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Ethiopian soldiers reportedly battling Oromo Liberation Front rebels in Wollega

Armed wing of Oromo Libertion Front (OLF) reportedly battling with Ethiopian troops in Begi, Wollega region.

Ethiopian troops _ Oromo Liberation Front fight
Google Map on Begi, Wollega, Ethiopia

November 4, 2019

A battle between Ethiopian troops and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) fighters is reportedly going on in Wollega, Western Ethiopia.

DW Amharic report on Monday cited eyewitnesses from the region who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the fighting between the two parties started about four days ago. The districts of Begi and Qondalla are the war scenes.

Government troops besieged OLF rebels first in what seems to be an attempt to take them captives but the rebels managed to get out of it, and then it changed to a full fledged war, DW Amharic said citing community members in the area.

Residents did not say regarding the number of casualties on both sides except saying that one civilian is killed.

“Government soldiers came to take captive OLF forces but that was possible. The situation changed into war. Community members are experiencing problems because of it. A young man who is identified as Abdi is killed and his body was left in Garjella. But we do not know as to who did it…honestly the situation right now is hard to describe. Those who can afford are abandoning the area with their children and families. It is the poor who have nowhere to go who are getting attacked,” residents in the area reportedly said.

Another resident who said that he lives in Gidami district of Wollega zone said he “heard exchange of fire between the defense force and OLF army” in Haro Dima area.

Qondala district head, Belete Itecha, seems to have a different narrative. “Apart from sporadic provocation by the armed groups, there is no situation that has escalated to war.” However, he confirmed that it is OLF militant wing in the area; they are also called Shene that are engaged in provocative actions. “Sometimes they open war and retreat,” he added.

Oromo region of Ethiopia has become one of the regions in the country that is devoid of security and peace. In other parts of the region, 86 people have been killed due to what Prime Minister Abiy  on Sunday called “conflict between groups”although he was not specific about the identities of the groups. The victims were only identified by their ethnic background and religion in what seems to be is an effort on the part of the prime minister to dismiss the narrative that the violence was ethnic based and also targeted Ethiopian Christian community.

Last month, Oromo Liberation Front opened a brief war in Ataye are,within Amhara regional state of Ethiopia.

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  1. I would not call the Ethiopian soldiers but I extremist Arsi militias. The Ethiopian military and security apparatus has been hijacked by ODP and in special by the Arsi gangs. They are only marching against Jal Maro in Wellega because he seemed decided to claim Wollega as separate killils and he directly rebuke and disowned and denounced criminal Jawar long time ago. Non Oromos and Oromos who believe in Ethioians equality under the law in the military and the security bodies should weigh and consider on why there has not been as single areebt for all mayheh created by Jawar barbarians but they do have an army mobilized to control OLF in Wolllega. Ethiopian people know who created the havoc and from where started. The army and the security structure starting with General Jula should be examined closely to comb out the degree of the Trojan horse.

    • SLW,

      Ayeh? Min yahil ityopianoch endemayawku sele ityopia gudai? endewem ene jal maro tiru nachew niw yemibalew. manniw yemidersilachew? Ahun mulu le mulu Arsi akrari islamist Oromo negn yemil, lelawin oromowen lematkat eyegesegese niw. Odp ahun tsinfegna honual malet niw ene j-war sir niw. demo yihe endemihon tiritare yelewim, lemin ene j-war, olfoch eleleel bilo yasgebut ene team lema zare selamawiwen oromo eyasbelu niw. Lemehonu Ityopian soldier ale ende? tsehafiw endalew? endesemahut media lai, Jal maro selamawi oromo niw, odpen alamenem yemiyawkew neger selale niw.

  2. The victims are Oromos, now and in the past

    fake article stop your flim flam

    You massacred kimants, Agew , Gumuz, Shinasha and others and still bombasting as though you are the victims.

    I wish US Govt close this site which is spreading hate and inspting violence

    amharas stop it please if you believe in God as you claim it.

  3. Abiy is representing amhara and bearing the slogan of killing alllnonamhara elites

    His wife is also amhara, whose DNA is identified as all time killer throughout the history of this planet

    Amharas are behind all these killings of Oromos, Gumuz, Shinahsa, Kimant, Agew, Gamo, Hadiya, Guragae and others

    They accuse all these tribes hoping to get away from this massacre they commintted against innocent people.
    Oromos are the largets victims among 86 people who died recently

    Let us condemn amharas atrocity while Amharas blame TPLF , Jawar and Oromos in general to escape from the justice

  4. The mayhem is created by Jawar and his hooligan barbarian Qeros. Why not go after Jawar who is directly responsible for the deaths of 90 Orthodox Christians and innocent civilians by Arsi Wuhabbi extremist militias instead of waging war where it is has nothing to do with it?

    Jawar, Qero and Arsi extremist militias are roaming free committing barbaric crimes knowing Abiy is only the pastoral prime ministership who kept preaching peace without a leadership quality and commitment to protect the safety and security of citizens.

    Amharas, non-Oromos and Christians security and safety is not protected by Abiy weak and incompetent leadership. Abiy’s is timid who has no gut to arrest and speak out against Jawar the Arsi hooligan. People are forced to protect themselves because there is a complete absence of law and order.

  5. I don’t believe this story. How in the world the same ‘rebel’ group fights itself? Come on now! Do you think everybody is dumb and so oblivious of what is going on? Do you expect every reader of this cooked up story to believe the young PM sent soldiers to kill fighters of his other boss? Take it some where else. Tell that to el-Sisi!!! ‘Ethiopian soldiers reportedly battling..’. My foot!!! Stop insulting the intelligence of more than 100 million people.

    • Ittu,

      Aby/odp have sent and attacked the olf in Welega before. Now is not new. for some reason odp agreed with j-war to attack again welega.

  6. Tetenkeku. Masrejah min kemin endemeta aregagit. J war groupoch welega Oromo gar kirane alachew. bemehal demo Odp niw. Odp already be J war teyzual. tekenagagnachew welega wist yemiwagu ene j waren ymikenakenu nachew. selezih bizu variable ale, manena mann le ityopia yemikom magnet aschgari niw. biyans, betam akrariwen makom niw ke tplf gar yemiseraw. j war ena tplf mulu le mulu abrew j war en pm lemadreg eyeseru niw. odp wistu endale be j war sewoch yetesegesegu nachew. embi yemilewen ye oromo mahbereseben ende tplf yefejuachewal. ye Oromo mahbereseb aand egru Isalmawi/tplfawi aand egru Oromo Ityopia ayseram. lezih niw yemitishenefut. j war Gibs, areb Oromian lemamtat niw alamaw.

  7. Subject: “Ethiopian soldiers reportedly battling Oromo Liberation Front rebels in Wollega”, borkena, November 4, 2019

    Commentary, 5 Nov 2019
    It is Classical TRAGEDY.
    What happens next? ‘Ethiopian soldiers battling’ each and every provincial “rebels”?!?!?! Where and when does it end???? And what will be the benefit for the ORDINARY people in a land that used to be called “ETHIOPIA”.
    It is my guess that there are one hundred thousand (100,000) [*] Ethiopian Intellectuals of the Highest Order of Academic accomplishment >>> Doctor of Philosophy Degrees Ph. D <<< from well-known academic institutions around the Globe. When will they come forward to save their Mother Land? When will they apply their SUPERIOR EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE to save Ethiopia? I can’t help remembering a forecast by Emperor Haile Selassie who apparently said that ‘he was teaching his future enemies’. He must now be laughing in his grave not only that he goofed but also for his dead-wrong assumption about the CHARACTERISTIC of his loyal subjects. In a time of crisis of possible DISINTIGRATION of Ethiopia do we see any reaction from its “CHILDREN”? It is a mute question.

    [* ] Please correct me with the figure

    • Rezen,

      Lik neh, enem yemilew yihew niw. Education eko kalserahibet lewana merz niw. lemin meseleh? Ityopianoch ye ityopian geography yayu aymeslegnim, lik ende Merabawian kof bilew lemewedader yitiralu, bemillion yemikoter ityopia wist deha eyalu. 27 amet yewich/yewist/gorebet telat eyadakemu ageritun eyayu neber ityopiawianoch. Zare endewim bisobachew lela ityopia negn yemilewinim meterter jemirewal. Mejemeriwenu ezih dereja kemedres befit mesrat!

    • rezen

      I am sad I had to be the one to break it to you but anyhow , the big majority of the the 100,000+ PhD holders you mentioned are not planning at all to come forward to save Ethiopia. Many of them have no.clue about Ethiopia except it is a good vacation destination. It is not part of their to do.list.

      You should have known that by now, unless you are overly fooled by the intellectual prostitute’s smirks .

  8. The news is all over Ethiopian Media. The first thing I would do whenever I read a story is to identity the sources used. In this case, deutsche welle is used. so if it is a cooked up story, chances are residents who spoke to deutsche welle cooked it.

  9. gira yemiyagaba niw ebakachihu. Welega yalew jal maro ze habesha media lai tiru aydelem yilal. manin enimen abo!

    Ahun eko Ityopia alkolatal. Yewech hail alamaw tawkwal egnan abalto Abay Wenzen lemewsed niw. Oromo firstoch sele Abay Wenz gidelachewem endewem j-war lene Gibs (gibs becha aydelechim Abay wenzin yemifeligew lelam gorebet ager alech. ye 50 amet ityopia lai torinet be bandawochu Nesawchiwoch wana alama Abay Wenzenena Afaren lemewsed niw. Diro lela Afrikan agerat lai esik neber, lemin endegna endene Minilk/h/selassie jegnoch yelachewim? zare begna dersual, ke bandam banda Nesawchiwoch ageritun atleklikotal. Ityopianoch wedaj ager alen bilew kuch bilew kokeb sikotru 27 amet honual. too late!

  10. Greetings, Serkeaddis
    Thank you very much for the reference to “”

    The first word of the article >>> “inadvertently”<<>>> “አይትብከ እንድዩ ዘብክየኒ “ ። ትርጉም ካስፈለገ >>> “ስያባብሉኝ፣ የባሰውንም ያስለቅሰኛል።” ለማለት ነው።
    “ትምህርት” አልተማርንም፤ በሽምደዳ ግን የምስክር ወረቀት አግኝተናል >>> ዶክተርም፣ ፕሮፈሶርም፣ ወዘተ ተብልነናል። ስለ ውድ አፍሪቃውያን ሙሁራኖቻችን ጉዳይ እዚህ ላይ አገባድላለሁ >>>> ነገር ሳላመጣ!!!

  11. Apology
    Dear Readers
    For mysterious reason I deleted a number of words after “inadvertently”. Observe the symbols >><<<, I rush to notify you, and spare you, from scratching your heads !!!!!.I am really sorry. I will straighten out from my 'memory' (Oh! Lord) of the cancelled words.
    Yours Truly
    Embarrassed Rezen

  12. Dear Editor and Readers I sincerely hope you will excuse me for my unfortunate mix– up . The old adage comes to mind: ‘concentrate on one task at a time.’ Here is the entire corrected version of my commentary (based from memory):

    Subject: “Ethiopian soldiers reportedly battling Oromo Liberation Front rebels in Wollega”
    Commentary, 10 Nov 2019

    Greetings, Serkeaddis
    Thank you very much for the reference to “”

    The first word of the article >>> “inadvertently”<<>> “አይትብከ እንድዩ ዘብክየኒ “። ትርጉም ካስፈለገ >>> “ስያባብሉኝ፣ የባሰውንም ያስለቅሰኛል።” ለማለት ነው።

    “ትምህርት” አልተማርንም፤ በሽምደዳ ግን የምስክር ወረቀት አግኝተናል >>> ዶክተርም፣ ፕሮፈሶርም፣ ወዘተ ተብልነናል። ስለ ውድ አፍሪቃውያን ሙሁራኖቻችን ጉዳይ እዚህ ላይ አገባድዳላለሁ >>>> ነገር ሳላመጣ!!!

  13. Brigadier General Zeleqe Beyene Beshaw(Amhara),who massacred thousands of Oromo men and women during the (DERG-Communist) era including my father,is still hiding in Germany.You are abusing social media by accusing innocent hero,Jawahar Mohamed.What about all those Amhara Generals who are still killing our innocent peace loving Ethiopian Oromo people in particular and (Somali,Bashangul-Gumuz,Walayta,Tigray,Qimant,Amhara and other ethnic minorities in general?Why don’t you request petitions on them?Oromos are not asking or begging for indifference.We have full rights to write in Afan Oromo(qubee),administer our people’s affairs and so do oppressed Ethiopian nationalities.You are thinking of the past.It isn’going to work.This is a political slandering by attacking our beloved JOWHAR MOHAMED.ETHIOPIA IS FOR ALL,NOT FOR THOSE WHO WANTS TO BRING BACK HEGEMONY IN THE NAME OF SYNERGY!


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