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Donald Trump supports “collaborative agreement” in Ethiopian Dam talk

Donald Trump _ Ethiopian Dam
Ethiopia’s 5 billion dollars Dam project. Over 84 percent of the Nile water originates from the Ethiopian highlands.

November 5, 2019

President Donald Trump says he supports negotiations on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

It was in a telephone conversation with Egyptian president Abdul Fetal el-Sisi that Trump expressed his support to a “collaborative agreement” in the Ethiopian Dam talk.

Reuters quoted White House spokesperson Judd Deere’s statement on Monday in which he said ““President Trump expressed support for Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan’s ongoing negotiations to reach a collaborative agreement on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.”

Arab News sources seem to have taken the statement as an assurance to the Egyptian president.  Gulf News reported on Monday with the headline “Trump assures Al Sissi on Ethiopia dam row.”

Bassam Radi, Egyptian president spokesperson says “President Trump confirmed his personal interest in the success of these negotiations and that he will receive the foreign ministers of the three countries at the White House at the start of the negotiations in a sign of his great keenness on getting positive and fair results from these negotiations,” as reported by Gulf News.

President Donald Trump is, clearly, a supporter of Egyptian president. He called him “my friend” during their meeting in Washington on September 23 and described him as “a real leader.” But there is no indication at this point if he supports Egyptian position in the dam talk.

Ethiopia has said that there is no negotiation in the United States between the three countries. According to a report by Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), the United States “called” the three countries to Washington to hear their position on the dam talk. Ethiopia has been saying that international mediation does not solve the problem but tripartite negotiation.

The source also said that Egyptian media misrepresenting the discussion as “negotiation.”

Gedu Andargachew, Ethiopia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs is in the United States, as is the case with the foreign ministers of Sudan and Egypt, to attend what the Ethiopian government calls “discussion.”

Earlier Ethiopian media outlets reported that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who recently met with Sisi in Russia, would attend the meeting which is not the case.

Egypt has been calling for international mediation after the water ministers from the three countries were unable to reach an agreement regarding the filling and operation of Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam. While Egypt blames Ethiopia for it, the country which is the source for more than 84 percent of the Nile water blamed the Arab Republic in North East Africa as the cause for the failure to reach agreement.

What Ethiopia opposed in particular was Egypt’s intention to violate the sovereignty of Ethiopia against the very principle of the agreement in the Declaration of Principles which was signed in 2015. Egypt, among other things, wants to open an office in the project site to monitor the filling and operation of the Ethiopian Dam.

In Ethiopia, there seems to be a widely held belief among politicized Ethiopians that Egypt is exploiting radical ethnic nationalists in Oromo region of Ethiopia to destabilize the country.

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  1. OLF is defeating Abiy’s military since many of Abiy’s soldiers deserted rather than fight against OLF , OLF is heading to the capital to overthrow Abiy.

    Abiy’s military is begging Amara districts military militias to help him but they seem to be non cooperating. The Amara militias are not willing to fight against OLF , Amara are saying no to Abiy’s call for help to fight OLF . It is expected for Abiy to swallow his pride and call on TPLF for help next. Abiy is in dire need of a quick reinforcement .

    • Ahun eko yetignaw niw yemishalew malet yetekmal le ityopia, hulum bezeru sir hono, ene hezb selalegn kuch beye ayalehu niw negeru, behuala gin eyandandu wist yimetal. manim kilil yihun manim, anes yalew seitanen merto abro mesrat niw. Ye Shabia plan egna sem zeroch nen bemalet tirikt amarawen atalo oromon lemewgat niw. wanaw hail yalew eza niw. Olf=tplf=SHABIA. Shabia shoan atfito be OLF semenen Mengist lemareg niw, andand amaraw bezih lismama yichilal. shabia ye shewan /miniliken kim bekel lemamualat niw. Be dr aby bekul demo lela ajenda lihon yechelal, dr aby seltanun le lema megersa yastelalif. It looks like endetakedew zemenemesafintin lemamtat neber, keza gin, tekeman zufanachin yalu besemen lemenges niw, Shewan yemawdem ekid niw be shabia. echi alama anglochihu wist yazu bezu masreja ale

  2. Quote: “In Ethiopia, there seems to be a widely held belief among politicized Ethiopians that Egypt is exploiting radical ethnic nationalists in Oromo region of Ethiopia to destabilize the country.” Unquote

    Egypt will do anything, everything, to CONTROL the NILE.
    The DISINTIGRATION of the ANCIENT COUNTRY named ETHIOPIA into pieces, by ANY means available under the Sun, would be the greatest historical dream and achievement of Egypt. Is Ethiopia PREPARED for that eventuality?

  3. Just thinking about the situation is saddening and frightening. I pray those fools creating the chaos come to their senses and stop their narrow minded actions and realize something big is at our doorstep to change the course of history in a bad way in our country. Wise up Ethiopians.

  4. These people are rutheless , I remeber some one saying that egptians are the best model for the wester world in torturing prisoners . You could confirm this from various sources.

    G. Bush had adopted several torture techniques from egypt. This might seem rubbish or irrelevant but it is to underscore the fact that could implement any possible means to starve , divide us and wage war eventually.

    whether you swallow it or spite it out it is the truth cannot be destroyed or reversed.

  5. It seems Egypt, a middle eastern country is flailing its hands for help from the US. PM Abiye has made it very clear that issues related to The Dam, can only be resolved by negotiations between and among the three nations, and not by a third party mediation. Abiye has vowed the construction will proceed regardless, and I think it is this decision that alarmed egypt.

    Brothers and sisters of Ethiopia, we need and we must stop the madness of ethnicity and division and stay in unison as one people for our country. Otherwise outsiders will seize this opportunity to promote their self interest at any cost. Lets wise up people.

    • Betam tigermalachihu, tesfah Aby niw beka. esu eko aand gileseb niw. Ityopia, ityopia bilo, yihew Tplfen/olfen/jwaren mekotater enkuan akitotal. kuch bileh ezih aby endih yadergal, aby endih yadergal. really? yantes dirsha min aderek? Aby tplfen endiyashenef tifeligaleh, aby j-waren endiyashenef tifeligaleh, Aby Gibsin endiyashenif tifeligaleh. 27 amet ityopiawiw minim sayaderg, ke 100 yemayansu tplfen mashenef akiton, zare demo Gibsin enashenifalen be Aby sitilu gurachihu.

  6. “stay in unison as one people for our country” Melaku Teshome

    Monumental advise, higher than the greatest mountain in Ethiopia itself: RAS DASHAN (*)

    (*) correct me if I am wrong — I am NEVER afraid of, nor offended by, “correction”

  7. Effort conglomerate and METEC. Messobo Cement factory had been putting/burried low quality standard materials inside the GERD DAM along with dynamite chemical explosives deep in the GERD dam so when the GERD dam collapses due to the low quality or no materials the METEC Effort Conglomerate put inside the foundation and upto the middle part of the dam by breaching the contract they were hired to do resulting in possible collapse of the dam INSIDE the foundation to the middle ,.

    When the collapse happens due to the low quality materials , any of the remaining evidence of the low quality materials are intended to get blown into pieces with the dynamite chemical explosives put burried so no evidence remaining survives to hold the METEC EFFORT CONGLOMERATE liable for the GERD dam collapsing..


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