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Ethiopian Prime Minister faced staunch protest in Ambo

Ethiopian Prime Minister now seem to be seen as “habesha” and “neftegna” among radicalized qeerroo.

Ethiopian Prime Minister _ Abmo
A member of Defense force calming protesters in Ambo. Photo : social media

October 31, 2019

As Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed holds a town hall meeting in Ambo, along with his former boss Lemma Megersa who is currently serving as Defense Minister, radicalized ethnic Oromo youth, also known as qeerroo, took to the street to condemn the prime minister.  Oromo regional state acting president, Shimeles Abdissa was also present. 

“We are not allowed to attend an event that the Prime Minister was attending,’ is the reason for qeerroo to take to the street according to the DW Amharic report which cited an eye witness account Ambo – a town about 108 kilometers west of Addis Ababa. 

“Abiy is neftega. Abiy is habesha,” was among the slogans that protestors chanted. Neftegna, in radical ethnic Oromo nationalism as in the tradition of Oromo Liberation Front, is usually a reference to ethnic Amhara who are portrayed as “colonizers and oppressors” of ethnic Oromo historically. 

“Down Down Abiy; Down Down Team Lemma” is another slogan that the protesters chanted in the streets of Ambo. 

The  “peace-conference” event organized at Abebech Metaferia Hotel in Ambo town reportedly drew participants from West Shewa, Burayu, Holeta and from Ambo town itself, among others. 

The protesters said “it was qeerroo that advanced the question of Oromo people but was not allowed to participate in the meeting,” as reported by DW Amharic. 

Protesters were also heard saying that “Abiy is here[in Ambo] to lure us; he is not capable of administering us.” 

The government has deployed heavily armed defense force members in Ambo but no clash with the protesters is not reported. A picture shared in social media shows armed defense force members begging protesters to calm down. 

Ambo was one of the cities where dozens of people were massacred last week after radical ethnic Oromo nationalist activist wrote on his Facebook page that the government is removing guards that were assigned to protect him. 

On Wednesday, PM Abiy Ahmed and Lemma Megersa traveled to Harar and held a discussion with ethnic Oromo communities who raised skeptical questions regarding what they called “attempt to kill Jawar Mohammed.”

Both ethnic Oromo leaders gave assurance to members of the communities that they do not have the intention to kill Jawar Mohammed. They also stated that assigning security details for Jawar was their own initiative and that they consider him as a colleague in the struggle and will continue to work with him.

Their remarks came at a time when Ethiopians and human rights organizations are demanding the government to take measures legal measures against those are behind the massacre that claimed 78 lives. 

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  1. Hi Borkena, who are you? you too are propoganda machine of neftagna. you report as if qerro attacks VOA journalist (Muktar jemal) in Adama, while you know it is satenaw (branch of Fanno) who attack the journalist. At-least why don’t you get interview of Muktar jemal on VOA that day.
    you don’t have to go to Adam Referal Hospital.

  2. We’ve been here for far too long, but brighter days are ahead and wait can we exercise patience for just a bit longer. Remember, Abiye is human like each one of us. When he is consructing we’re deconstructing. How then can our conditions improve? The choice is ours…Democracy is not a spectator’s sport.

    He was honored and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and we, his own people are shaming and humiliating him before he even receive’s the award. What is wrong with us fellow brothers and sisters…sons and daughters of . Have we not been food aid beggars for too long? Yes Ethiopia is among low income food deficit countries in the world(FAO).

  3. I have no doubt that Jawar thought that his life was in danger. He had every right to ask for help from the people but at the same time I have misgivings what transpired after the fact. The loss of innocent poor life could have been avoided by simply having peaceful show of support and make whoever is responsible accountable. Life is a life, Jawar”s life is no more important than a poor peasant. Thank God the assassination was thwarted , the quick thinking of the officers protecting him was equal to none. They are the real heros, they saved thousands of deaths just by making sure that jawar was not harmed.
    My point is the loose of 100 human lives could have easily been avoided by just asking people to rally peacefully ,by asking people not attack their neighbours, by asking people not to destroy each other’s properties. It is not a poor peasant , Berber, tailor, shoe shine,Bala Gari,Bajaji Driver or a beggar who asked for assassination of Jawar, it is most likely people at the top fighting for greed and power. The rest of us just want to go out during the day work hard and go back to our families.

  4. Side effects of Medemer are no rule of law , genocide , civil war , economic meltdown or in short reign of anarchy.

    Knowing who , when , how , why , for what intention is prerequisite to Medemer or in other words knowing what Medemer brings to you or others after you are medemering is the key.

    For example, me I don’t suggest just because medemering is said to be right thing to do , to go Medemer with forces of evil.

    Personally I have a personal rule for me
    1.I don’t Medemer to forces of evil that break promises .

    2. I don’t Medemer to those that do not do what I order them to do at the time I requested them to do as I specified them to do so.

    3. I Medemer to those that don’t medemer just because they feel they got a new fashion for it.I don’t medemer with those flakes, who are ready to mechefleqe me when new fashion of thinking comes out that they hear about.

  5. The death of Asrat Woldeyes was the final nail ion the coffin. Now it is time to resurrect the offsprings.

    Professor Asrat Woldeyes went to North Shewa making his historical speech in early 1990’s, since then almost all of the Menzes you encounter now been in pockets of EPRDFtplfites just being paid by TPLF to get against Professor Asrat Woldeyes.
    Who was not willing to be in pocket got massacred is continueung to be massacred for more than two decades until now not by anybody else but by themselves who stayed in pockets.

    New generation Menze tried too much diplomatic niceness for the past decades till now towards all, be it towards Querro , be it towards Kinijit, be it towards TPLF , be it towards ODP…. List goes on ..not towards themselves though, that is why Querro don’t like Menze kids anymore even though some Querro and some Menze spent two decades together, who they grew up together in the same area Menze had been too victimized by EPRDF tplf people sadly still continuing to be victimized with that mentality followers.

    Naturally most Ethiopians be it Querro or not, almost all Ethiopians lost trust on EPRDF TPLF ,they don’t think ADP EPRDF TPLF affiliated is to be trusted regardless how much diplomacy menze practices about the reform they got no clue about, because the next day the menze are snitching to whoever about today. Menze to much diplomacy made them snitches.

    All Debre Berhan , Kemise , Ataye attack wouldn’t have taken place if Menze was not over diplomatic towards Querro.
    Menze been told by REFORMED EPRDF but didn’t listen, all Menze had to do was be cautious but Menze trying their diplomatic skills gave up being cautious, Those attacks led to Menze officials in military accusing Asaminew then Asaminew accused Ambachew the rest is history.

    all that would have been prevented if Menze was not too diplomatic towards Querro and took caution as supposed to.

    The drama about Asamimew getting to angry because menze temzaze accuseing the Amara military themselves would not have happened, if only they (military officials Menzes) did not metemzezed the reality because they know they could have been cautious. Menze Temzaze didn’t.

    Querro wants to be Querro , Querro does not want to be in “diplomatic relations” with Menzes Areqe friendship diplomacy.

  6. Borkena,

    I think you are a messenger of DW. You better stop disemination of cleansing propoganda of DW which is run by thieves and idiots who are blind towards Ethiopia. This news channel is a traitor which contracted a satelite from Egypt with the deal to distablize Ethiopia.


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