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Shimeles Abdissa led delegation to Djibouti,will discuss “political relation”

Shimeles Abdissa _ Djibouti
Shemelies Abdissa ( in white shirt) and the delegation he led to Djibouti. Credit : FBC

December 11, 2019

Oromo regional state president, Shimeles Abidssa, led a delegation to Djibouti, State-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported on Wednesday. 

Ethiopian Ambassador in Djibouti, Ambassador Abdulaziz Mohamed, received them upon arrival at Djibouti Airport. 

According to FBC report, Shimeles Abdissa will hold talks with Djibouti authorities on ways of fostering “political, economic and social relations with Djibouti.” 

It is unclear how a regional state under the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia could lead an official visit to a neighboring and discuss political relations. 

Shimeless made a controversial comment when Irrechaa was celebrated in Addis Ababa in September of this year, and is seen as one of the radicalizing Oromo Democratic Party ( Abiy Ahmed’s party) leaders.

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  1. I don’t think this is improper, illegal or out of the ordinary. We see that a lot where state governors even mayors from USA frequently travel to Europe, Asia, Mexico and other countries to forge business deals by promoting special opportunities in their state or cities. What else he is gonna tell that Dire Dawan leader of Djibouti? “I’m ready to found and proclaim a new republic’? He knows better!!!

  2. —Djibouti’s relationship with Ethiopia remained very close since Djibouti cannot jeopardize the continuous supply of khat exported from Ethiopia/Oromia to Djibouti.

    —-Djibouti will go on huge crisis if Ethiopia/Oromia fails to deliver that khat on time everyday.

    —-Khat is the backbone of Oromia regional state’s economy.

    —-Khat produced in other parts of Ethiopia donot get exported as khat from Oromia does, Other regions khat production mostly are used for local community consumptions while khat from Oromia flies in an airplane daily to Djibouti.

    —-In Djibouti half of the men chew Khat by spending 40% of their household’s budgets on khat.

    —The khat trade is a big money earner for the Djibouti government which got a monopoly on khat’s sale.

    —-Half of the Djibouti people are unemployed with the country having severe health crisis because of khat. ———–Shimeles group were in Djibouti to make sure the khat trade with the Djibouti government continues, Shimeles himself went there in person to chew khat with the officials glorifying khat by overshadowing the serious political , economical and social problems Djibouti is facing due to khat.

    —Oromia state got direct contact with Djibouti’s government since Djibouti’s government daily gets khat from Oromia.

    –In the near future Ogaden region’s farm development initiative is feared to be competing with Oromia’s khat export to Djibouti , so Shimeles & Co. went to Djibouti to make sure no khat from Ogaden gets imported by the Djibouti government. The Oromos getting kicked out of Ogaden Somali region not too long ago was the start of bitter sabotage going against Ogaden by the Oromo region’s officials who claim it is their turn.

    –Ogaden regional president should quickly visit Djibouti too.Noone can prohibit him from reaching out to Djibouti directly, especially after Shimeles “the Nephtegna breaker” did reach out to Djibouti .Ogaden is a proof that we are not to be broken by Shimeles!


  3. Message to Jawar-

    We are prepared to take the ugly route just to protect the unity of Ethiopia. It will be peaceful but ugly. Your stubbornness might not last as much in holding the current ethnicity frame.


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