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Russia wants action from Ethiopia to elevate military cooperation

Russia seem to be interested in action from Ethiopia to “take cooperation to the next level” in the area of military cooperation

Russia _ Ethiopia _ Military Cooperation
Ethio-Russian meeting in Moscow. Photo credit : FBC

December 18, 2019

The 10th Ethiopian and Russian military cooperation meetings are underway in Moscow, state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation reported on Wednesday.

State Minister in the Ministry of Defense, Ambassador Lelaalem Gebreyohannes, and Anatoliy Punchuk, Head of the Russian Delegation and Deputy Director of Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) co-chaired the meeting.

It aims to enhance military and technical cooperation between Russia and Ethiopia.

Ambassador Lelaalem Gebreyohannes hailed long standing cooperation between the two countries and expressed Ethiopia’s readiness to strengthen the relationship. 

Anatoliy Punchuk on his part called on Ethiopia to take action to elevate the relationship to the next level, according to FBC report.

Russia and Ethiopia have agreed to cooperate on the peaceful use of nuclear energy in October 2019 when Russia hosted Russia -Africa partnership summit in Socci. 

Earlier, in September of 2019, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met in Moscow. It was officially disclosed that the two parties held talks on ways of broadening cooperation between the two countries, and it was agreed to hold regular meetings.

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  1. Subject: “Russia wants action from Ethiopia to elevate military cooperation, borkena
    December 18, 2019”

    Simple Opinion, 18 Dec 2019
    “Russia wants to elevatre military cooperation.” What for? What Ethiopia needs is peaceful atmosphere to develop its agriculture, health, education and other infrastructure — in its own way — for the benefit of the Ethiopian PEOPLE. PERIOD!!! And that NOBLE effort is contrary to dealing with the ice cold, shrewd BEAR. THE END

  2. The Oromo dominated Ethiopian military leadership and “Querro” need many trainings from developed countries on how to commit genocides without taking chopped human body parts as souviniors , without mobilizing tens of thousands of soldiers to kill a handful or without dragging dead human remains bodies for miles.Who better to teach Oromos how to prosper through genocide than the richest dictator the richest man in the world V Putin himself.? President V Putin needs to sell more weapons throughout Africa through the perfect dellala Abiy. The National Industrial Engineering Corporation formerly known as MeTEC is showing tremendous interest to do businezs with Russia .


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