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Ethiopia briefly shut internet as a cyber attack hits

Ethiopia _ Cyber Attack

December 5, 2019

Ethiopia Information Network Security Agency (INSA) said on Thursday that a cyber attack directed at financial institutions in the country is foiled.

In the course of doing so, the agency said that it was compelled to shut the internet in the country for up to 20 minutes, as reported by state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC)

Ethiopian Cyber Emergency Readiness and Response Team (Ethio-CERT), a department within the agency in charge of protecting key infrastructures and financial institutions, said that the attack was foiled before it causes serious damage.

It is unspecified in the report as to which financial institutions were targeted in cyber attack. 

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  1. INSA has proven to be the best security agency in Africa, without INSA’s brave heroic protection the country would have been devastated. Diaspora cyber IT professionals around the world should know that your country needs you now , please hear to your motherland’s call to defend Ethiopia from her enemies attacking her.


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