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Colonel Fisseha Desta reveals involvement of Iraq & Arab countries behind Eritrean struggle

November 20, 2019

Colonel Fisseha Desta has served as vice-president of Ethiopia during colonel Mengistu Hailemariam administration.

In an interview with Nahoo TV, which was actually conducted several weeks ago, he reveals some secret issues with regard to the Eritrean Liberation struggle.

In terms of support, he made it clear that Arab countries were involved behind Eritrea. Colonel Fisseha Desta himself said that he has traveled to Algeria, Libya and Iraq to explain the Eritrean case.

He said that the government of Iraq under the late Saddam Hussein understood as the persecution of Muslims and Fisseha Desta had to use the case of kurds to explain the Eritrean cause which is when Saddam Hussein recommended Federation for Eritrea.

Algeria and Libya firmly supported Eritrean Liberation Struggle for Independence.

In a remark in connection with the secession of Eritrea, Colonel Fisseha Desta seems to think that had it not been for the rigidity of colonel Mengistu Hailemariam, Eritrea would remain would have remained part of Ethiopia.

Watch the interview below.

Video : embedded from Nahoo TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. The Eritrean Struggle started with Selassie’s illegal annexation of Eritrea. EPLF had little/no support from outside.

    Mengistu was just a bigger murderer than Selassie was.

  2. Big lies by Fisseha Desta,
    Libya and other countries were helping Ethiopia not Eritrea. According to few sources Libya Airforce were used on Masawa port against ELF and EPLF.

    Mr. Desta might have lost his memory or looking for attention.


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