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Ethiopian Airlines issued statement on Burundi bound plane bomb threat incident

Ethiopian Airlines  _ Tewolde CEO
Ethiopian Airlines CEO, Tewelde Gebremariam

November 21, 2019

Ethiopian Airlines has issued a statement on Thursday regarding an incident on board of ET817 which was flying from Addis Ababa to Bujumbura and Kigali.

A passenger was making a bomb threat during landing at Bujumbura airport, in Burundi.

The airlines said it was a “false alarm.”

Police arrested the passenger who caused it and was charged with “international air rage.” His name is not disclosed. 

The plane has arrived safely and all passengers were safe, said Ethiopian Airlines.

The full statement reads as follows:

Statement on ET817 False Alarm

Addis Ababa, 21 November, 2019

Ethiopian Airlines flight number ET817 on a scheduled flight from Addis Ababa to Bujumbura and Kigali reported air rage by one unruly passenger threatening with false bomb alarm during landing at Bujumbura. The plane landed safely, and passengers disembarked using normal procedures. Police removed the unruly passenger and arrested him on international air rage.

The airplane and the crew continued with their regular schedule flight.

Ethiopian Airlines appreciates its flying crew, ground staff in Bujumbura and Burundi Airport security for their team work and coordination in complying with all safety procedures and professional handling of the false alarm.

We sincerely apologize to all our passengers onboard the flight for any inconvenience.

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  1. This TPLF terrorst is working hand in hand with Jawar!

    Ethiopians get it, if you don’t act like professional internationally to bring justice for Ethiopia, get out of your cocoon, why do you show off saying Ethiopia never been colonized, well you are using your forefathers heroism and trying to own it! It is not yours, Diaspora must unify against TPLF/Shabia/Jawar and if Aby collaborates, Aby too. Jawar is bien harbored in America. Go out contact your local constituencies, congress and representatives. Certain America institution support tplf/shabia/olf/jawar but most Americans are loving people and you must make this aware of it. Harboring Jawar who is terrorist is being against democracy, tomorrow Jawar will do the same thing like Bin Laden did in America if he is not stopped.

  2. I am an ADMIRER of Ethiopian Airlines for seeming time immemorial! (*)
    I only want to react on the usage of the word >>> “apologize ” <<< at the conclusion of the closing statement by the Airline. While EAL FULLY SHARES the ANXIETY of the passengers during the unfortunate incident, the Airline could not help it and therefore has no reason to apologize for something beyond its control.
    (*) Neither am I an employee of EAL and never have been in my Life.

  3. Ethiopians must know how to protest, focus on Jawar, don’t insult too much his servants. Make sure those who are protesting within you there not “friendly” protesters Shabia/tplf/olf/jawar individuals will be amongst you in order to say something against Jawar groups to intensify the gap among Ethiopians, don’t be tools without realizing that you know those protesting are true Ethiopians and not tplf/shabia/olf/jawar minions who can affect your protest by pretending to protest and say things that could divide the nation

  4. Tewelde anti Ethiopian niw!!! Yeityopian bandira benech eyekeyere niw!!! Stop Tewelde the terrorist/tplf/shabia!!! Wist yetesegesegew shabia/tplf/shabia/olf/jawar serategnoch chimir!!!

    Jawar yerasun akrari sewoch ityopia ayer mengist wist Tewelde shetoletal.

    Wanaw teteyake manim aydelem Ityopiawiw enji!!!!


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