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Open letter to Attorney Generals of USA,Canada,UK and Germany

Jawar Mohammed _ Ethiopia

(by Concerned  Ethiopians in North America and Europe)
November 14, 2019

A prominent hate preacher  and leader of paramilitary terrorising group called “Qerro” in Ethiopia by the name of Jawar Mohammed is visiting USA, Canada, Germany and UK  to organise meetings with his supporters residing in these countries. 

According to his face posting here are the detail planned town-hall meetings in selected cities,

      In North America 

  • Minnesota, Friday Nov 15
  • Atlanta, Saturday Nov 16
  • Seattle, Sunday Nov 17
  • Vegas, Thursday Nov 21
  • Denver, Friday Nov 22
  • Washington DC, Saturday Nov 23
  • Toronto, Sunday Nov 24

In Europe

  • Nuremberg, Saturday Nov 30
  • Manchester, Sunday Dec 1

Mr Jawar Mohammed is 33 years old Muslim man who is born and raised in Oromia region of Ethiopia who is currently a naturalised American citizen. He is executive director of Oromia Media Network (OMN)  which is famous in inciting violence, creating tension among different ethnic groups and preaching hate. The financial income of this OMN is not clear.

Mr Mohammed is very influential and the “second government” in Ethiopia as per his declaration. He commands  a face group followers of more than 1.5million followers (significant number in country where internet access is limited). He is head of a youth paramilitary group “Qerro”  all over Oromia region of Ethiopia whose organization structure, office and personnel are secret to the public but operating overtly its destructive, terrorising and fatalistic activity with in Ethiopia.

Mr Mohammed is alleged to be responsible  for leading the paramilitary group involved in the massacre, displacement  and ethnic based killings with in Oromia and Addis Ababa mainly against Orthodox Christians. Many Christians are displaced and Churches burned.

The current Ethiopian Government is led by an ODP (Oromo Democratic Party) which  is hugely infiltrated by formerly labelled terrorist party called Oromo Liberation Front  (OLF) which aims for secession of Oromo region from Ethiopia. This front is famous for killings of Amhara  and non-Oromo people residing in Oromo region of Ethiopia as ethnic cleansing activity to prepare the region for  secession.

The  ethnic cleaning, killing and displacement against Christian Amhara and non Oromo group  that have been taking place in late October and November 2019 in Oromo region of Ethiopia  is directly related to Mr Jawar Mohammed face book call to the paramilitary “Qerro” group with coded message  with alleged claim of his security personnel were to be replaced. More than 86 people are killed, hundreds and thousands people hurt and churches and properties burned. OMN has  continued preaching hate among different ethnic groups.

The Ethiopian government failed  to account Mr Jawar Mohammed to justice. Part of the Ethiopian government work hand in glove with Mr Jawar Mohammed. Dr Abiy Ahmed’s government is unable to do so due to fear of the paramilitary Qerro group and possible plot to upstage  Dr Abiy Ahmed from his chairmanship from the governing ODP party.

The Attorney Generals (AG) of USA, Canada, German and UK should not give platform for this hate preacher in these countries. The AG in this countries should account t justice Mr Jawar Ahmed for the alleged masterminding of the ethnic cleansing, hate preaching and terrorist activity against Christian people in Ethiopia.

The AG of these countries should contact their embassy to get detailed information about this man and his paramilitary group. Ethiopia is on verge of civil war with ethnic and religious tone principally led by hate preachers who own prominent medias. The 1990’s  Rwanda like ethnic cleansing and civil war is brooding in Ethiopia.

There are  human, legal, moral  reasons to prevent further bloodshed, ethnic cleaning and civil war in Ethiopia. North American and European countries  should pre-empt and avoid such potential tragedy in Ethiopia it by fulfilling their moral and international duty.


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    • You, neftegnas are loser. Jawar represented millions of Oromos and many nations. Neftegna barks for nothing, just because they hate muslim. These habesha ( neftegna) are the worst bandits in 21st Century. They stoned and killed innocent University students in their region ( Amrara Region). They even tried to kidnap Mr. Jawar last October 2019 but their mission failed. That’s why now they’re defaming and accusing him because their mission to kill Mr. Mohammed was not successful.
      Lastly I would like to ask if U.S.A, Canada, and European union to investigate whoever run this website. This web must be taken down from enternet and face law suit.

    • First off all it was not necessary to mention his religion
      Seconf haas been one of the media outlets that has been preaching hate towards Tigrayans now u shifyed foces to Oromo.
      The letter is full of grammatical errors its embarassing.

  1. Unbelievable & Unbelievable The has not credentials at all. The doesn’t not support JUSTICES. INJUSTICES anywhere is a THREAT to JUSTICES EVERYWHERE. I highly demand the
    to be investigated. JAWAR MOHAMMED – OMN QEERROO – IS THE VOICE OF VOICELESS PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. Sometimes people try to DESTROY US, precisely because they RECOGNIZE OUR POWER not because they don’t SEE it, but because they SEE it and they don’t WANT it to EXIS!!! PLEASE PLEASE DON’T USE THE NAME OF ETHIOPIA WHERE ALL ETHIOPIANS ARE NOT REPRESENTED. What am I talking about? You can pretend to be an innocent person and deny all the accusations and crimes. Your are the most worse person then any blind or Deaf stones. Whenever you ignore INJUSTICES anywhere. God will punish you and test you worse than what you ignored. Only one medication on the planets is a treatment for you which is TPLF FUCKING DONKEY’S. WHY IS THERE 3 ETHIOPIAN COMMUNITY IN COLORADO. Y’ALL DIVIDE YOURSELF BY RELIGION’S, TRIBALISM AND POLITICS. Those people that come out are the same people that was supporting the TPLF for their own benefits. Innocent people are getting killed but y’all fucking idiot’s ass are joking and collecting money for you fucking stomachs. You are one of Viruses that need treatments!!!!SHAME & SHAME ON YA’LL!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF YOUR PROPAGANDA. Your ignorance will be your downfall. Magic or not, we won’t give up. Magic or not, we will take back what’s ours! It’s the duty of every man to free himself. Never accept to live an underdog’s life in god’s world.

    • Amin, justice means to you jawar cutting throat of people? You must be joking. Amin is another jihadist working with Jawar hiding in Egypt

  2. Fact check.

    1. What does him being a Muslim has to do with anything . Liike it or not more than half of the population is of Islamic faith.

    2. Your so called “open letter” has a biased politicallly and ethnically motivated ideology and as such has no basis to truth.

    3. You lost your argument by labelling Qeroo as paramilitary surely you don’t know the meaning of the world.

    4. You want to advance your course by labelling “terrorist” people who oppose you ethno nationalism.

    5. The mention people who sadly died three quarter were of promo ethnicity.

    6. OMN does not spread hate of other ethnicity but protects oromo nation from self centered, self-righteous, egomaniac, ethno nationalistic people like you.

    Lastly you are not doing your ethnicity any good by demonizing others based on religion and ethnicity GET OVER YOURSELF AND FACE REALITY , THIS IS DEMOCRACY AND OROMO ARE THE MAJORITY .

    All other ethnicities wants to live in peace except for one, I wonder why? .

    • “OMN does not spread hate of other ethnicity but protects oromo nation from self centered, self-righteous, egomaniac, ethno nationalistic people like you.”

      Another terrorist calling human right website Borkena who is defending Ethiopians being killed by jihadists like jawar/Tekola/Amin ethinic cleansing of the Ethiopian people.

      • Minas

        I respect your opinion but calling us names will not get your ethnic group anywhere.

        The term “terrorist”has lost its actual meaning and now days dictators use it to marginalize and oppress their opponent.
        I think you have a short memory, have you forgotten when Meles zenawi used the same term “terrorist” to jail people like Berhanu Nega, Andregachew Tsige and many others. Did you like them being labelled terrorist? I bet the answer is no. Why? Because they came from your nake of the woods. Please put your argument constructively with understable meaning.

        The great Nelson Mandela said ” One man’s freedom fighting is terrorism to oppressors.

        Surely we can all sit down and settle our differences without creating chaos in the country. I do understand that you are loosing the grip on power that’s why your accusing others of of crimes but that’s not the way to go.
        If you want democracy be democratic and at the moment more people are of oromo nationality than any other ethnicity but that doesn’t mean other group does not have any right, they should have equal right.
        peace to all

  3. History repeating itself Amhara have been doing this for centuries now ur upset because it’s happening to you guys…AMHARA have killed everyone that was not Christian and Amhara.

    • Shabian/tplfit, you have killed 20 million Ethiopians for the past 28 years with hiv/aids, killing, creating false war, disease, raping in prison, pulling of nails, car accidents, wheeping, sending ethiopians to be slaughtered in foreign countries, starving ethiopian refugees in yemen, egypt and sudan, many many Amaras are god fearing people who are being slaughtered by Tplf/Olf/Shabia for their foreign lackys.

      History, prior to 50 years people were living in peace until you became another round traitor against Ethiopian people in order to give away Abay, Afar so on and form your minions, soon to be taken over by Arabs/West land. that is what history repeated itself.

  4. This report is fake and artificial.
    Jawar himself has so many documents of you and your fellows in his hand and if he explodes this document I’m sure you are the first one either to be imprisoned or deported from those countries

  5. These fucking hate mongers. I personally don’t care for Jawar, but Ethiopia’s main source of chaos are chauvinist Amhara elites.

  6. I’m Amhara Ethiopian. But this article is way far from the truth. This article is full of nothing but hate, bigotry, and deliberate misleading. As an Amhara Muslim, we experienced your cruel treatment to us for centuries. Quite honestly, you guys are the most people who preach bigotry & not ready to accept others. PATHETIC!!!

  7. This is unprofisional journalism
    Shame on ahmara. shame on Tigree.
    Please .the world to Day .people are very smart.evry body understand Where you coming from..
    Specially ahmed were drilling this country
    More than 900 years,
    And they are minority.
    Qeero wants .fair play of all Ethiopians.
    Its not right the way eprdf.set the country democracy reform.
    We need proper reform.
    Thanks. All.

  8. These nations are working with Jawar, especially secret orgnizations. kkkkk you have to make their people aware about this, their goverments, but the secret ones are working to dismantle ethiopia. They have been working with Liberation Fronts ever since we freed Ethiopia from colonization. What, you think they were not going to come back? very funny

  9. Amhara neftegna was given 150 years to rule the country.However they did nothing but put the country the poorest country on the globe.Jawar Mohammed on the other hand bring change with kerron and give a chance those lair and coward activists of yours to back in the country.
    Down with your Atse will never harm Johar.Remember Johar has more than half of Ethiopian population support.
    Edwards. go and chant on every Embassy door.

  10. A nation can not have two governments.This guy is a hate preacher and recognize himself as the second government.He repeatedly spread hate speach on Amhara’s and Christians.And his followers kill people by stoning, beating,slaughtering and setting fire on them, which it is hard to think this can happen in the 21 st century.
    Last October,2019 which is two weeks back at least 86 people are killed and over 200 people injured,thousands displaced and sheltered in Churches.All these damages were followed after his message through Facebook saying his securities are about to change by others.

  11. Jawar Mhomed is an human right activast and OMN director. OMN is a media for voicless. STOP your hate propaganda.all you wrote is a full of lie. Qeero means in Oromo language yonester from age group 18-40 ages.don’t try to image Qeero like especal group of mentioned about his religen too, of course he is a muslim, but he came from ortodox family and his wife is Christian too. also you know his financal source very well. It is Oromo’s people pocket..all Oromo is supporting that media, so STOP your propaganda on Jawar Mhomed and OMN media.

    • Call someone “terrorist” as many times as you want and hope it will stick. In reality nothing could be further from the truth.

      The western countries have come to a conclusion that the term terrorism is used by oppressors to opress it’s citizens. Look at what Egypt, South Arabia, Israel, North Korea, China, Russia and some African countries are doing. This autocratic government rule by the fist and terrorizes it citizen and use terrorism as an excuse.

      Terrorist is a person who uses religion ideology to terrorize others..

      fact check

      1. Jawar does not mention his religion often (please copy and paste evidence)
      Their nothing wrong if he does ( just saying)

      2. Jawar comes from a mixed religion background and that makes him unique

      3. Jawar is married to a girl of different religion to his own and that makes him unique too. He accepted her for who she is and accepted him for who he is.

      The idea that this man is religious fanatic is a made up conspiracy theory to turnish his name to advance their ethnic natinationalism.

      Peace to all

  12. Who are these “concerned Ethiopians?” Birkenstock’s has lost all credibility by publishing such anonymous but libelous articles. You can be sued for this. Disclose their names if you have the audacity.

  13. The Ethiopian saying says: ‘the wiser cry first ” roughly translated: those who trying to hide their wrong doings ,screaming loudly blaming others! This is what is going on right now.only fake people hates jawar and his media, and mainly oromia and it’s youth called qerro.haters labeling wrong names because they don’t wanna see right ppl.and who is talented extraordinary jawar is for the ppl and is a voice for the voiceless qerro means youth in promise not paramilitary. For liers message don’t be idiot, don’t hate,stop pretending!

  14. The Ethiopian saying says: ‘the wiser cry first ” roughly translated: those who trying to hide their wrong doings ,screaming loudly blaming others! This is what is going on right now.only fake people hates jawar and his media, and mainly oromia and it’s youth called qerro.haters labeling wrong names because they don’t wanna see right ppl.and who is talented extraordinary jawar is for the ppl and is a voice for the voiceless qerro means youth in promise not paramilitary. For liers message don’t be idiot, don’t hate,stop pretending!

  15. According to this letter all Oromos are terrorist and Musil doesn’t have any space in Ethiopia.
    How dare you call Qeerroo who doesn’t have a single of military weapons are a ‘paramilitary Qerro’?? Qeerroo means youth. A terrorist is a group who fully loaded machine gun and kills innocent people on their own village. Like, Satanaw in Hara and groups who use Orthodox churches as war weapons storage.
    All churches built in Oromia belongs to Oromo Christian. The churches burnt because the Oromo haters Amhara used as a shield after killing innocent protesters on the street.

  16. Ethiopiasm has to be separated from Amharanism.

    For centruries the “the King of Kings” have used it to advance supremacy of Amhara people against all other nationality.

    I ask politely to activist who want to defend Amhara people not to use “Ethiopian people” it create alot of misunderstanding and confusion for other nationality.

    Surely BORKENA.COM speaks for Amhara people rather than ‘Ethiopian people.
    You have every right to do that but you can’t speak for whole nation.

  17. Oromo is loving and caring people. Why hate Jawar, because he is voice of Oromo people .that’s why they don’t like him.
    86 people who killed, because of eth360 media and their followers did they crime. Nothing to do with Jawar.

    • You must be Betty on LTV. I guess 360 from U.S came and killed innocent people? Are you pro al-shabab who is slaughtering children and mothers.

  18. What I don’t understand is that why ethiopian government let this devi terrorist jawar Mohammed to escape out of the country instead of throwing him to prison forever
    For a crime he has committed ???????
    because of him & his wrong evil ideology so many Ethiopians are lost their lives & their loved ones this is so sad !
    enough is enough !

  19. This site is preacher of unity and represents a single group under the name of Ethiopia. There is no point to blame Jawar for them under this umbrella. In the first place they don’t have the moral to label Qero as terrorist youth for it is this group that liberated them from hell! Your dream never ever come true, that time has gone once and for ever!!

  20. “What a rubbish and one-side of the story!! Do really say Ethiopians CALL FOR ACTION? Why do not say the Amhara (Naftegn) people are fighting the TRUE leader of the 50 million plus of the OROMO people? You do not have the moral and ethics to be journalist. Think like a human with your brain NOT with your rear. The more hatred you go for the more things will get worse. This is the reality!!!” Via Solomon

  21. Attorney General know about the Kinijit Cadres who had made it their hobbies to falsely accuse Ethiopian leaders .

    Remember the late Service Officer, Gregg Wenzel the one who knew more about Ethiopia more than Ethiopians themselves did, he got many just like him who are very sharp clandestine service officersbthat replaced his post .

  22. Here is what I say to those who come across this non sense posting in reference to Jawar Mohammad.

    This is not a worth while news to read and please don’t give any attention to the posting as the writer has no facts and evidence to present the truth, but posted lies after lies just to satisfy his own personal illusionary self fulfilling rhetoric to get those people who do not know anything about Ethiopian politics and Oromo struggle on his side.

    I propose this posting to be removed from the media sights as the writing has no basis for a fruitful discussion.

  23. Rubbish allegation.Just full of fake narratives.Some non Oromo political elites and their blind followers are desperate to challenge Jawar with strong and documented facts.Rather they are trying to just relate him with the existing Islamophobia because of his background.This is very dangerous.I am not Oromo and I am not a fan of Jawar,but if the false allegation towards him continues because of his religious background we the non Oromo Muslim Ethiopians will be forced to stand with him.And we are considering it.

  24. None sensed talk!!! He is a hero and he is the one bring all change and bring Abiy Ahmed to power. You guys are shameless and distributing false. He is representing the whole Ethiopia people and working for Ethiopia. You guys are mafia!!!

  25. I’m one of those people who strongly condemn JM, but who ever has written this “letter” is completely ignorant about politics and a bit illiterate.

  26. ለተራ ኩታራ ደግሞ ይህን ያክል ክብደት ስትሰጡ ይእ እከካም የደሃ ልጅ እያንዳንዳችሁ ለዚህ ደብዳቤ መልስ የሰጣችሁ ይሄን ኩታራ በመደገፍ የምትሳደቡት ስድብ በጣም መረኖች የድሃ ልጆች ጎዳና ተዳዳሪዎች ስማችሁ ተጠርቶ አባታችሁ የማቀጥል እከካሞች ናችሁ ይሄኔ ውጭ እምትኖሩ ሰሃን አጣቢ መኪና አጣቢዎች ናችሁ ባለጌዎች ጋጠዎጦች መረኖች የሴት ልጆች

  27. Let us all live in peace . The land is adequate even for the whole Africa . You cry for one bread and life is short.

    Let us all stop hate speech.

  28. I am Eritrean Christian and I stand when Jowar Mohammad. Check this, this so called Abi working with a killer dictator in Eritrea is a demonic manifestation. We know very clear he pass the killing dictatorship 101 book to Abi. By default Johar is against these demons so we stand with him and the truth. We don’t care if he is Muslim, we all don’t choose who we are as far as tribe and religion, but we can choose to stand with the truth or be align with God and not intentionally kill people. Now I don’t know much about Johar but the Abi alliance with the killer machine in Eritrea is doom to fail. We stand with the people of Oromo or Ethiopians in general. The innocent and honest Eritreans now can not even go back to our homeland because we said ENOUGH to demonic dictator of Isias Afeworki. Anyone that collaborated with this demon is our ENEMY. I will support Johar 100% because they tried assassinate Johar, the same tactic the dictator used on our people and leaders. Warning to Ethiopia don’t get cursed and stay away from the DEMON in Eritrea. Long to respect and love each other regardless of tribe or religion. Long live the awaken people of Oromo and rest of our Ethiopian brothers.

  29. Subject: QUOTE: “Open letter to Attorney Generals of USA,Canada,UK and Germany (by Concerned Ethiopians in North America and Europe) November 14, 2019” UNQUOTE

    Commentary with SADNESS
    So now, “Concerned Ethiopians” are openly declaring that they cannot handle their affairs by themselves for the benefit of themselves.Consequently, it is tantamount to asking colonial powers to colonize the country; hence, Ethiopians are openly declaring that they cannot handle the affairs of their HOUSE. Thus, another shameful image of our beloved AFRICA.!!!???!!!

    This is the most extraordinary historical development in view of the admirable history of Ethiopia that kept the country INDEPENDENT [poor or rich] for almost time immemorial. THERE IS SOMETHING AWFULLY WRONG TAKING PLACE IN ETHIOPIA. And it is time for Ethiopian Scholars to take the stamina, courage, and come to the PLATE and SAVE their history and country — as well as the image of Africa. THE END

  30. Borkena, you are profusely vomitting #Hatespeech by your self. You have no idea even what reference means at all. Is it possible to list, news report as a reference? Your knowledge and Ethics of Journalist is under question mark.
    Oromo ppl have no space for your re-building of you previous feudal system. Dead ideology!

  31. Al shabab the fierce inhuman terrorist group will get ground very soon in Ethiopia. No peace will prevail in the horn of Africa. Next to the Al shabab and Boko haram a new Terrorist group which will be head aech to the Americans is to breed on the soil of Ethiopia is to come very soon.

  32. Jawar is an American Good Samaritan citizen when he is in USA.

    Jawar is well liked Ethiopian citizen when he is in Ethiopia.

    He is well behaved individual who takes into account where he is , who he is with ,what things are around him, he constantly watches people , places and things so noone can touch him not Amara not Abiy noone.

  33. Jawar is Terrorist
    He is Using oromo people as human shelter
    His is radical Islamic terrorist
    This mother F*** er Must be hunted n brought befor the law

  34. The supporters of Jawar we know they are tplf/shabia/foreign agents. Why? He is the one agitating Ethiopia so that they will take Abay Wenz and Afar. That is the distraction here. even as we speak, foreigners are alraeady, in the name of “vacation” they have occupoied Bahir Dar and Afar lands.

    Jawar is acting as terrorist as foriegn agent. That is why he can’t be touched but he can order the Al-shabab that Tplf/shabia/olf smuggled, to slaughter people when he pleases. The psychos here defending Jawar, must love it when innocent blood spilling and i guarantee they are not ethiopians or have agenda to turn Oromia islamic

  35. It is Crystal clear for many that Jawar is the next leader of Ethiopia in one year from now. All these Anti Jawar people are only Kinijit cadres , they once again are trying to take power from the Ethiopian people by force.


    • The Ethiopian Government Should Have Listened Ling Ago! This Article was written 9 Months Ago!
      Shame on Western Powers Also!

  37. I have never seen people’s with half dead brain and zombies like amahara . You see they have been playing this kind of dirty game for decades and the whole nation and world won’t buy their own b.s any more. The biggest threat to this animals are the unification of Oromo people’s in general cause there is no force out there to fuck them so hard. 90% of Ethiopians hates amahara cause they want bring back there old ideologies which is nonsense. Ethiopians won’t buy there b.s anymore take look sidama are becoming statehood thanks to sons of abba gadda and jawar Viva Oromo Viva all Ethiopians and amahara fascist.


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