Friday does not have a recognition from the Council and advised members of the muslim community to focus on their Friday prayers. 

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  1. Yes, they must be brought to justice and face the consqeunce of thier heinous and narcissist act committed at the expense of genocide bteween two brothers.

    There is no a single verse in the entire Holy Bible encouraging us to go against a person who follow different religious tenet or beliefs. It is a misinterpretation of gullible and pedantic laity and pastors .

    Ethiopian emperors were using religion for their own interest as some people ,these days, who call themselves pious and genuine christians make use of biblical verses for thier own good, political agenda such as TPLF is 666, satan homosexual etc so they win the approval from the naive majority.

    King Zerayacob , refered as a saint by Orthodox church since we have received so many fake historical accounts of our fathers , emperors etc , who was killing innocent people as if these men were denying and insulting St Mary, Saints and Angels etc . The indisputable truth is that he was narcissist and power monger to the extent of beheading, cutting thier nose , hands and other parts of thier body.

    People should not be physically harrassed, abused or tortured for thier religious standing . However, we could teach them in order to help them join us in our faith and religious practice, if you asked me. Stop gambling with religion and depreciating the religious beliefs of our fellowmen to pass through your political or ethnic based agenda.

  2. Both Christians and Moslems should collaborate to rebuild burnt Churches and Mosques in solidarity against EVIL. Thete is only ONE God, and there should only be ONE People serving God regardless in a Church or Mosque all teach goodness. Those who commit violence of fire burning or violence through propaganda are outside of These RELIGIONS

  3. The act of burning mosques & properties of Muslims is totally un acceptable. It is against true preaching of Christianity.
    Thus, the source & the reason of the evil act should be independently investigated, made public & appropriate legal action taken who have involvement directly & indirectly in the Wildish act.
    We Ethiopian need to live together in peace, in love avoiding hetrade despite differences in believes, attitudes, etc. We shall not be targets of ill wills of politicians. We need to assertain the truthness of social medias before taking actions. We shall not be their direct weapons!


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