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EPRDF,Ethiopia’s ruling coalition, says preparation finalized to form a single party

EPRDF says preparation finalized to form a single national party. Executives will meet this weekend and transformation of the organization as a political entity to a single national party of Ethiopia is top agenda

EPRDF _ Ethiopia
Graphic prepared by EPRDF shows “renewal,” “inclusiveness”, “justice” and “getting stronger,” as overarching objectives transformation of the ruling coalition to a single national party. Credit: EPRDF page.

Ethiopian Ruling Coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), move to end the existence of four ethnic-based parties that constitutes the organization has been a talking point for several months now. 

And there is divergence on it. There are those ethnic based parties within the umbrella organization who tend to see the transformation of the ruling coalition into a single party as a desirable one from the point of view of arresting the radical ethnic nationalist sentiment in different parts of the country which has been creating a recurrent security crisis claiming hundreds and thousands of lives while triggering a huge internal displacement. 

There are also other ethnic-based political groups under the umbrella organization of EPRDF who are favoring the unity. The political vocabulary used within the coalition used to call them was “sister parties.” These parties govern their respective ethnic-based regions (Afar, Benishangul, and Gambella and Somali regions).  However, unlike the four major ethnic-parties that constitutes the coalition namely, Amhara Democratic Party, Oromo Democratic Party, Tigray People’s Liberation Front and Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement, “sister parties do not have a voting privilege and were not represented in the executive committee and the central committee of the ruling coalition. It also means that leadership from these parties did not have a chance to hold important position including chairmanship of the party and prime minister Position. So for “sister parties”, transformation of the coalition is a welcome news as it will end what they called, rightly, discrimination. 

On the contrary, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) vehemently opposed the move claiming that it will be a recipe to trigger the disintegration of the country. The party has openly issued a statement after seven days of meeting in Mekelle, Tigray region. 

This week the organization disclosed that the preparation to form a single national party out of the ruling coalition is finalized. The party has made it clear that since many members of the coalition have agreed on the idea, no vote will be administered. It means that, according to a report by state affiliated media Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), a party or parties who do not be party of the new national party will have their separate ways. 

Deputy Head of the ruling coalition, Melese Alemu, told Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) those who oppose the formation of a single national party from the ruling coalition as an idea with no public support are wrong. 

“They have been putting hurdles for the idea not to succeed since the 5th congress of the ruling coalition,” he said. 

He sees the process leading to the formation of a single party from the trajectory of popular demand for change and from the point of view of addressing people’s demand for development. 

This weekend, the ruling party executives are expected to have a meeting and the issue is said to be a top agenda. 

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  1. This takes Ethiopia back by more than 150 years and will result in a new start of freedom fighting by different nations. It put the country into a viscous circle of freedom fighting and re-uniting again and again.

    • There is republican and democratic party in the US. Their members are from all over the states and different races. Why is it wrong when it is done in Ethio?

  2. ጭቆና እስካለ ድረስ የነፃነት ድርጅት መኖሩ አይቀርም፡፡ እነ ኦነግ ና ህወሀት መንግስትን አስፈቅዶ ነበር እንደ የተቐቐሙት?

    • At these point no body cares about these hodams including those non participating other parties based on ethnicity. They all are cancerous. Changing their names or apparent structure is just a gimmick for the observer. They will never change their modus operandi not their hate spreading against others nor will never stand for what is right for all Ethiopians. The first thing they should do is dissolve their parties and this fake, undemocratic and unlawful Constitution that exalts some citizens above others and limits the freedom of citizens right where they are born and have lived for generations just based on arbitrary impossed ethnic boundaries. That is the root cause and the mother of all issues and unless that is addressed everything else is just a redress to stay in power by hodams that have sucked the blood and sweat of all Ethiopians for the last 29 years. We all know how these parties added large numbers of members after the 2005 elections by coercing deep even to the kebele level by denying ration food and basic rights to ordinary citizens. We are dealing even today with these sort of Nasi/fascists everywhere in cluding in Addis right where diplomatic offices are sitting

  3. Sidama people are not represented by Southern Ethiopians Democratic Movement party or EPRDF.

    Sidama is not governed by the SNNP regional government.

    That means EPRDF got no authority over the Sidama people, only the federal government does .

  4. When are we going to wake up?
    Always fighting always trying to play politics.
    Race issues. All this blaming. No ethnic is better than the other. We are all Ethiopians.
    If we fell to recognize that and stick to this ethnic based ideology the outcome will be distractive. Wake up people.

  5. I still can’t rap my head around the fact that the “other” nationalities basically accepted second class citizenship for so long.

  6. People should wake up. Ethnic merchants are so simple minded they all blame easyly always system of past century to even justify their malfunctioning of their absolute rule for the last 29 years. For example there is non stop taking issue on Addis expansion and farmlands that were lost for it. After DERG proclaimed the land declaration all the lands were effectively restored to the farmers. And the current apartheid system did take farmers land and sold it to the highest bidder an consorts. No wonder if we really do statistics of all new residents in the outskirts of Addis are mostly non Amharas or neftenyas as they say but Oromos form Wes, south and east and Tigreans. Sure some there are also Amharas but probably they are not the majority real state holders. It is all a real state business between hodams if ODP, TPLF and ADP and even of large number of OLF sympathatizers that their origins were from fairway humble villages and today own large houses and real states that was taken from Farmers around Addis. But they keep spreading the fake account that neftegya did abuse the farmers when they are the ones who are flooding the outskirts of Addis. That is immorality beyond any comprehension by there ethnic zealots.

  7. Is it not a peaceful, a logical, a scientific, a morally correct, a democratic and a visionary stance to unite freely as a single party to govern a big country like Ethiopa who are 80 tribes?
    Is there any better option other than anarchisim and perpetual civil war?
    We should all cheer up and call upon Ethiopians for the largest DEMONSTRATION of support in Addis and in DC.
    Thank you

  8. Ethiopia since bringing socailiam country has been marred with doubts, survival issue, uncertainty, isms, these are all ALIEN to our coexistance even as we speak, under Aby regime, Ethiopia as we speak paralyzed underneath the anti ethiopians are constructing complete ALIEN things while we are distracted by Jawar. 6 language national is an agenda to destroy Geez. Oromo chauvinists under Shabia/tplf changed latin writing which is ALIEN to Ethiopia. How come Afar is more Ethiopian than any one was forced to adapt latin writing? If Aby is already constructing these too many ethnic languages that will pull back the country because rather than developing the country you are forced to learn languages that doesn’t do anything to survival. it is ONE language while still regionals using their own languages that will forward a nation. The agenda is clear. Can we imagine what Jawar will do, if Aby is already installing too many national languages that is writing colonial latin? This is why I said, there is a tendency for greater Islamic region cooperation that is has past colonial tendency aimed against once free country Ethiopia. Shabia/tplf agenda with their masters seem to work on this duality where having geez vs latin, islamic vs christian which will eventually cancel eachother or perhaps the geez and christian most likely will disappear due to regional and neighborhood Muslim country domination. Egypt Arab ALIENS moved to Egypt and deleted the indiginous, darker, who started the egypt civilization who converted to christianity. slowly but surely Arabs illiminated the darker, christians, the indiginous, who were once part and parcel of Egyptian civilization.

    If Oromo finds its identity actually it should be indiginous too, Waka is about nature, just like Amerian Indian who protect nature, not only that, if anything Oromo rather most likely its nature is to Christian side as it has history of Egyptian/Crete tendency. So it seems like Oromo is totally adapting colonial things everything alien: Arab flag, latin, protestant against its own, natural genes.

  9. by the way, back then during Egyptian civilization, nations in that region were one and the same that included the people living in Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, all descendants of Egyptian civiliztion. colonialism, islam divided these countries and people alien to eachother who are eyeing eachother as aliens today because of colonial and religon. If anything, to bring back coexistance maybe we should all go back to during the era of Egyptian civilization, not divided by anything isms: religion, colonial regions. That is how countries survive with cooperation not division. in Ethiopia there is too many variables that will lead the country to break apart. Ethiopians for years have been watching and doing nothing.


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