Woldia University clash reportedly left at least two students dead,14 injured

Woldia University Clash _ Ethiopia
Woldia Universty. Photo credit : AMMA

November 10, 2019

At least two students are reportedly killed on Saturday at Woldia University in North Central Ethiopia after a clash in the evening on the campus. 

Several others are wounded. Hospital sources who spoke on condition of anonymity say that 14 students are admitted at Woldia University, according to a report by BBC Amharic service. 

” I started working on Sunday at 8:30 a.m. and did not see when the students were admitted. But now between 14 and 15 are getting medical attention in the hospital,” the anonymous source is cited as saying. 

Some have sustained serious wounds while the situation of others is serious although it is unclear if it is life-threatening. 

North Wollo Zone administration head, Woldetinsae Mekonnen, has confirmed that students are killed due to what he called a clash between students at Woldia University Campus.

He said security forces were informed about the clash around 11 p.m. in the evening and they arrived on campus around 11:15 p.m., according to Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA). 

The two students were killed within 15 minutes after the clash broke out but it was controlled soon after security forces entered the university campus, said AMMA. 

It is unclear if the clash was between a group of students with a cause. Woldetinsae said the campus is outside of Woldia town and residents of the town were not aware of the problem.

” Those who try to paint the problem in a different way and link it to members of the community in the town should not be far from the truth,”  Woldetinsae is cited as saying. 

In a press statement held on Sunday, Amhara regional state communications affairs bureau director, Getnet Yirsaw, said what started the clash between students in unclear except that it happened as students were returning to their dormitories after watching a soccer game. 

A task force is formed to investigate the incident, he added. Students who are believed to have triggered the clash are being arrested but he did not give a specific figure.  The results of the investigation are expected to establish as to what caused it. 

Amhara region Peace and Security building office has also confirmed that those who are responsible for instigating the clash are detained but again the office did not specify the number. 

Authorities in the office say there are forces who are operating to create similar clashes in the universities across the region and that and that it is making preparations to take measures. 

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