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Abiy Ahmed Nobel Lecture at the Nobel Peace Prize 2019 event, Oslo City Hall

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed seized Nobel Lecture opportunity to call for an end of extremism in Ethiopia which he says is “powered by politics of exclusion”

Nobel Lecture _ Abiy Ahmed
Abiy Ahmed during his Nobel Lecture. Photo: Screenshot from Nobel Prize video

December 10, 2019

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has accepted the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize award at the Oslo City Hall, in Norway.

“…I am grateful to the Norwegian Nobel Committee for recognizing and encouraging my contribution to a peaceful resolution of the border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea,” he said in his speech.

Abiy was not, however, forgetful of the contribution of President Isayas Afeworki. He described him as “Partner and comrade in peace.”

“I accept this award on behalf of Ethiopians and Eritreans especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of peace. Likewise, I accept this award on behalf of my partner and comrade in peace president Isaias Afeworki whose goodwill, trust and commitment were vital in ending the two decades deadlock between our countries,” he said.

Abiy Ahmed shared his memories of the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia as a young soldier and radio operator in the border town of Badma- a town that allegedly triggered the war between the two countries.

He said “War makes for bitter men heartless and savage men.”

He also cited the the social crisis that the war brought about to the peoples to the two countries.

When Abiy Ahmed became prime minister in April 2018, Ethiopia’s ruling coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), introduced a rapprochement policy towards Eritrea which is widely seen as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s initiative.

After more than two decades of no-peace-no-war situation, Ethiopia and Eritrea managed to close that chapter and re-establish normal relation. Families that have been separated for more than twenty years have reunited.

The two counties are now working on a range of agreements economic, social and cultural.

Abiy Ahmed also seized the opportunity to talk about his medemer ideology which he said is a homegrown idea that emphasizes on synergy and convergence.

He also exploited the opportunity to call up on Ethiopians “to join hands and help build a country that offers equal justice, equal right and equal opportunities for all its citizens…”

He also made time to highlight the damage that extremism is causing to Ethiopia :

“I would like to especially express that we should avoid the path of extremism and division powered by politics of exclusion “

Watch his speech below.

Video : Embedded from Nobel Peace Prize YouTube account
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. Ethiopia had been colonized for five years and Eritrea had been colonized for fifty years.

    Records show Abiy was fighting war for Meles Zenawi against Mengistu Hailemariam’s Derg regime when he was a child soldier after joining Meles Zenawi’s military in 1989 wining the war with Memgistu Hailemariam fleeing to Zimbabwe and Meles Zenawi’s military taking over the country ..

    Then Abiy Ahmed was a spy chief for Meles Zenawi until Meles Zenawi was put out of his miserable life, nect Abiy ended up working for PM Hailemariam Desalegn’s regime until Hailemariam quit his job, that’s when Abiy became the Prime Minister.

  2. What a masterpiece!!! You can’t beat that!!! You can’t top that!!! I am gripped with wild pride with this young and visionary PM. In the society where level head elderly were systematically and gradually rendered irrelevant by the disciples of Marx, Lenin and Mao for more than 40 years, this 43 year old citizen came out swinging as peacemaker, teacher and skillful negotiator. The Almighty Our Creator Shall Not Abandon That Blessed Country, That Producer of Negash, Bilal and Mary Magdalene Who Saved The Two Major Religions of Humanity!!!! Godspeed With This Visionary PM!!!!

  3. Awaj!

    Aby yishelem /ayshelem lemadenager yetederege enji agerachin already kehwahat /tplf erdata Abay wenz /afar bewech hailoch sir nachew! Tplf /shabia /olf lakidan yegebut be tplf \shabia merinet Abay wenz amra akababi selehone 3 neger yikesetal 1.:tplf /shabia Abay wenzen kewech hailoch gar bemekeramet ersachewen lemasadeg Olf demo addis abebanina drbubin yewesdal. 3. Yewech hail beteley Gibs, keleloch arebat gar bemehon amarawen bekutitir sir yemadreg alama sihon amarawen adkimo Abay wenzin /afaren yemewsed niw. Be Abay wenz /Afar,akababi yewech hailoch werewital. Selezih nege lemayadgubet kilil bandawoch tplf /shabia /olf teferarmewal.

    Ityopiawiw alnekam, endewem wedaj nen kandan ager gar bilew, beteley amaraw eyaweke kuch bilual. Echi ager erasua nat yemitikotaterew. Arebochu yesuan tezaz niw yemiwesdut. Enkuan wedaj litihon, betam zeregna nech, ityopia yeafrika medina ena misale,selehonech enkuan keityooiawi litiwedaj, lematfat serawan keserach bezu ametat honual, ityooiawiw zimitawen ketilual. Yemimeslew,amaraw,asalfo,setual, malet, befit neber yihen masreja wist lewist,leituopia hezb mastelalef enkuan zer wist,kemegbat, ityooiawen aand lemadreg, ewnet kehonut yeityooia wedajoch gar abetuta makreb.

  4. Obama Nobel Sisetew,,afrikan ewegalehu belo niw lezih niw lemejemeria gize betikur meri tezaz afrika tetekach libyanen bemewgat. ye Aby nobel ityopian yematfat kalkidan enji lela aydelem. yezare ye alem poletika awo =aydelem. Aydelem =awo malet niw. lib adirgu .

  5. One thing that came out of beautiful Europe is they said “we are all Ethiopians”, which is all true. The true origin of man, Ethiopia, is mother of west as well. Check this out

    Since we are all from one mankind. There should be peaceable over Ethiopia. As Aby said:I am,my brother’s keeper, my sister’s too

  6. We better make sure we protect Gojam! True cradle, they have been mislead by tplf. Gojam must be looked,after, like our eyes, ethiopias history starts and ends there. There are bad people coming from north affecting gojam, “god keep you safe” you have suffered a lot

  7. China is allover Africa. China will tell you soon I built all these so Africa belongs to me. In China Christians are prosecuted worse than in Africa. Chinese don’t build anything then leave, they stay saying it belongs to us since we built it.
    In China they are closing churches , jailing priests and even re-writing scriptures.

    The Orthodox Christian followers in Egypt and the Orthodox Christians followers in Ethiopia ties need to be restored not only among church leaders but also among ordinary church goers too, together we rise divided we fall. We should not let the Nile dam controversy divide us. Our faith is in the creator not on idols. Worshiping Idols infrastructures is what Chinese do, not us Christians.


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