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Ethiopia’s election board recognized nine political parties

election board _ Ethiopia
Registration certificate given to one of the parties in Afar region of Ethiopia. Credit : NEBE

December 11, 2019

National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced that it has recognized and registered nine opposition parties, according to a report by state media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

Eight of the parties are recognized as parties operating in regional states while one party is registered as a national party.  

Freedom and Equality Party (FEP) is the party that is recognized and registered as a national party.

The remaining eight region-based parties, which is a euphemism for ethnic-based parties, are :

  • Afar People’s Freedom Party (APFP)
  • Gamo Democratic Party (GDP)
  • Mocha Democratic Party (MDP)
  • Kaffa Green Party (KGP)
  • Afar People’s Justice and Democracy Party (APJDP)
  • Wolayta National Movement (WNM)
  • Kucha People’s Democratic Party (KPDP)
  • Somali Unity Party (SUP)

Two of the new ethnic parties are from the Afar region of Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, NEBE dismissed earlier this week a news report published by different media outlets saying the Board has disclosed the next election date is wrong, said NEBE in a statement published on December 9.  It also advised citizens to ignore reports that are published with alleged “insider information” labels.  

The Board organized a meeting with opposition parties on November 29 this year to discuss draft regulation that would guide election board and political party legislation but meeting was dismissed before the start of the meeting as political parties raised issues of credibility. And the Board told the parties to submit a formal written complain. It is unclear if the parties have done that so far.

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  1. No need for political parties…at least not now. Now is the time to join the Medemer momentum to propel Ethiopia to new heights.

  2. The tolatitarian EPRDF (not the medemer Prosperity Party) is about to borrow $3 BILLION DOLLARS FROM IMF.

    According to this agreement Ethiopia will not be able to ever take out anymore loans if OR WHEN Ethiopia doesn’t pay back the loans in a timely manner per what ther loan agreement states. Per this agreement future Ethiopian leaders are doomed not to get loans or not to be able to borrow with the Ethiopian credit score staying in the worst forever, which is a great recipe for Ethiopia to be made nomore once and for all.

    To find out what really happens for messing with IMF we do not need to look far, just take a look at what happened to countries such as Somalia who got attacked by proxy war for decades for failing to pay IMF’s debt since 1987 until now , take a look at what happened to the oil rich Sudan barely surviving with South Sudan disintegrated and Sudan sanctioned for long just because Sudan failed to pay IMF’s loans since 1984 until now or Zimbabwe kicking out the white farmers that retaliated by robbing the country dry since Zimbabwe didn’t pay IMF loans since 2001 till now.

    The sad part is all major organizations and resources in Ethiopia will be owned by IMF in the meantime, just within the time frame between now and until Ethiopia is made nomore for failing to pay back the loans.

    Keep in mind Prosperity party is still just a fairy tale, the electoral board did not recognize Prosperity Party. It should be noted that this loan is the works of the totalitarian EPRDF which TPLF is a founding member of. The totalitarian EPRDF’s love for money is the roots of all evils we see in the whole country now. In EPRDF’s Ethiopia we see many Ethiopians that don’t open doors to let their own mother in to their homes since they cannot afford to offer their own mother food .


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