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Ethiopia launching its first satellite from a Chinese Space Station

Ethiopia _ satellite
Photo credit : EBC

December 19, 2019

In a matter of hours, Ethiopia is launching its first space satellite. And Ethiopian government-owned news outlet, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation is transmitting the event live.

ETRSS-1 will be launched from a Chinese Space Station which is located about 400 kilometers from the capital Beijing. 

The communication and information satellite is capable of gathering information in the areas of mining, environmental protection, communication technology, and agriculture, among other areas.

The information receiver station is built in Entoto, a hill in the northern part of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia’s Innovation and Technology Ministry has organized a special public event at Meskel square on Friday to celebrate the first satellite for the country.

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  1. The satellite is supposed to be used for weather prediction purposes to help Ethiopia’s number one source of hard currency which is the coffee export.
    Locusts don’t affect coffee as they affect other staple farm products.

  2. How about spending the money on the millions of poor, hungry and homeless elders, women, men and children? Isn’t that what the priority should be?

  3. It’s officially Bye Bye privacy for Ethiopians. Ex INSA spy chife Abiy Ahmed know better, since he is a sellout he ler this satellite scandal get perpetrated against the soverignity of Ethiopia. Since Abiy is still a banda not reformed one bit he is selling out all of Ethiopia faster than any leader in Ethiopia’s history .

    As long as Abiy’s associates stay in power by China helping intercept communications and conversations of his contenders , Abiy donor care if the whole country is sold out to China .

    The communist China covered all the costs of this satellite to spy on Ethiopia. Remember the investigation carried out by LE MONDE that revealed China built African Union headquarters for free , with Chinese state sponsored espuonage backdoor that bugged the building so China can record conversations at AU for five years.

    • We begged for food in the 80s and 90s, and at the present we’re one of several Sub-saharan ‘Low Income Food Deficit Countries'(FAO). Donald Trump calls us people from ‘shithole countries’ Many of us are scattered around the world. Is that the privacy you’re talking about? Don’t fret my friend…it is all good.

  4. Selam Selam

    Ethiopia wants to hire as many military personnel as possible now , enough money is put aside to give welfare free bee money for the needy citizens as you mentioned their needs above.

    Ethiopia has also finished the preparation to give retirement payment for all Ethiopians people above the age of sixty years old. All will go into effect after the needed amount of people join the military, until then welfare will remain withheld so people don’t abandon the military training line for the welfare free money line.

  5. My next opinion has nothing directly related to this story. I am posting it because both have technology in them.

    It is in the news that Boeing has finally selected its fall guy. It has fired the top enchilada yesterday blaming him for the debacle it brought upon itself. I will try my best to bite my tongue before I say anything about the whole saga. But I can confidently tell you that someone, someone both at Boeing and FAA has gotten away with what tantamount to be run-of-the-mill murder. Someone in both places should have known better that this particular aircraft had and still has a potentially lethal flaw before it was handed over both to award heaped Ethiopian Airlines and the Indonesian one. I had this same question before when the disaster happened and I still have the same question now. When the majority of foreign airlines decided to ground the aircraft why all those domestic ones like UAL and AA refused to do so? Why? What did they know about the planes they have that made them dead sure confident about it? What was that? The environment has been an overcharged one for many years now. What did these domestic airlines know about those planes given to these two unfortunate airlines that made them so adamant in continuing flying they have when many foreign countries banning the 737MAX even from showing up anywhere on their air space? What was it? Somebody must have known something so emboldening! Someone is getting away with utter murder here!!! If not for President Trump’s gutsy decision in ordering the plane grounded more planes could have been falling from the skies like a hot potato. Many Blessings To Him for that!!!


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