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Amhara Oromo parties to work together to stop violence in Universities

Amhara Oromo parties operating in both regions of Ethiopia vow to work together in ending violence in university campuses.

Amhara  Oromo  Parties _ Ethiopia
Dawud Ibsa, Chairman of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Photo : screen shot from FBC video

December 17, 2019

Amhara Oromo parties operating in Amhara and Oromo regions of Ethiopia, including ruling parties, concluded on Tuesday two days of discussion in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

The forum that drew parties from the two regions was organized to find solutions to end ethnic-based violence in the two regions, build a national consensus and strengthening the relationship between the two people. There is a widely held belief, and statistics seem to support it, that ethnic-Amhara and ethnic-Oromo are the most intermingled Ethiopians which makes sense given the fact that the two are the largest language speaking groups in the country.

Ethiopian Universities, especially in Amhara and Oromo regions of Ethiopia, have become fighting grounds for students. The clash is usually ethnic-based involving Amhara and Oromo students. It was happening almost every week and several students are killed and wounded.

Remarking after the end of the meeting, one of Oromo Democratic Party (ODP)’s top officials, Taye Dendea, said: “We need our students to understand the point that being a student is an identity on its own.”  He said students need to focus on how they can build their country, rather.

In the two days forum, the political parties also discussed ways of working together by avoiding suspicion towards each other. 

Representatives (mostly party leaders) from Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), National Movement of Amhara (NaMA), Oromo People’s Federalist Congress (OFC), Amhara Social Party (ASP), Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) and Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), among others, have attended the forum.

Chairman of Oromo Liberation Front, Dawud Ibsa, and chairman of National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) made a joint statement after the conclusion of the discussion forum on Tuesday.

The parties have pledged that they will do their part to ensure that the teaching-learning processes in the Universities in the two regions are peaceful, as reported by Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC).

They have also agreed to work cooperatively and reached an agreement to reach out to their supporters in different parts to promote their party programs – something that was very difficult before due to radicalized ethnic politics – especially in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

The political parties held a joint press conference and issued a statement in which they asked the government to go after those who are responsible for instigating clashes between students. They have also called on the government to reinforce security in institutions of higher learning.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education passed a decision recently to deploy members of the Federal Police university grounds to protect the security of students facing violence.

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  1. Just within this week In Dire Dawa University pamphlets were dispersed telling Nephtegna students to leave the University Campus immediately.
    Including Oromo and Somali residents who have family members residing in Dire Dawa left the campus right away claiming that their forefathers fought against foreign invaders so they were worried the pamphlet was directing warning at them as well since even though they are ethnic Somali or ethnic Oromos they knew that they are descendants of Nephtegnas who fought foreign invaders.

    Solution being Dire Dawa residents need their own Baladera-Dire Dawa because it seems noone is standing up for Dire Dawa residents rights right now .

    • …if in fact the statement is true, it only shows the depth of their ignorance, and the root of all these thoughts and actions are no other than poverty. Whoever they’re they want the entire campus to themselves….that is stupid. They don’t belong in a university.

      Let’s not be alarmed, however, similar incidents did take place many years ago between Amharic speaking and Tigrigna speaking students from Asmara at Harrar teacher training institute. .

  2. Dont trust it!

    Warning, the destruction of the Ethiopian unique Jazz song, contemporary Ethiopian song and traditional song! Terrible Terrible being destroying Ethiopian truly song by the so called Betty G, Jano Band making it Beyonce type of music. The destruction of Ethiopian unique music industry!

  3. What encouraging news! The fate of that gem of the colored is mainly in the hands of these two noble people. What every member of these parties and organization should always keep in mind is the economic issues facing every citizen in both regions are inherently the same. The dough that refuses or remains out of reach for every family in Oromia is the same as what is missing in Amhara region. The primary want of that youth in Amhara region is the same as the one in Oromia: Job, job, job, sustainable job. Sustainable job means it will remain to stay around with livable wages. Personal safety is as at risk as it is in both regions. The rest are there even though they may seem half baked.

    Kudos to the leaders of these organizations!!! Godspeed!!!! Insha’Allah!!!!

  4. Minas

    You said it right. I donot even go visit certain individuals homes anymore , just because of these nonstop YouTube songs watching on their smart TV’s they watch. Many watch the songs admiring the looks not actually admiring the music .

    Every 5 seconds different group of dancers eskitsta werajoch flashing continuously with terrible non traditional musics. My friends watch just because they admire the looks . On these songs sometimes I am assume ng it us because the singer is not good looking they dont show the singer throughout the whole musicvideo with just different dancers eskista mechiwoch flashing every five seconds the whole song ends. You wouldn’t believe how much the music song nowadays deteriorated. VERY SAD!


  5. It is not a surprise the cause of violence is Jawar Mohammad. This person does not deserve to sit with civilized people. Instead the government has to specifically tell him to stop and take legal action against Jawar Mohammad!!!

  6. On December the 6th, 2019 Tadias Magazine published an insight about the diaspora trust fund with the architect behind this fund in an article titled ” Update on Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund: Q&A with Dr. Bisrat Aklilu ” in this interview I learnt how much untapped potential the diaspora got. All we diasporas need is making amends to each other for our past grievances and join as one to prosper . Making amends is the key to regain the lost money , the lost times , the lost trust , the lost … , the lost ………….. the list seems endless but with amend , the end is not far.

  7. violence is invented by amhara yeken jiboch tenkuwayoch let me tell you what an mahra did : he killed innocent youngesters because the magician told him he will be rich and live longer

    some give hyenas body organ to thier women and some dig graves and take eyes of thier victims


  8. These two days I was following the amhara youtubers defaming TPLF as if Woyane was the one orchestrated the Hawzen attack which is not even told by derge media in 1980s .
    Degre was claiming that TPLF fithers were hiding themselves in side the churh and among civilians that result in the mass killings just like the current attack in the arab world , yemen etc which is politically orchestrated and manipilated feedback or justification or whatever you call it.

    Now Amharas are devising tactics after tactics to divide us and delide us to th extent of condemining TPLF for the brutal killing and genocide premeditated and committed by Derge, the Black Hitler and the living Cannibal above the grave.

    In mahra region I saw a man who took te eyes of body laid to rest for metet reason and others kill begars for thier mill, machine griding a wheat etc

  9. A: Yeqen jib man niew ?

    Z : Alaweqim ante nigeregne

    A: Hager sitignena enegrihalehu

    Z: Tigrayin sietehuh

    A: Tigrayin alqebelim

    Z: Gojamin sietehuh

    A: Gojamin eqebelalehu Gojamin AGIGNICHE mien atiche
    Bemar Ena beteff yelema hager .

  10. The adults behaving as grown ups, and it is a good thing for everyone of us. There is nothing you can’t resolve if you do exactly what you’re doing, i.e. sitting down together and discuss the issues.


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