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Once again we return to the scene of the crime

Kebour Ghenna. Photo credit : Addis Fortune

By Kebour Ghenna
November 22, 2019

Dr. Abye Ahmed wants a new national party, so we hear. He believes the EPRDF is facing terminal crises. I have nothing against his initiative. Nor do I particularly admire his decision. The media academia, the oppositions (those with 10k members), and much of the public seem also to be totally indifferent.

Why this indifference?

I suppose no one thinks it makes any difference who is elected.

The problems don’t go away just because there is a new election.

The trouble is that no one really knows what the ruling elites of Ethiopia’s new republics want. Nor what the Federal politicians’ options are.

And so, Ethiopia continues down its long, tortuous, violent road to Hell.

And now, we come to the end… and the beginning.

The end of an era where the incentives had been twisted and perverted, to a new era where the new elites are preparing to squeeze just about all the juice out of the nation’s assets.

Here again, the people’s representatives are silently watching. Most of them have no idea what’s going on.

Ethiopia will not be the first nation ruined by inept elites, runaway debt, and corrupt oligarchy. The formula is classic and so predictable. Many have followed the same route.

You just borrow more than you can afford… and weaken the institutions and brokers – political parties, career politicians, and activists – that have historically tried to hold politicians accountable to one another, and prevented everyone in the system from pursuing naked self-interest all the time.

Then, you open your doors to the World Bank and IMF – who made sure earlier that you got the right ratings to access external loans you cannot afford – and now bless their hearts – they call in any one or two of their multinationals buddies to do the rest i.e. grab great assets and great businesses.

Will tell you nothing much will change. The best assets and best businesses will still be here after the deal. The only real difference will be who owns them.

What’s coming is the greatest transfer of the little wealth we have. Over the next few years, hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of businesses, land, resources are going to exchange hands – legally, but against citizens’ will.

Most likely, Ethiopia’s upcoming privatization (read de-nationalization) of its prized assets will be disguised as victory. This government will claim that we finally did it – we brought in the MTNs or Vodafones of this world to Ethiopia. This is the big day. The music starts. The lights go on. And the curtain rises… And there, on stage, Dr. Abye will salute the winner and hands him over part of the fate of the country’s economy, knowing very well that his planned privatization will hardly reduce the debts the country incurred.

It’s a strange show, wouldn’t you say?

And yet it doesn’t really need “new thinking,” does it? What it needs is very old-fashioned thinking – and honest restructuring of the companies, self confidence, flexibility in running the business, and public officials with enough dignity and integrity to respect the old rules.

Anyway, back to our subject of the week: the new party of Dr. Abye.

I’m not sure if we’ll be asked to vote for Abye or the Party. In any case, let me ask if there is any of the new party’s program you like.

Editor’s note : This article was published first on the personal facebook page of Kebour Ghenna on November 15, 2019

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  1. I highly suggest to you and all of us to prepare for the coming of a new sheriff to town in 2020 if the election takes place. You should see all the grooming and the smoothing of the road leading to it. It seems to me that Obbo Jawar has gained the nod from the West. He was their darling during the days of the protest. I hope the West is not making the same it made with Ayatollah Khomeini in the 1970’s and even with Hitler in 1938(Peace of Our Time). I see signs of similar grooming here too!!!

  2. To the writer.

    Their are five things needs to be done urgently in this country before election.


    Every ethnic group needs needs to be counted so as to allocate the right representatives for them . For years people have been marginalized by false cencors.


    The current constitution is designed to benefit some and marginalize others. Their has to a real constitution agreed by over 60% of the total population.


    This is very important for safe guarding every citizens right and need wIthin the constitution.

    Their has to be trust in our election system for this to happen indipendence of the commission is a core aspect of it. Government can not be allowed to nominate individual of their choice rather the joint group of parliamentarian from different political parties has to have power to nominate.


    This is the most important change for peace to ever prevail in this country. Religion is very important to citizen of this diverse country. Whether orthodox, Muslim, Pentecostal oir traditional ethnic religion, we have always been a very religious country but unfortunately others have used religion to demonize and create conflict between religions. Unnecessary religious attacks should not be tolerated ever.

    The past rulers have used Othordox church to inflict a lot of pain to other religion and this should never be tolerated. This notion of calling individuals extremists and terrorist just because they have different point of view has to stop. Defamation LAWS has to be introduced.

    Peace to all.

  3. EPRDF kept Ethiopians in the dark about these loans. Prosperity party is doing the same also. Ethiopians deserved to get educated about the sources of these WORLD BANK loans , the terms of these WORLD BANK loans and how much is the total debt, that didn’t take place outside the EPRDF elites circle.

    Our forefathers kept the country in one piece , now the new generation put the country in enormoys debt that we will never ever be able to pay off completely with the hefty interest being accumulated.

    Most Ethiopians think the World Bank is a bank owned by the United Nations or some sort of union of governments just because it got the word “World” in it’s name. Very few Ethiopians know the World Bank is funded by selling bonds to private investors or by selling bonds to World Bank employees themselves.

    The World Bank hired people from 170+ countries around the world just so these individuals end up convincing their native countries elites to borrow with no sense of responsibility.

    Unlike when it was first started right now the World Bank is funded by more and more crooked private individuals international loan sharks investors who go around the world convincing countries to become “members” of the World Bank. . TPLF knows this very well that’s why TPLF is keeping a safe distance ready to claim Article 39 any instance the talk of being accountable for the deliquent WORLD BANK loans starts. These demand.of possessing resources and public properties of Ethiopia is not intended to TPLF. TPLF wants to remain free of being held responsible for these loans selling the fertile Wolqait and Raya lands to pay off these debt. Right now any organization that got the name Ethiopia like the Airlines , Telecom , GERD and shipping.lines are at the forefront of being possessed by the world Bank while the EFFORT conglomerate is being spared.

    Even Oromo Querro is calling Abiy Ahmed and others ” Habeshas Ethiopians ” while referring to themselves ‘ not Abeshas or not Ethiopians ” inorder to save the Oromo lands from being possessed by the World Bank. To save your lands and other properties you need to start taking out the name Ethiopia out of your organizations even Ethiopian Prosperity Party (EDP) changed its name to Prosperity Party ( PP ) quickly.

  4. Though I don’t disagree with privatization, I I don’t think we should rush to privatization now. All the damages done in the country’s recent history were due to an abrupt changes instead of a gradual and thought out transitions. Ethiopia has gone from imperial to socialist to revolutionary democracy to capitalism (yet to come) in a span of 50 years. None of these systems matured.

  5. With all due respect that I personally have to A to Kebour Ghena, I don’t really agree with his views these days. I feel that he is entertaining only dark visions of the future of this beloved country. I’m rather very optimistic. I believe that it will not be too far when Ethiopia lights not only to its citizens, but to the world at large.

    • Nothing wrong with being optimistic, but your optimism seem to Come from your naivety , and that can only lead you to a total carnage And destruction …..better to see and analyze all possible outcomes even if it makes you look a pessimist.

  6. Ethiopia is squeezed from every direction. The outside we are talking about are not true friends, those days are gone since the killing of our king H/Selaasie was orchestrated, he had done everything in his power by delegating and diplomacy to protect Ethiopia and brought Ethiopia to the peddestle despite the resentments of outside and inside. The world changed when the great Kennedy was assasinated and today we know what direction the world is heading. For years I watched and was predictible the Shabia as the ring leader (just read the book of Assefa chabo killed by the order of isayas through his foreign masters)/tplf/olf, that is taking the country downhill. I don’t see positive even with this new leader it is obvious there is no bright future, foreigners are already taken over in Afar vacationing, Abay wenz is to follow under the death of amara. What is more the revenge against Ethiopia. It is in Minnesota the Oromos go to school of anti Ethiopia institution. I hope the political oromos harboring jawar Dagim Meles Zenawi is being pampered to squeeze threaten, challenge Aby so that what is taking place is while from every direction, Ethiopias wealth, what is left of it is looted in second round. They just need another dictator who would allow them to loot. Even though A by changed the name of Opdo and Adpa to Odp and Adp, what changed? Absolutely nothing. In fact a different version of tplf killing appeared, this time, killing in public, the leaders, killers are still the same it is just that now olf is being asked the privilege to join and kill.

    In all this, the diaspora is still delusional, they are still not organized, you can even see from the protest how not serious they are, they are protesting while smiling! Enjoying! They are not even aware of inside the protesters Shabia /tplf elements planting themselves instigating more division between and among Ethiopians as well as insulting Oromos instead of focusing on jawar /his supporters. It is very sad. Diaspora as long as they are in their comfort zone, they fee they are doing more just by protesting and they are even playing while on the protest. Very few are the ones whom are correctly protesting. Obang Metho correctly said once, how come the diaspora is not concerned about creating leadership and Ethiopian party under one banner? So that when everyone is leader they know how to protest, campaign, etc. No, no one seems to be concerned, they are putting their eggs in one basket these days, they think Aby will take them to promise land kkkkkk

  7. Again, TRUE federalism not ETHNIC federalism is the right way. Ethnic federalism will create the inability to see others, neighbors as brothers and sisters and will bring the never ending civil war. In other words, Zemenemesafint has come back to Ethiopia, the dream of enemies finally is achieveing this. Zemenemesafint era with ethnic and religious extremism that created war against one another in 1800s and beyond, it was anarchism, no leadership, Pakistani Aba Jiffar and the likes were selling Oromos, Gurages, people to Arabs in order to receive guns, to fight other Ethiopians. What is more, Arabs/outsiders knowing the weakness of the Ethiopian regions would come and invade every regiions and kill. That era has come back. This is the reason the rise of Jawar from Arsi and the rise of Aby from Jimma against chiristianity, Ethiopia, unity and coexistance. I am still not convinced about Aby. He may have good heart but he is groomed for purpose. A while agao, certain foreign went to Jimma to give blessings. Why jimma? In the North, the Agazian they call themselves want to build their own empire kkkkkkk. Agazian is Yodit Gudit agenda against Ethiopia, Abay Wenz, anti chiristianity, and against Afar as well. These Agazians are affecting Ethiopians in order to give the region for foreigners. They are even against their own people. this is insanity. So from the North, Yodit Gudit, from South Aba Jifar/Mohammed Gragn against Ethiopians. When they say Neftegna they mean against the entire Ethiopians who protected themselves against slavery and colonization.

    Yet, Ethiopians, especially Diaspora are snoozing… delusional.

  8. YeOromo Mahbereseb,

    Borenan tebiku, yewnet Ityopiawi niw. Lencho (Yohannes Letta) Ertrawi niw. Ityopia yemilewen lemashenef, Shabian/Tplf erasachewen keyrew Ityopia yemilew wist gebtew, ene endezih negn yilalu. Wanaw tactic hezben lamdakem, bewest gebto hezben/ager yemiwedewen lemakshef niw. Lencho Ertrawi Letta/ Dawd (Frew) Ibsa / Jawar (yemeni ertrawi) Oromon aywekilum. Oromon be Gudi Fecha silemiyamen, wistu yetesegesegew, akrari Muslims ene Jundedin Sado/Jawar/eyeteneda yalew Oromo poletikegnoch nachew.

    Jawar eyeleseles yalew demo ahun, wana ye OLF tactic, anti Ityopia campaign yaregina, tekawmo sibezabet tolo bilo Ityopia wist yegebal, egna andinen bla, bla. Tetenkeku! Jawar melesles gize lemestet niw sishenef, egnan enkilf kastegnan behuala demo endegena tikat yijemiral.

    Jawaren melesles

  9. Subject: “Once again we return to the scene of the crime” By Kebour Ghenna, November 22, 2019

    Commentary, 23 Nov 2019 I have nothing to add but admiration for the focused analytical fundamental political malaise, not only in Ethiopia as the writer raised it but also in our beloved Africa in totality.

    ‘What is wrong with us, Africans?’ is the first and fundamental question that comes to mind. But alas WE are not daring enough to dwell on the REALITY of our dear Africa. We just can’t. The REALITY is so painful that WE are deeply incapable of facing THE TRUTH. Let me digress a little: A long time ago, I watched a Hollywood Movie and was fixated by what the main actor was enunciating, with the deepest anger, to his junior military officer who was seemingly challenging his Superior. Here it is >>>>” YOU DON’T KNOW THE MEANING OF TRUTH. YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH?!?!? ………… “ Indeed, the TRUTH hurts deeply. Dear Reader: Correct me if I missed a word or two.

    WE AFRICANS are devoid of any energy to enunciate what is FUNDAMENTALLY or CONSEQUENTIALLY wrong with us. Consequently, the TRUTH of our Beloved Africa CAN ONLY BE FELT for seemingly eternity without pronouncing it.

    Dear Editor and Readers: If you find my brief narration to be offensive please forgive me and delete/ignore it. I have no grudge but ONLY SADNESS.

  10. Ahun demo sele Olf/Oromo poletikegnoch

    Lemindin niw Zeregnoch yalefewen tarik eyametu H/selassien Minilik yemikoninut?

    1. Zeregnoch OLf/shabia/tplf/jawar telat mefter alebachew ityopian lemekefafel, eventually tinish ager adirgew, yewechoch endikotaterachew. Zeregnoch yezaren yebelaynet bicha niw yemiyasebut.

    2. Wanaw yeityopia medakem yemifelig yewech hail bteleyaye ager, tinish tinish ager eyefetere ena, tinanish ager sinor agerunena habtun mekotater kelal niw dictator askemito. Bekirbu Papua New Guinea yalech tinish ketema zare referendum agegnech! Deset lai yale ager endegena yewech yemiznanabat bicha le tourism eyefeteru niw.

    3. Nesawchiwoch yemifeligut, Miniliken/H. Selassien yemikoninut, Zemenemesafintin amtito, Hezbun ye Areb/wich hail wede barinet, habt lemaserek ajenda niw. Lezih niw Nesawchiwochu beteleyem Oromo poletikegnoch nen yemilu, Ye kign yemegezatin eyedegefu niw. Bewech hail yemegezatin eyedegefu niw. lezih niw, bandirachewen ye Areb, Sihufachewen ye Latin, Haimanotachewen Wahabism/protestant yekeyerut. Oromo poletikegnoch nen yemilu bewistachew tplf/shabia yalebachew, Minilik/H selassie gezun silu lemin barinet kere niw negeru. Zare yemifeligut kilil Zemenemesafint gize erasu masreja niw, hezb barinet tegizual, endewem, 1991 jemero Tplf ye ityopian hezben wede Areb shetual. Selezih Oromo poletikegnoch yemidegifut “Oromo” market, yemibal siltan lai eske weta dires hezb yimut/yilek/barinet wist yigba gid yelachewem.

    4. Olfoch, Miniliken/H.selassien sikoninu werari bemalet, ke Minilik/H selassie befit ya midir ye gehanem mdir endeneberech yawekut aymeslim. Hezb ke Minilk/H selassie yale aymeslachewem meselegn. Keza befitim, tarik yelele yimeslachewal Oromom tesfafi /werari hono eza akababi endenore. Yih malet, endewim ke Minilik/H selassie behuala silitanen yekemesniw yezan gize niw. Yewechiwochu, mesehaf anbebachehual? zemenemesafint gize, enezih hezboch “awrewoch nachew, ke silitane rikewal, ers bers yicheraresalu” bilew bezu tsifewal. OLfoch/Oromo poletikegnoch yihe endimeta ke shabia/tplf/wech/jawar gar eyetegu eyeseru niw. beZemenemesafint gizem, Areboch eyemetu eyegedelu, eyateku, meret eyeyazu neber, ye ORomo poletikegnoch, Arebochin lemasgebat kenena lelit eyetegu eyeseru niw.

    5. Zare yemifeligut federalism yezer poletika beZemene Mesafint gize already temokiro, ers bers techarsual, lewechoch asalifew tesetual, hezb (ORomo le barinet) wede Areb teguzual. Yihe masreja niw!

    6. lemehonu, zare wech ager heje siw honenal yemilu beteley Olf/Oromo poletikegnoch, tikim siyagegnu ageren yemekdat/ wendimun yemekdat yet yadersihal? wich ager: temiryalehu, habtam hognalehu, suuf melbes malet silitane wist gebechalehu bilo ageren/hezben endet yitelal? Yetignaw ityopiawi niw yalefelet befitem hone ahun? lezih niw ager deham sitihon, deha selehonech atikidim, atinikim. nesanetuan seletebekech becha deha enditihon lebezu amet tesertobatal, andegnawem meknyat deha litihon Ityopian yaderegew ye shabia/tplf/olf eske zare endatadig bemadreg niw.
    YeOromo poletikegnoch! OLF! Ityopia min lai endehonech takalachihu awdadru eski ke 28 amet befitena zare? Bank wist minim genzeb be tplf endetemuatete takalachihu? Mertu lewech hail, habt lewech hail lemeshet eyetezegaje tawkalachihu, ya yemitamnubet sirat tplf eko niw economiwen yadekekew. Bemin melku niw Miniliken hone H/selassien yemitikoninut? Ewnet enante ager alegn tilalachihu? yeityopia birr be H/selassie 2 birr eko be 1 dollar neber yemimenezerew? ewent economiwen tawkalachihu? ewent bezach midit tefetrachihual weyes ye Shabia/tplf gudi fecha nachihu? algebagnem! Endet yerasin ager lemawdem tiruaratalachihu Shabian/Tplfen/Tigrayen lemanges? Ertra Nqfa eko 14 niw 1 dollr. Zare ye Ityopia birr 40 niw 1 dollar.

    7. Girma Wake (Oromo) eko Ye Ityopia Airlines wana president neber be Derg gize, Oromo zeregnet eski ale malet niw be Dergem hone mengistat ke Derg befit? kkkkkkkk. ORomowoch algebugnem, yemitagelut le Shabia /tplf sayhon aykerem. Ato Girma Wake zare ye Ityopia ayer hail Tewelde/Jawar eyetechawetubet niw. selezih min yilalu?

    Ye Oromo hezb Ityopiawi negn yemil Ityopiawi negn malet erasen metlat sayhon, ke wendimu/ehetu gar abro yemebelseg/yemenor/abro yememot gudai bicha niw lela eko aydelem. Eyandandu mahbereseb zer wist, adegegnochun maskom yerasachihu halafinet niw. Oromo poletikegnoch hone OLfoch betezegajelachew ajenda eyeteramedu yimeslal, ende Shabia/tplf endewem keza belai. Zare Al-shababoch Ityopia/Oromo akababi betetenkek eyetebeku niw, ityopoian lemefjet. Oromo mahberesebem hone Amaram hone Tigray hone Debub wistachihu kifugna adegegnoch yetemeretu alu enesun eyemeretachihu bekutitr wist ende jawar yalewen masweged yenante sira niw.

  11. Which ever way you look at the circumstances the FOUNDATION Is the issue. ETHNIC BASED political system is doomed to fail. How can you organise a nation across ethnic lines? Ethiopia will prevail when we all work to dismantle Ethnic division, as this is playing with fire…..

  12. Privatización to fix endemic corruption issues in monopoly companies I do not think is bad. It is equivalent and in coherence with anti-monopoly measures. Now using this pretext to sell the public companies to get hard cash is an act of treason. If it is to solve the endemic corruption issues and create competition and better services then the company should be sold to local entrepreneurs instead. But yes we well now that also will be ending up being sold to corrupt hands with illegal loan provision from again public funds. As the author stated administrating public companies in a very professional and total loyalty to the country and people has been going down the hill after the end of Monarchy in Ethiopia. DERG also worse than the Monarchy with all the wars that have endured did better that EPDRF. EPDRF is a complete sellout form their start to today. Their appointments is not based on merits and most do not have the qualifications to be at helm and they only care what cuts they would do to get it happenes. It does not matter the outcome or the consequences for the country and the people.


    Emperor HaileSlasie did a lot of better more to incentive the private sector and to grow strategic crown corporations with few educated people than EPDRF did with mushrooms of low quality universities and millions of graduates. The reason the pill of ethnic poison and a federal arrangements on ethnic lines.

  13. Minas

    I was never in a tplf party. I don’t know where you get that assumption from.
    I just don’t like the ideology of Neftenya.
    They want to conquer and rule others like slaves. The so called “Solomonic dynasty” is gone and buried get over it. We will never let Naftenya get control of this country ever again

  14. satenaw.com/amharic/archives/72925

    this caption depicts the well coordinated and organised form of mass murder, eviction and savagery committed against innocent civilians which Abiy Ahmad does not want the country to know about.


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