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Tigray regional state furious about false news of Debresion’s Death, vows to sue Walta

False story of Debretsion’s death got Ethiopians on social media talking. Walta Information center was very TPLF in the past. Today, the latter is implicitly accusing it of working to make the people of Tigray vulnerable to ethnic-based attacks. Walta claims that it does not know how the information was published on its facebook page.

Tigray _ Debretsion _ Walta
Debretsion Gebremichael. Photo: Tigray region communication office

December 13, 2019

Tigray Region’s Communication Affairs Office issued a statement on Friday condemning Walta Information, which is known to most Ethiopians as a Pro-Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) until TPLF dominance over   Ethiopian politics ended in 2018, over false news about the death of Debretsion Gebremichal, Tigray region’s acting president.

“We would like to inform our people that the information by Media known as Walta Information Center about the death of Deputy President of Tigray regional state, Debretsion Geberemichael is fabricated story and absolutely false,” the statement said.

The region’s communication office framed the false news as a deliberate one with malicious intent against the people of Tigray.

The false information Walta disseminated on its Facebook page on December 13, 2019, is “part of the campaign that has been carrying out to make the people of Tigray vulnerable to ethnic-based attack,” said the statement.

The region also stated that it will hold Walta Information Center legally accountable.

Walta on its part updated its readers that on social media that the information regarding Debretsion Gebremichal was conveyed on its page without the recognition of Walta, and apologized for it.

It also said that it will investigate how it happened and make it public.

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  1. I have not followed not one news from Walta ever. As early as the 1990’s I hear people that heard news from Walta always saying it was false information, not once I have heard from anyone saying I heard true story from Walta. Me personally I never bothered to listen any news from Walta since I assumed it is false anyways.

    What amazed me now the most is , how is it walta still transmitting news after decades of false news transmitting , how did walta manage to stay in business till today is amazing. I remember Azeb Mesfin was financing Walta when it got stArted , is she still financing walta or how are the reporters getting paid their salaries?

  2. I think the TPLF itself plays this game to attack Walta.
    TPLF is well known by disseminating fake and false propaganda for the past 27 years.
    Now they are upset since they loose the federal power. Most Ethiopians considered themselves as if they were the second citizen in their own country. Now The country should belong to everyone!!

  3. Joel

    Please Please Please be easy on the TPLF comments, I don’t think you intended to, but you did give k J a brain stroke caused by high level of anger.

  4. there are theree scenarios concerning this story.
    1. Debretsion is certainly dead
    2. Tplf is creating and spreading this story in order to incite violence and total chaos.
    3. Debretsion is alive and nothing has happened.

    My sucpicion is that Debretsion is dead. many people would recall that in the past tplf had gone great lengths to cover up the death of its leader , meles zenawi. there in no reason why they should not be doing the same thing now. meles was dead for several weeks if not months before he was officially declared dead. the secretive tplf which controlled the media outlet managed to do so while rumours were already spreading about the death of meles in the country..
    information published on any news paper , especially news and information concerning the death of a state official, is not published without first verifying the story and it can be asserted that walta has done the correct checking before publishing the story.

    2. the theory that tplf is behind this story is also equally feasible. tplf is in deep crisis. after they fled from Adiss Abeba with their loot and camped in Mekelle they neve have had any rest /peace. they want a way out of the pit they have dug themselves into. Most members of this criminal murderosus fascist group were afraid that they would be rounded up and locked up in jail for as long as they live.
    therefore creating chaos is seen by them as a way of survival. tplf can not exist without creating violence. it is a violent fascist organisation by its nature. no matter what the circumstances.
    tplf mind set is fixed. they consider that violence is a means to get peace and always are on the lookout to exploit situations, to create events that lead to violence, instability and chaos.
    3. the third scenario is that Debretsion is alive.

    • Tade , joel and minas are incarnated demons who want to hold power and put thier tribe amhara in the throne, outdated and ragged ones., both phisically and figuratively.

      You are dessiminating lies to divide people of Tigray , but it will not work for you damn!!!

      I am using my personal email account, please donot hack it.

      Mihret ,Nevada, US

  5. Komal,
    what is going on in your narrow brain, please be patient with current situation. we were watching the last 27 years destroying the country for your ethnically purpose.
    Now the time has arrived to all of us to start and live together. if you are still want to live in the past mekelle is the right place to settle.
    good luck bro!

    • Agos the ethiopia

      dedeboch TPLF is your master which you couldn’t deniy it. As you claim to obtain asylum where you live now, TPLF raped you in prison which is another disgress for you and your killer and metetegna tribe.

      Evil eyes banda and tabot shachoch

      It is woyane who liberated you from the murderer, Mengistu Hailemariam

      Abune Morkorios was derge cadre and all your priests were referred as “memire Abdela”

      selayoch yenechoch ashkabachoch telelkiwoch

      your ethiopia was colonized by Italian, Egyptians and others changing thier names and controlling your church and emperors like menilik, fasildes, and abdu belay zeleke etc

  6. Common you dedboch stil in a day dream.
    Yes i can agree they are Master of all evil.
    All for nathing


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