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Ethiopia’s navy will be based in Djibouti

Ethiopia announced more than a year ago that it will re-establish navy but the location was unspecified

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Re-establishing the Ethiopian Navy was one of the major reform measures that the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed pledged to introduce in the defense sector.

When the Ethiopian government announced the plan sometime in late October or November 2018, all that was known was that the relevant body within the Ethiopian government was having a consultation with other countries regarding the matter – as deputy chief of staff of the Defense Force- Berhanu Jula disclosed at the time. 

All that was known about the location was that it would be “based in the littoral parts of international waters of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.”  The specific country was left for speculation.

 Now a little detail is revealed about it.

Capital, a local newspaper in Ethiopia, reported on Monday that Ethiopia’s navy will be based in neighboring Djibouti.  But the command head office will be based in Ethiopia, in Bahir Dar, to be specific, one of the tourist destinations in the country.

The source added that Brigadier General Kindu Gezu is tasked with leading reviving Ethiopia’s Navy as Commander but the government will ultimately appoint Chief Commander for the naval force.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Djibouti President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh have discussed the reestablishment of Ethiopian naval force during the former’s latest visit to Djibouti, sometime in the third week of October this year, according to the source.

Ethiopia’s naval force was first established in 1955 and was headquartered in Massawa but was disbanded in 1996 after Ethiopia lost access to the sea following the secession of Eritrea. 

The Government of the French Republic has pledged to support Ethiopia in its effort to re-establish the force.

Ethiopia and Djibouti have a Road Transport Corridor Project which is partly funded by African Development Bank as part of its efforts to facilitate regional economic integration. The project is aimed to ease Ethiopia’s access to the sea.

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  1. Excellent news!!!

    I have a fond memory of the old Ethiopian navy from my days in the former British Protectorate of Aden. One day my Adopter Hadrami uncle woke me up to tell me that my cousins were in town with their ship. To him every person from the old country was and must be my cousin which made me feel worth priceless. I saw them in their elegant uniforms. I think three of them were from Eritrea fluent in Arabic and one of them was an Oromo from the vicinity of the capital. My uncle was able to find them what they were looking for which was mostly ladies accessories, watches, cameras and small handguns. That was in the early 1960’s. They all looked athletic and physically in excellent shape. Believe me I had seen how others looked like such as those fat cats from Egyp



    Something fishy about this. Are we going to pay millions to harbor navy vessels at Djibouti?
    this must be a scam the Djibouti and Ethiopian officials are pulling to divide millions of dollars amongst themselves, it is to go Waste public’s money saying money spent to park harbor navy vessels at Djibouti port.

    Just days ago UN accused Abiy Ahmed of fanning instability in East Africa now he go and say Navy in Djibouti , what a dork..

    Navy is needed to patrol Abay river . Base it on Abay, Djibouti should secure it’s own waters , why are we expected to sacrifice our children to secure Djibouti’s port or water? Are Ethiopians life worth nothing to Abiy or what?

  3. Quote: “Ethiopia’s navy will be based in Djibouti”Unquote

    Question: FOR HOW LONG?

    Classical Tragedy:
    Perhaps it helps to refresh our memorization of what we used to memorize in our Humanity Class to get a passing grade and, at the end, get a piece of paper of 13 x 15 inch in size and respectfully called a DEGREE — a pride of pour LIFE, without a tangible advancement in socioeconomic development for our beloved people, in our respective countries, in our beloved Continent. It does not matter — we are used to “existence” Life as opposed to LIVING Life. THE END

  4. Until Ethiopia regain it`s Asab port and naval base, having a naval base in Republic of Djibouti is an ideal position and more reliable than other neighbouring countries. It will have a good advantage for Ethiopia`s geopolitical : security,surveillance and to counter enemy maneuver to from gulf of Aden,Assab,Massawa to Ethiopia

  5. Very few countries have Navy force without coastaline. We can mention Ruanda on kvi river, flowing to neighboring Congo. Uganda also has Navy force on lake victory. In both case small Navy force with a few vessels. Both countries help them to protect their strategic national interest. When we come to the case of Ethiopia, Navy on Djibouti coastline, it is still a puzzle for me. Considering the high cost of operating a Navy force on foreign country without any tangible return. I am optimist time will tell, what the country is up to.
    For a county with over 110millions ppl access to sea port seem to me crucial to maintain it’s relevance in economic and geopolitical sphere. A think tank group should be established to solve this bottleneck situation for the very existence of the country. A group that can look all possible solutions with cost benefit analysis. Options including building cannal to the sea should not be excluded.

  6. the navy could be useful to track illegal migrants who are making the perilous Journey on a makeshift boat to the middle east. If it succeeds saving illegal Ethiopian migrants endangering their life for an even more dangerous life that is awaiting them in the middle east, it will be very useful. It can even be used to request a hefty amount of fund from all concerned bodies such as Saudi Arabia and IOM .

  7. “Ethiopia wants a Submarine because it needs a submarine to launch its M51 missiles”. This will make it a African naval super power and future a world House dominator.


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