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Eritrean president received Ethiopian Ambassador Credentials

Eritrean President Isayas (right) and Ethiopian Ambassador to Eritrea, Redwan (left).

December 4, 2019

Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki, received on Wednesday the credentials of Ethiopian Ambassador to Eritrea, Redwan Hussien.

It was Eritrea’s Minister of Information, Yemane Gebremeskel, disclosed on his twitter page that the Eritrean President has accepted the credentials of Ambassadors from 21 countries, including Ethiopia.

” President Isaias Afwerki received today the credentials of resident Ambassadors of Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, the United Kingdom, India, the European Union, Egypt & South Africa respectively. All in all 29 resident & non-resident Ambassadors are submitting their credentials, ” he said.

Redwan Hussien, who formerly served as Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Ireland -among other roles, was appointed as Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Eritrea in July of 2018 after the administration of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed introduced a rapprochement policy towards Eritrea which ended decades of no-peace-no-war relation.

Ethiopia and Eritrea have signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in a range of areas but a formal agreement and implementation guidelines are still in the pipeline.

Despite reports that the borders between the two countries is not fully open, Ethiopian Airlines is carrying out scheduled flights to Asmara for over a year now.

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  1. Gedu Andargachew should watch Redwan Hussein carefully , past experience proved Redwan Hussein is a self serving mercinary that got no ethics or moral standard, it wouldn’t surprise me if he sell Ethiopian strategical secrets to Yemen ISIS Egypt Shabiya and other Arab countries spies.

    If it is a must that Redwan Hussein be the Ambassador to Eritrea then Redwan Hussein should be put on a need to know basis and also nomatter what please do not let Redwan Hussein get his hands on passport renewal, since he would renew the Shabiya l/Eritrea’s old Ethiopian passports since numerous Shabiya fighters and other Eritrean people kept their Ethiopian passport from 20+ years ago.


  2. እኛ ኤርትራውያን ለሬድዋን ያንድ ዓመት ቂጣ ልንሰጠው እርሱ ደግሞ የኢትዮጵያ ምስጢሮች ሊያስተላልፍልን ተስምማተናል .

  3. I am an Ethiopian. What does this guy has to do with ISIS or Egypt? The answer is plain and simple. Nothing. The comment above automatically relates a muslim ambassador to those groups. Many Ethiopians are biased against fellow Ethiopian Muslims out of hatred and hate. That society is not ready for democracy. Idiots have to be dealt with using only one language they understand, that is nothing but force.

  4. The idiot Redwan Hussein pushed too hard for the Addis Ababa expansion master plan while he was the deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa during PM Meles Zenawi’s and PM Hailemariam’s time.

    When Addis Ababa’s expansion plan ingnited the revolution Redwan Hussein convinced PM Hailemariam Desalegn to make him the Minister of Communications so he can convince the revolutionaries to accept the Addis Ababa’s expansion master plan, his talk backfired igniting more violence from the youth who ended up dieing each day with State of Emergency declared then Redwan Hussein finally tried to infiltrate Querro Fano by becoming Minister of Youth and Sports from 2015 until 2018 by acting as an informant to.the killing machinery by using his new title, Redwan Hussein is responsible for many arrests , tortures and killings
    He sent athletes such as Robel Kiros Habte the whale to represent Ethiopia in Olympic swimming competition. He might now make Robel his TPLF contact to sell vital info to Getachew Assefa .

  5. Pee Maker

    Redwan’s masters THE TPLF left Redwan and Bereket Simon behind, the only difference between Bereket and Redwan is Bereket speaks fluent Tigrigna while Redwan doesn’t. Besides that Redwan is as equally guilty or more guilty as Bereket Simon for the Crimes Against Humanity that took place in the 2010’s within Ethiopia.

  6. Redwan Hussen is one of the most hated late comers to TPLF’s fold. At some point he was cornered by regular Ethiopians in Maryland or Virginia while shopping. Redwan is a quick learner and copied Bereket Simon, the really, really hated one by the devil itself, and made it to the top. Between Redwan and Feregesa, they broke the strength of ‘Gurage’ which made TPLF very uncomfortable from day one because TPLF couldn’t come up with a label to accuse that community for it’s blind loyalty to Ethiopia.

    Meles Zenawi was watching the debates on TV, whether Gurage should split into two or stay together. Redwan was noticed and then hand picked by Meles Zenawi himself. By siding with Meles Zenawi few benefits came but the old people who pleaded for unity were not heard. I don’t know may be the Sodo or the seven house colonized that region in the past.

    Meles Zenawi himself was never trusted with Ethiopian borders. Herman Cohen says it was Meles who gave away Assab at the London conference and there was nothing he could do. Meles picked the worst kinds of Ethiopians just like him. Redwan is no exception. I wouldn’t trust Redwan with my dog let alone Ethiopia, Abiy should look out for himself. Redwan has no country but his deep pocket. You remember the AYERMEDA? it’s him,


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