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Jawar Mohammed and the act of terrorism (By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji)

“There is no question that Jawar Mohammed has become a formidable political force in Ethiopia. Thanks to technology, he is able to garner support from gullible, uneducated, and extremist elements of our society… ” Tibebe Samuel

Samuel Tibebe _ Ethiopia
The writer, Tibebe Samuel Ferenj

By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji
October 23, 2019

Merriam Webster defines terrorism asthe systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion”. The act of terrorism is also defined as “the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear” (emphasis added). 

There is no question that Jawar Mohammed has become a formidable political force in Ethiopia. Thanks to technology, he is able to garner support from gullible, uneducated, and extremist elements of our society. Those responsible for the rise of Jawar in Ethiopian politics are media outlets and those who labeled themselves as activists. In addition, the Ethiopian government gave Jawar undeserved recognition and praise hoping to appease the about 300,000 of his core supporters. Although many media outlets have reported that Jawar has about 1.3 million Facebook followers, all his Facebook followers are not his supporters, In fact, some of them are multiple accounts opened using fake names and some are his opponents following him to counter his anti-Ethiopian rhetoric’s. Nonetheless, he has followers who have been creating havoc in various parts of our nation. As has been reported, Jawar may also have supporters within the ruling party cadres and officials. Some reports have suggested he is groomed, financed, and supported with propaganda by the TPLF. These reports claim the TPLF is using the likes of Jawar to continue to be an obstacle for peace and stability in Ethiopia and challenge Dr. Abiy’s leadership hoping to return at the helm of the EPRDF. 

Sadly, some useful idiots in the “Ethiopian unity camp” has become instrumental in feeding the “beast” to make him feel he is greater than he is. Many have said that Jawar is a businessman and does not care about the youngsters who follow him. His action proves these assertions to be true. Jawar is making money by fueling conflict in the country; but, none of his money supports any charitable work. The type of “investment he is making” in Ethiopia is only for his own personal profit. Jawar does not seem accountable to anyone; his source of income is not accounted for and whatever earning he has from various donations and his spending is not checked. He acts more like a warlord in a “conflict zone” than “a political scientist” that he claimed to be. Time and time, he has proven to be a demagogue without any political intellect. Some have questioned his academic credentials. He often exaggerates his position and embellishes his ‘experience”. In one recent interview, he suggested being an “informal advisor” of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. His claim that he worked as an advisor and as a consultant to various international political figures is unchallenged and unchecked. When Jawar claimed to AFP that he is “an informal advisor of the Prime Minister”, AFP did not bother to fact check whether Jawar’s claim is true or not and published what Jawar said. It is such a false claim that inflated Jawar’s ego and made him feel that he is untouchable. 

Jawar is a citizen of the United States and he should not be allowed to interfere in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. Like any human being, he has the right to express his opinions, but he does not have the right to be treated like a VIP and has no right to engage in the internal working of governmental affairs. What is more troubling is he has shown enormous contempt to the rule of law in Ethiopia and has encouraged his supporters to engage in the act of terrorism. His supporters caused enormous destruction and contributed a great deal for the lawlessness in the country while the government law enforcement agencies failed to take action to curb this growing danger. Now, it seems, the act of these terrorists has reached the point of no return.  It is because the Ethiopian government ignored the warning signs, this individual continued to spread his dangerous venom in the media outlet he owns and operates without any accountability. As the definition of terrorism clearly indicates the acts of Jawar and his supporters are an act of terrorism. Jawar and his ill-educated cronies are engaged in intimidations, threats, property destruction, and massacring innocent citizens. This must be stopped by any legal means that are necessary.

Jawar must be accountable for his illegal activities and for fueling a terrorist act. He has encouraged violence, led a group that has engaged in violence, he has provided material support to those who are engaged in a terrorist act to carry out his political objectives. Hence, he should be charged in a court of law in Ethiopia and the United States. If the Ethiopian government does not have the courage to charge Jawar in a court of law, the least that the Abiy led government could do is deport Jawar from Ethiopia and prevent him from entering Ethiopia again. In addition, the Ethiopian government could work with the United States government to close down Jawar’s media using the United States terrorism law. If the Ethiopian government does not take drastic and meaningful action against Jawar, Ethiopian citizens in Diaspora should petition the Department of Justice to charge Jawar Mohammed and his supporters in the United States with the act of terrorism. Neither the Ethiopian government nor Ethiopian citizens should sit idle while the terrorist group led by Jawar Mohammed engaged in killing, intimidating, coercing, and destroying property to attain their ill-conceived political goal. As the saying goes time for diplomacy is over and it is time to take action to stop this homegrown terrorist group.    

There are reports indicating Jawar is contemplating to give up his US citizenship. A couple of issues have been entertained why Jawar is giving up his US citizenship; some reports claim he is planning to run for office in Ethiopia; others indicated he is wanted in the US for tax evasion. Whatever the issue is, the Ethiopian government is under no obligation to give Jawar Ethiopian citizenship. Since Ethiopia does not recognize dual citizenship, Jawar’s renunciation of his US citizenship does not automatically make him an Ethiopian citizen. Jawar voluntarily gave up his Ethiopian citizenship, he is no longer an Ethiopian. Hence, he has no business interfering in Ethiopian politics. If Jawar’s intention is to avoid his financial obligations in the US, he is out of luck. Section 349(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) (8 U.S.C. 1481(a)(5)) is the section of law governing the right of a United States citizen to renounce abroad his or her U.S. citizenship. The renunciation of U.S. citizenship does not allow persons to avoid possible prosecution for crimes which they may have committed in the United States, or escape the repayment of financial obligations. Since there is no law that obligates the Ethiopian government to reinstate Jawar’s Ethiopian citizenship, the Ethiopian government should deny any citizenship application submitted by Jawar.

It is time to put pressure on the Ethiopian and the United States governments to take action against this terrorist, his financiers, and his followers. This writer believes that deporting Jawar from Ethiopia is conducive to the public good, and baring him permanently from re-entering Ethiopia on the ground that he is “involved in terrorism-related activities” is justifiable action. Short of such measures, make the Ethiopian government complicit with the terrorist group led by Jawar. There is conclusive evidence, in various media outlets, which proves Jawar is engaged in inciting violence ergo engaging in act of terrorism against the Ethiopian people. It is time to take serious action and uphold the rule of law!    

God Bless Ethiopia and her people!

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    የዉጭ ሀገር ዜግነት የያዙ በ ደርግ ጊዜ ዜጎችን ሲገድሉ ሲገርፉ የነበሩ አሜሪካን ሀገር ክስ ተመስርቶባቸው በማስረጃ አሜሪካን ወህኒ ወርደዋል።

    በካናዳ ይኖሩ የነበሩ በሩዋንዳው የዘር ጭፍጨፋ የተሳተፉ ለፍርድ ቀርበዋል።

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    ከ ሜኔሶታ ጀምሮ የጎሣ ማነሳሳት ስራ በ ቪዲዮ ማስረጃ ያለበት የጃዋር መሀመድ OMN ወደ ሁለት ዐመት ገደማ አትነሳም ወይ ፊንፌኔ ያንተ አይደለም ወይ እያለ ቄሮን ሲያደራጅ ዝምታን የመረጠው የጠቅላይ ምኒስትሩ ኦዴፓ ተጠያቂ ነው።

    በቅርቡ ኢሬቻ 150 ከ ሽመልስ አብዲሣ ጎን ቆሞ አዲስ አበባ መስቀል አደባባይ እንዺፎክር ያደረገው የጠቅላይ ምኒስትሩ ኦዴፓ ተጠያቂ ነው።

    ጃዋር መሀመድ ኮንዶሚኒየም በመቀማት ስብሰባ በመበተን መንገድ በማዘጋት የትግል ስልቱ አድርጎ መስራቱ አሮጌ የትግል ስልት ተደርጎ ቢነገርም የሀገራችንን ህዝብ በማሸበር የአካል የህይወት ና የኢኮኖሚ ጉዳት በማድረሱ ኦዴፓ ተጠያቂ ነው።

    ባለፉት ጥቂት ቀናቶች ብቻ አዲስ አበባ አካባቢ አዴፓ ና ኢዜማ የ ጠቅላይ ምኒስትር አጋሮች በዱላና ድንጋይ በቄሮዎች ተበትንዋል።

    በተመሳሳይ ጥቅምት ሁለት በባለአደራው ምክርቤት የተጠራውን ህዝባዊ ሠልፍ የተከለከው ታከለ ኡማም ሆነ መከላከያ ስራቸውን እንዲሰሩ ስላልተፈለገ ነው።

    መጪዉ ምርጫ እንከን የለሽ አለመሆኑን ጠቅላያችን ቢናገሩም ዕዉነቱ ህዝቡ ፈርቶ ቤቱ የሚቀመጥበት በቅርቡ ያየነው የ አፍጋኒስታን አይነት ምርጫ ለማድረግ መሆኑ ግልፅ ነው ።

    ህዝብ ከምርጫ በፊት እንዳይሰበሰብ ተቃዋሚ ፓርቲዎች እንዳይነቃነቁ ባሉበት ሁኔታ ምርጫ ተዘጋጅቶ የሚያሸንፈው የኢትዮጵያ መከላከያ ሠራዊት አዛዥ የ 2019 ኖቤል ተሸላሚው የመደመር ፍልስፍና አባት ዐቢይ አህመድ የሚመሩት ኢህአዴግ ወይም ተዋህዶ ኢህአዴግ መሆኑን የማይቀበል ዐይንና ጆሮ የሌለው ብቻ ነው።

  2. You are jealous for Jawar Mohammed’s getting support from his people. Whatever you say, Jawar Mohammed is our whenever HERO and THE FATHER OF QEERROO. The matters you said above cannot be implemented until We Oromo People are there.

  3. It’s amazing how articulate you are trying to be, challenging Jawar’s educational and professional credentials without providing any evidence. I understand your ‘article’ might be targeted to like minded individuals but demonizing Jawar and his supporters barely helps in creating peace or awareness. Instead of writing something not worth reading how about going to Starbucks and gossiping?

  4. Attack against Jawar is attack against the oromo people, period!!!!! If you say Jawar is terrorist, you mean all oromos are terrorists!!!

    The only reason for opposing jawar is because of his determination to defend the interest of the Oromo people.

  5. @Tedla

    You do not even know when somebody has to be called ወንጀለኞ. Only an independent court has the right to label a person as a crime doer. The hatred you have for Jawar emanates from the hatred you have for oromo. Your writing doesnot hold water. It only irritates nationalists and initiate for action!

  6. Sir,
    You say this is a “home-grown” threat. Nay, it is an “imported threat” since both the person as well as the ideology are alien to Ethiopia.

  7. What an idot one you are… Our beloved brilliant hero activist is an Ethiopian by birth so he doesn’t need any body’s approval the creator made him and designed him to be an Ethiopian and no one on the planet take away from him only God can do it….I can simply understand wich ethinic group you belongs to.

  8. Yes,perfect!!!but I’m afraid that those uneducated followers of terrorist ,Jawar, will understand,if not able to read this open minded idea….For me deporting this ill minded terrorist who sold the soveirgnity of Ethiopia to Egypt and others who want Ethiopia to remain forever under the umbrella of poverty,illiteracy and internal conflict,will give him a chance to join mega terrorists like, ISS and launch their mission on this fertile ground.
    The patience of the P/M D/r Abiy Ahmed upto my understanding was not to favour for ato Jawar for Oromo ethinicity, rather to give time for his badly fuelled uneducated and poor followers to understand evil missions of their master,Jawar.
    If they disregard all undeserved golden chances they were given and start killing those innocent children,Mothers and robbing Banks then what can other external terrorists even do other than this???
    Time has come, this devil man should e burried forever somewhere else outside the soil of Ethiopia.
    Last,it’s high time to support D/r Abiy for multitudes of reasons….God blees Ethiopia!!!

    • Dr.Tilahun Bizuayehu

      You are a blind loyal to Abiy ibin gragn P¨M , killer . He should be dethroned soon by jawar.

      fake article written in the view of complete contempt and and hate to Oromo by neftegna.

  9. ln ithiopia,killing,looting,ethnic violence is usual.
    Historically, ithiopia, amhara dynesty created many years of discrimination,colonisation on perifery communities like Somalis, also tigre regime made his tigre people as masters of ithiopia while others endure nearly slaves

  10. Yet neberachehu, zarem bihon ityopia bene tplf sitamesu? Jawar ye tplf, olf product niw. Muslim brotherhood ityopia wist saykoy aykerim be gudifecha silte Junedin Sado is the leader. He is radical Muslim brotherhood., be Oromo sim islamawi oromia lemamtat niw. Ityopia yemababal neger, dekamanet niw. Ye Oromo ityopia yemilewen ke gize behuala mdkemachew aykerim. Lena megersa ke Aby yebelete moderate meslogn neber. Oromumma min mallet niw? Oromo Umma malet niw Uma

    Tirgumu uma: um·ma
    the whole community of Muslims bound together by ties of religion.

    Yihe malet akafi yeneberew Oromo lelawin ayastenagidim malet niw. YeSiria hezben endene junedin sado gudifecha Oromo , andand siltewoch Egypt yalew Kenna lelit yemisadeb, junedin, areb nen yalu ANdand silewoch mayet asfelagi niw. Ityopia negn yalew wishetamoch be ityopia sim yemingidu, leka amrawen bamaranetu ketewit ityopian endiresa yemiyadergu tegaletu. Oromo mahbereseb eko 1+1=2 niw. Tplf alfeligim kale tadya enezih radicaloch jawar lenesu abrew keseru endet niw tplf chimir eyeredu endehone yemisanachew? Bezu tiritare alegn bahun mengist. Maniw lezeru sayhon le ityopia meri mehon yemichilew? Mann ale? Ageritu bezu mahberseb yemitastenagid ager nech enchi yaand zer aydelechim! Yewech hailochim Abayen lemewsed eyerduachew niw. Tigilachew haset niw, akrari chat yemibela abay wenzin lemaswesed ajenda niw. Ene jawar sele zer , bewistu ye sharia eslamawi ager enji alamachew hezbu endefelegew eyeneda niw. Atimognu, shabia Abyen yemireda meslo, tplf Jawaren eyereda ageritun eyamesu niw .

  11. Great article and advice. I agree Now the “Diaspora should petition the Department of Justice to charge Jawar Mohammed and his supporters in the United States with the act of terrorism.”!!!

    Jawar is acting as an Ethiopian citizen where Ethiopia does not recognize dual citizenship. Yet the Ethiopian government treats him as part of the government let him meddle and interfere in Ethiopians affair. Jawar Once even had the nerve to say there are three leaders and that is Abiy, Lemma and Me(Jawar). That is how he is inflated.

    In addition they even provided him with security detail to guard him and his house 24 hours and day when harassing the real citizens that defend humans rights!! How messed up and shocking is that!!!

    Of course he talks and claims to be intelligent and educated without any verification and evidence because he is talking to the gullible, irrational and emotion driven mobs that are deaf and blind, ready and set to flock to massacre innocent citizens and wreck havoc in the country.

  12. It is okay to hate people. But still the haters do have complicated personalities which indicate how far down to earth they are. You look one of these passionate haters. Just check your writing and observe some of the statements you made…..gullible, uneducated, and extremist elements….May be this could be your religion or your measure of humanity when you call people uneducated. If you are educated enough, you could have appropriate language to communicate what you wanted to pass on. Jawar is supported throughout Oromia and the rest of the country where people are brutally administered.

  13. If it isn’t for his age, he would have been the best just PM because he can be fair and he doesn’t have his own personal political agenda. If there is anyone who’ll continue what Meles started it’s him. The country is going backwards again. No economic growth, no nothing. We can’t wait until an election is held.

  14. I recently started following Ethiopian politics, and Jawar Muhammed showed in my radar. The author of this article provides no evidence to substantiate his claims. However, I do not mind if Jawar is pursuing terrorism to achieve his goals. I think the “Amhara elites”, neftegnas and other internal colonizers of Ethiopia need to pay for the sins of their fathers. Some of these people are still alive and I would be happy to see them crushed.

  15. Well this is a well written article I will admit but what attracts my attention is the comment section and reminds me of a common problem we have in Ethiopia, in Ethiopia if we support someone in our eyes they can do no wrong and any criticism of the idolised individual is seen as nothing short of blasphemy. To prove my point here is an example I love Teddy Afros music I could put his albums especially his first two on repeat all day and never tire of him, now I am an educated and critical thinking individual capable of separating admiration from idolising while I enjoy his music I am not a fan of certain characteristics of his persona his music and my affection for it has nothing to do with eachother however speaking of negative traits of this individual will make me hated by the population, when he was accused of a hit and run offence many said he didn’t do it. Were they there did they see (I am not saying he was guilty) the fact is no one but himself and the government know the truth but in the eyes of the ethiopian public Teddy afro is not capable of such a thing as if he were not human. To apply this to the current context I am not a fan of Jawar not at all but regardless of my personal feelings towards him I give credit where it’s due he has alot of great and overlooked points. Having said that he is also not intellectually capable of fooling me so in his interviews I can see deflection and how he will make a ligitimate question an argument of Syntax and context when the question was about historical merits of his statements. Not everything he says is a fabrication but being a avid history buff I can testify to his historical perversion of facts and downright contradictory claims what angers me is that the majority of the population don’t pick up on his hidden agenda, I think the Oromo people who are brave, fair, cultural, humble, and dedicated Ethiopians should adopt my personal belief about public figures. And this goes for all of them Berhanu nega, Jawar Mohammed, Andargachew Tsige and all yet to come if you want violent revolt and believe in it go to the front of the conflict with weapons fight the fight yourselves not as generals in the office giving orders via phone radio or social media, after the young, poor, patriotic people have been killed you come sit on the throne if you cared so much about the conflict in the country why were you all in America ?? Yes TPLF would have killed u like they killed countless others but what makes you more important than the actual hero’s who’s names we don’t know ??? My dear brothers and sisters let this politicians deal with their own consiquenses Fight their own wars and take their own thrones.

  16. One line in the article that caught my attention most is this: ‘others indicated he is wanted in the US for tax evasion.’ Who are those ‘others’? This a libel case if the author cannot prove that his sources are physically present.

    There is no question that I always expect some improprieties by all media and charity outfits in their finances until they are proven to be clean of such offences by independent auditors. Companies in the west do that by auditing themselves and by hiring government certified by accounting firms such Deloitte, Anderson and many others. I had the opportunity to face the scrutiny of such accounting firms during my career at the end of the year. Before the days of computerized virtual inventory we used to hold an annual physical count of inventory around the last weeks of the year. We then tell the account firm to come and verify our counts for certification. They pick samples based on their algorithm and if one of them is found to be a wrong count then we will be at their mercy. I remember them having us count the entire raw. Their certification does not come that easy.

    So my question is: Are all of the charity outfits that we have been sending our money to always audited by such accounting firms? I have not seen their quarterly or years financials anywhere all these years. Have they been audited by IRS? If so when and what were the findings? Possibly millions have been collected. How was it put to use? Where can you see the financials of all these media outlets and charities? Please don’t take me wrong. I’m not saying that these outfits have become the cash cows of smart alecks. But it is the custom of charities in this republic in making their books available for the donating public to see. As long as such documents are not available for everyone to see the 2nd thoughts about them will remain to be there unabated. My wife and I have been sending what we could over the years whenever there was a call for help. The author might have opened a can of worms on this one.

    In the meantime, let’s not refrain ourselves in using ‘terrorist’ on this young man. He needs to grow up and there is no question about that. To me the one that deserves that name were the cliques that ruled over the country since the overthrow of the late emperor. Mengistu and his gang ruled by terrorizing the living daylight of the citizens for 17 years. He was followed by another clique who ruled by also constantly threatening the citizens with terror for a good 27 long years. If the current clique continue to double down by going to the residences of civilians(regardless of their citizenship) to strike terror at their hearts then I will say to them welcome to the neighborhood or brotherhood better yet. I don’t think that young and visionary PM will buy into it. Because as a PHD holder/achiever he should know better that it never worked. And there will be no Zimbabwe for him to cut and run to. So let’s hold off on that one.

  17. ATO Tibebe Samuel Ferenji

    Thank you, for this well articulated professional article.
    With confidence the majority of Ethiopian population will push for justice to be served regarding Jawar’s terror act. Those shameless paid agents, and puppets trying to paint a fairy wing on this monster back are very nive. The time is over! Jawar should brought to justice for his crimes.
    As red line had been crossed, now Dr. Abiy has as choice, taking action or rejected by the nation.

    For those seeking evidence, this Is the last nail on oboe jawar cofine.

    Click on the link

    ከኢትዮጵያ አንበሶች ።

  18. Awaj!

    Sinodosu Aba Matias erasachew TPLF nachew, mercenary nachew! Lela papasat memenanun yemru enji, esachew yeityopia Ortodox memenan laiyasbelu niw. Lemehonu esachew aydelu ende Debretsionen teklil yaderegulet, Ityopian lemafres sitagel? Memenanu, Aba Matiasen kesemu, yeityopia hezben yascheresalu, esachew teleko alachew! Yewnet Ityopia, Kahen gudayun yatnu enji, besachew tezaz hezbun yasfejalu. Ahun manim le ityopia /Orotodoxen madan yemichelew Memenanu becha nachew berasachew tederajtew meri mehon alebachew. Jawar ke Nesawchiwoch/Areboch/Merabawian gar niw yemiseraw. Tezazun eske teketele dires minim ayhonim. lezih niw yemaynekaw. Aydelem Wahabi/Egypt, Merabawian Ortodoxen yeteyefalu lezih niw Soria kerestianoch yetegedelut.

    Jawar teketai Oromo extremists/ tplf/shabia ye ityopia habten Abayen/Afaren asalfo endisetu niw yihe hulu chifchefa

  19. Dear sir,

    You are trying to fight fire with fire. Jawar might be responsible for the instability but your hate filled argument is only going to make it worse. We should try to come with a higher road than what he is taking. ONLY THEN he can be outsmarted.

  20. Breaking news from Atlanta

    The amhara lies are still spreading like a live fire through out the forest , old country Ethiopia; One time in the past, the fake historian ato Taye bogale told us Jawar has yemen nationality. Now, tamagn media is telling us Dr Jawra is amhara. This latter story justifies the fact that amhara is truly a killer and agent of violence.I suppose we all agree in the latest story and put aside the story invented by the fake historian taye Bogale.

    • I guess Tamagn Media is more true than Taye Bogale kkkkkkkk. There are many medias coming out against the interest of Ethiopia, even The Habesha media is Shabia agent. The true media who stand for ALL Ethiopia is Esat and Ethio360. OMN is owned by Wahabi Salafists in Areb country/Egypt/tplf/shabia in order to burn your house!

  21. They say that, ” beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Tibebe, even if his father is from authentic great Oromo ethnic group, has been anti Oromo if not more, but at least as much as the neftegna rifraffs loitering at Washington DC Duncan Donuts, or 7 eleven.

    For these people Oromo people should be only seen and not heard.Sorry my friend, wake up and smell the delicious Harar coffee, times have changed Oromo people are now struggling not only for themselves but the entire horn of Africa that your father’s masters, those you are now paying homage to had destroyed.

    Jawar Mahamad is a hero in a measure, he is there with his people, compared to you cowards that hide behind Washigton monument and stick your dirty tongues out.And oh, about immigration status fix your own Mr. Pesudo lawyer, don’t worry about Jawar Mahmad, he never commited any , that is why he got American citizenship. He is civil rights activist not a terrorist, if you fix your spectacle right and look rather than make spectacle out of yourself by gibrish insolence you even can’t comprehend it yourself.Somebody is making good money on you, editing and correcting your none sense, but couldn’t correct or wash trash.

  22. የኦሮሞ ፅንፈኞች የአዲስ አበባን ህዝብ እንደ ሩዋንዳ ሁቱና ቱትሲ ለመጨፍጨፍ በዚህ ሁኔታ እየቀሰቀሱ ይገኛሉ።

  23. Wow!

    When our lives shall come to an end. None of us is getting the award for helping Oromia. Amhara, Tigre, ettc….Moslem or Christian. THE ONLY THING THAT WILL MATTER IS THAT WE SPENT OUR SHORT LIVES HELPING ALL HUMAN BEINGS.


    • Tsige Mariam

      I would like to see men and women to bear your slogan, unfortunately we are living with tebab biheretegnoch. I cannot stand in the middle of the sea wavering and without taking a single side. Since I will lose my life and that of my family’s. I am pretty perplexed. I donot like tebaboch. What shall we do if we stand for oromo amhara will kill us if i am in favor of amhara others will kill my family. I just belo,g to Christ but not to any tribal member.

      We are living on damn earth , i mean damnly cursed habesha people, but not with angels in heaven.

  24. Justice for the Christians by bringing Jawar to court of law. He is instigating violence against innocent non-Oromo civilians and Oromo and non-Oromo Christians by provoking false filled with a hidden agenda claim that ended up in many deaths, loots, Church and property destruction. Evidence shows religion and ethnicity cleansing is behind his agenda.

    Jawar sent distressed call to Qeerroos knowing very well that they will drop anywhere without asking what happened only to create problems.

    The contradiction is he claims to be afraid of loosing his government paid security guards 24 hours 7 days that at the same token he is afraid of going to attack him. If the government wants to attack him why not use the security guards that are already there? Qeerroos are being played and abused for “mengas” to sell their country and religion!!!

  25. USA Embassy Addis Ababa Facebook !!!!

    Al Baghdadi is dead, AlAddis Ababa who cried for his life on social media and coordinated the killing of non Oromos so far 67 while the coward Jawar Mohammed is protected in Addis Ababa by tax payers money should be charged immediatley.

    His followers in Minnesota are organizing petition asking USA to protect him as American Citizen. If indeed this guy has USA passport there is enough evidence to charge him on terrorism charge in USA.

    USA States Department should make public the status of AlAddis Ababa/Jawar Mohammed to facilitate his deportation.

    If he is not American we want you to know that this man is an immediate danger for the Addis Ababa residents and need to be locked and charged !!!

  26. I find it peculiar that every ‘qeerro’ sympathizer is always backwards and connect everything to ethnicity.
    You don’t realize your supporting racism?
    I’m guessing you know Jawar started this new phase of hate and, are you really
    following his rhetoric for hatred like a sheep?

    Anyways, I would like to make a few points based your claims of Amhara acting like a colonist power.

    *1) Historically, Oromos originate from the ‘Galla’ society, while the Amhara have always represented a land- known to them as Ethiopia! The difference is Gallas took the identity all other tribes they could over-powering; while, the ‘Amhara’ was actually a collective group of tribes and kingdoms, and, considered as the Ethiopian Empire! (I’m guessing you didn’t know at that time they considered themselves as a democratic monarchic state- even in the 17th, century!)

    *2) You skipped a certain fragment of history, a repeated offense associated with the new-age youth styled as ‘qeerro’: the fact that somalis actually enslaved the Oromos for centuries and sold them all over the middle-east while Amharas took you in and taught you to be ‘Habesha’! (Even though you were attacking the Abyssinian civilization and committing atrocities way before Menelik, in the 1880 came with his ‘nefegnas’ to take back stolen Ethopian lands!)

    *3) What the followers of qeerro and their beloved Jawar are doing, is no different from the Ethiopian history repeating itself.

    *4) Stop supporting terrorism!

  27. Wow! Thirty-one Responses !!!

    Subject: Jawar Mohammed and the act of terrorism (By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji) “ By Tibebe
    October 23, 2019

    Commentary, 02 Nov 2019
    I got the feeling that I am going to be clobbered on this one!!! But the beauty of Freedom of Expression is that it is an umbrella to cover us all from the pouring rain of the consequences of political commentaries and naivity. So Dear Readers, I am not historian but a simpleton citizen who like to see Ethiopia intact in its ancient admirable history as one of the rare independent countries in Africa. So, here I go for what it is worth.

    There is a saying in English: “Chickens have come home to roost” It means [I read it] >>>” the bad things that someone has done in the past have come back to bite or haunt the individual.” Ref. The good old Google.

    Now, let us be HONEST. The CRIMES THAT HAVE BEEN PERPETRATED upon the good, decent and admirable people of OROMO during the Haile Selassie era, is so horrendous that it is unbelievable to narrate it or even to believe what one sees every day. In my opinion, there is no single society in Ethiopia that has been undermined in the entire sociopolitical and identity spectrum more than the Oromo people. This is a historical FACT that we cannot deny. I refrain to go into sordid details.

    I am not Historian but no one on earth can tell me that my eyes, ears, feelings and all my consciousness – when it comes to the treatment of the Oromo people – are all wrong. Writing these words I remember my extraordinary good Oromo friend, of well known Oromo family, who was deeply hurtful of the treatment that Oromo people had to bear to the point of losing their IDENTITY. Bless his Soul.

    Now, having poured my heart out in the above few words, I MUST make it clear that it is my honest and firm opinion that the integrity and entity of ETHIOPIA, as the ancient historical country in Africa and around the Globe, MUST be kept INTACT as ONE NATION of DIVERSIFIED EQUAL Societies and a symbol of pride to and in Africa. Disintegrating Ethiopia into pieces serves no purpose at all. That is MY OPINION—for what it is worth. THE END


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