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Woldia University clash reportedly left at least two students dead,14 injured

Woldia University Clash _ Ethiopia
Woldia Universty. Photo credit : AMMA

November 10, 2019

At least two students are reportedly killed on Saturday at Woldia University in North Central Ethiopia after a clash in the evening on the campus. 

Several others are wounded. Hospital sources who spoke on condition of anonymity say that 14 students are admitted at Woldia University, according to a report by BBC Amharic service. 

” I started working on Sunday at 8:30 a.m. and did not see when the students were admitted. But now between 14 and 15 are getting medical attention in the hospital,” the anonymous source is cited as saying. 

Some have sustained serious wounds while the situation of others is serious although it is unclear if it is life-threatening. 

North Wollo Zone administration head, Woldetinsae Mekonnen, has confirmed that students are killed due to what he called a clash between students at Woldia University Campus.

He said security forces were informed about the clash around 11 p.m. in the evening and they arrived on campus around 11:15 p.m., according to Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA). 

The two students were killed within 15 minutes after the clash broke out but it was controlled soon after security forces entered the university campus, said AMMA. 

It is unclear if the clash was between a group of students with a cause. Woldetinsae said the campus is outside of Woldia town and residents of the town were not aware of the problem.

” Those who try to paint the problem in a different way and link it to members of the community in the town should not be far from the truth,”  Woldetinsae is cited as saying. 

In a press statement held on Sunday, Amhara regional state communications affairs bureau director, Getnet Yirsaw, said what started the clash between students in unclear except that it happened as students were returning to their dormitories after watching a soccer game. 

A task force is formed to investigate the incident, he added. Students who are believed to have triggered the clash are being arrested but he did not give a specific figure.  The results of the investigation are expected to establish as to what caused it. 

Amhara region Peace and Security building office has also confirmed that those who are responsible for instigating the clash are detained but again the office did not specify the number. 

Authorities in the office say there are forces who are operating to create similar clashes in the universities across the region and that and that it is making preparations to take measures. 

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  1. The fact is most of the athiest youth who were born during Meles Zenawi’s time had for all their lives been programmed to act violently towards Orthodox Christians by their surroundings environment , these athiest University students were told Orthodox is the religion of the lazy who don’t work their fair share of work by claiming each day of the month is a holiday. These athiest youthes don’t know any better but to be violent against “LAZY ORTHODOX” who follow the religion only to get out of their work duties by claiming everyday of the month is a holiday, The.athiest youth were brain washed by the EPRDF five years growth and transformation plan cadres that spread gossip saying most Orthodox followers are not doing their fair share of work because they tend to call days off saying it is a holiday everyday of the month just to get out of work or school duties , that brought the country to continue being the poorest in the world even after Meles Zenawi’s world class leadership.

    More than half of the country’s University students claim to be athiests according to the Universities record across the country.

    • It is true the Meles generation are less religious than before. But they are also educated better. So the old generation needs to outsmart them in politics and bring back the unity of the country.

      • Currently 50 % of Ethiopians ages 6 and above are iletrate , never been to a formal school. They sign with painting ink on their thumbs.

        • just like you, mengiye mengaga

          what is kind of role dd you play so far to help us fighting poverty as a holder of ragged paper from forged univisities ?

          • To yeastesasebmehayimoch90

            It is not too late for to to start using your head , do not be too hard on yourself because you are not yeastesaseb mehayim as you call yourself. Emancipate yourself from the mental slavery.

            As for your question In my time as a leader the people were much safer than now, Ethiopia was not landlocked , I took necessary steps to ensure safety for all , I eradicated illetracy while I fought those that brought poverty to Ethiopians that steal food aid sent for famine victims then sell it to Sudan (the BANDITS TPLF Shabiya).

            Now we got the haves (WOYANES and SHABIYAS) bandits and the have nots (the mass).The country is a failed state led by new bandits that are contemplating to sell publicly owned properties to support the PM Gragn Ahmed Jihad expenses.

            Ethiopia’s Human Developmental Index HDI rank is a disgrace now. The people got no leader all they got is religious fanatic Jihadist, PM Gragn Ahmed .

  2. It is mahibre kiduisuan who always create division among students in an attempt to promote its business in the name of religion. This profitable organisation registered as NGO has political as well as ethnic based propaganda.Mahibrekidusan is mainly, 90 % teh staff is amhara, led by amharas.And is founded by Amhara people .If they think that a priest or merigeta oppese thier approach , they always march against him and defame him as if he is prostitute or heretic. They also film celibate priests and monks as if they have romantic affiars with others by sending women to them in an expected hours .

    They devise several techniques to deceive the gullible youngeters who are supposed to impart financial support soon after they leave the school and start working.

    It is how they multiply thier staff and enhance thier budget.

    They also collect moeny from the laity in the guise of helping old and burnt churches , and Abinet school, Tradtional school teaching geez poetry, and church hymn.

    To put it in a nut shell, mahibr kidusan and its supporters , including some naive bishops , they are mafias .

    They donot allow to join thier office unless they studied his or her background, ethnicity and relation with other entities with whom they had enemity etc

  3. Why you don’t ask the reason from victims. It was the planned and organized attack to Oromo students by lawless and cruel Fannos.

    • Don’t blame each others’ youth groups (Fano, Qerro, etc..) while the country is disintegrating by the day. We should be focusing our hate towards the ethnic federal system.

  4. Old fascist neftagna attitude is positioning itself from just a vision in to practical implementation stage murdering defenseless Oromo everywhere, in university campus, in cities of their own homeland. Now, Oromo is in a situation of no-where-to-hide, defenselessly killed everywhere. I don’t remember anything disgraceful matches what happened to Oromo in the last 18 months.

    • Did you really try to paint Oromos as victims in the current politics? At this moment, the Qerro are the unstoppable mafia in the country, and everyone knows that.

  5. Terribly shocking and Very sad to read the news .
    my deepest sympathies and condolences to grieving families and friends.

  6. Good comment we also see teh same kind of propaganda in favor of leaders here in the western world ;

    I thought i left this kind of flattery and narcissim back home , but I find it here as well;

    Abiy should reveal the truth why he order the killings of innocent people; Usi ng the law enforcement and court for his political gain is donot hold water if his intetion is to delude people. We are not in 16 or 4 centuries.

    I suppose Melese Z. was killed cuz he was working to erect the Greatest dam that could take the country to the development path. We can clearly see that Engineer was also killed for the same evil objecttive of deteriorating our job.
    Donot threaten us , we need the truth and fact why those heros were killed in Bahir Dar and Addis .

    You can fine those media which spread hate and promote genocide

    Please donot post my email please


  7. Woldia University!!! Yes, a University at Woldia???!!!
    Going through Woldia, back and forth, by ‘trenta-quatro’ and even by Bus, depending on the contents in my pockets, reminds me of the old times. And I dare say the Good Old Times. We have come a long way.

    What are we facing now?
    The answer is obvious >>>riots in Universities i.e.the Highest Level of Education!!! And what is the cause of the Riots? Racial, Religion, Region, anything that occupies the MODERN students.

    Who are the victims of the riots?
    The students themselves, caused by themselves and ending destroying their future.

    Who are the benefactors?
    Hidden individuals, for individual ambition, who are NOT intelligent enough to see that their ambition can only lead them to benefit disintegrated societies, ashes and barren land i.e. the liquidation of an ancient society for ever>>> ETHIOPIA.

    Who are the ultimate benefactors
    Back to the ugly old colonialism in its 21st Century Format. Look around and ask yourself this>>> ‘what do I see?’ Be honest to yourself. THE END

    • Hi Rezen

      good comment ever. Yes 1000% those who profit from this massacre are former colonial masters who control and scramble africa looking for people who could fall victim to their oppressive system, torture, detention, corruption, give resident permits for those who offer money Under the table etc ,

      They always want mass migration from Africa by showing themselves as generous and kind in their movies and through thier intelliegence agencies, embassies etc

      They also ceate hate and a sense of contempt among us so that we could digrade and belittle , and kill with one another .

      They send fake religious figures, cultes etc to delude us into false beliefs of accepting thier nonsense and atrocities etc

      etc etcetra

      Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, land of opportunities for some

  8. I hope Ityopian yemiwedu elai comment yemiyadergu endelelu alebelezia minaynet denkoro endehonen niw yemiyasayew. Ebakachehu aynachihu 50 amet yetejemerew ajenda becha niw orchestrated by Shabia\yewech hail. Ezih lai Neftegna, athiest, anti ortodox bilo yemisefut bemulu digital nachew ityopian lemaferares. Yemigermew, ityopiawiw telatoch gar yeweshetachewn nick name ityopiawi bemimesil eyesafu ewnet ityopianochin siyabalu, minaynet eraschin denkoro endehonin niw yemiyasayew. Shabia betam trained yetederege zare areb, nege amara, kenegwedia tigre yehone ityopia sebabro Misrak Afrikan lemekotater alama niw! kenesu Ethiopian Reviewem endezihu. Ene endemayew ityopiawiw erasu mesarya eyehonu nachew le Shabia/wech hailoch. Endefelegut ityopia media lai telatoch yemifenechubet, hasab yemikeyayerubet honual. selezih erasu ityopiawiw erasu lai telat honual, lezih niw ager adega lai yehonechiw ageritu. Wededachihum telachihum Isayas ageritun sayafers bimot aytegnam, dream adirgual. Shabia/isayas esist selehonu zare demo Gonderay negn eyale Amarawin lemasheblel eyemokere niw. ewnet ke tplf gar ketetala lemin zarewenu tplf lai torinet ayawijim, wishet niw hulu neger! Sele Shabia yemawera, wanaw kendu esu niwna.

  9. To: ” etc etcetra mamo
    Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, land of opportunities for some”

    Short reaction I was intrigued by the name [Oshkosh” and — as usual – asked for help from my eternal friend: The Google. Here is the first line that I liked >>> “Oshkosh was named for Menominee Chief Oshkosh, whose name meant “claw” “

    That was enough history for me as we ALL have seen it and existing [not living} with it – and will do so until it is our individual turn to go down to our resting grave. Obviously, Chief Oshkosh’s “claw” was not strong enough to resist the hungry marauders who came to take his land……….. SMILE, as there is no alternative life other than existing at the mercy of moronic world-wide chieftain <<< if you know what I mean. Amen-Inshalah


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