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Jawar Mohammed,a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist, says he is under siege in his home

Jawar Mohammed is a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist media entrepreneur who owns Oromia Media Network and Gulele Post, among other things

Jawar Mohammed _ Ethiopia
Jawar Mohammed with his guards. Source : SM

October 22, 2019

Jawar Mohammed, the owner of Oromia Media Network Minnesota based ethnic television station, said on his social media page on Tuesday in the evening, his armed guards are under siege in his residence. 

His claim is not verified by other sources. Some seem to think that he could just be plotting for his next political move.

If his claim about armed groups deployed near his residence is true, the incident came days after road closures leading to the capital Addis Ababa and disruptions of meetings which he is believed to have organized. 

In an update he wrote in Amharic and English on his personal Facebook page, and he has over a million followers,  he said “we are observing that many armed men are deployed near my residence. We ask seriously [referring to himself and his guards] that this force refrain from its move and retreat. The security will exercise its right to defend itself if anyone armed, individual or group, is entering  my residence.”   

He added that whoever deployed the force without any notice and/or concrete reason will take responsibility for damage and violence that will follow, he added. 

Sources close to him said that he has initiated a legal process to renounce his US citizenship and move to Ethiopia for good. The 

The Ethiopian government has been criticized for its leniency towards Jawar who is believed to have caused numerous conflicts and bloodshed by mobilizing radicalized ethnic Oromo nationalists known as Qeerroo. 

Months after the ruling coalition elected Abiy Ahmed as prime minister of Ethiopia, Jawar Mohammed said during an interview with local station that “there are two governments in Ethiopia; one that is led by Abiy Ahmed and one that is led by Qeerroo.” 

His followers have committed numerous atrocities in different parts of the Oromo region of Ethiopia and beyond usually against Ethiopians who are not Oromo speakers.  

He acts like a warlord and seems to consider himself as the leader of Qeerroo and has been a challenge for prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s government and Oromo regional state. 

Abiy Ahmed warned individual media owners based overseas to stop manufacturing conflicts while he was answering question at the Ethiopian parliament on Tuesday this week.

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  1. Sewoch,

    J-war distraction niw. yetebalewin eyaderege niw, ye mengistu weyem yewich hail tazaj niw. atimognu. Hizbin attention J-war lai yemedereg huneta niw.

    Yeityopia huneta asgi lai mohonun internet lai bemanbeb kelal niw, ityopia min lai eyeteguazech mohonuan. Dr aby siltan siyez, fitu lai eske kirb gize dires yemeznanat neger aybet neber. Bahunu gize manim ye Ityopia meri yehone, besigat enji be selam menfes mehon yelebetim. lemin, (ergit dr aby, bemanegnawim huneta, le hezb tesfa mesayet alebet) gin, ewnetaw meret lai yih aydelem. selezih ye dr abyen alemesgat say, minalbat ke telatoch gar bemehon, guarantee seletederegelet yihonal? biye asebku. Bezih samin gin, tinish yesigat fit aybetalehu, lemin, ewnetim /wishetim yihonal. sigat fitu lai sai, yeityopiam huneta sigat lai endehonech yemeterter neger niw. ye dr aby maninet yemiyadenagir niw. Bahunu balem yesostegnaw torinet meknyat huneta, dr aby yemiyadergew sost neger bicha niw:
    1. yetazezewin madreg: yemifeligewin mahbereseb atirfo erasun matref, lelaw be Gibs ena be Nesawchioch Ityopian matfat ende yugozlavia.
    2. Alitazezim kale, Esum Ityopiam yemiyatefa bergit hail ale ke Nesawchiwochu gar.
    3. Sostegnaw lihon aychelem beityopia lai yetedarege megareja baand bego hail erdata ketelatoch Ityopia kaltelakekech, dr aby gobez kehone (too late niw ) hezbin aand adirgo yewich bego hail ende Minilik maggnet alebet. Chaina litihon atichillim meknyatum, China hodam ager selehone, ke Merabawian gar bemefokaker, bezu ageratin (yemen, libya, etc) be Merabawian asbelitalech. China yehedechibet ager hulu, Merabawian lemefokaker yihedalu, yatefutalim. China minim gid yelatim lenezih ager alderesechim, atidersim, tikimuan bicha niw yemitifelegew.

  2. Keep up with your ethnic bullshit. Your ethnic group will never take power again. I am not a supporter of jawar but the worst thing could ever Happen to this country is for return of genocidal emperor’s of the past. Oromo will never allow it , people of Tigria will never allow it , Somali will never allow it, sidamo will never allow it, Somalis will never allow and other small minorities will never allow it.
    Their is no turning back THE DYNASTY IS GONE AND DUTEST, get over it.
    If only the good people of this country come together and dish out all this ethnic nationalism.
    Jawar is not an Angel but not a Satan too. You can call him names all you want to please your readers and who but for most Who are not aware of you social media page it does not make any difference.

  3. Well, It is time for him to launch a coup d’état and take over the entire country as he way close to do in early 2008. If not for Lemma and Abiy begging him to give them the chance, he has told the world during an interview on more than one occasion that his followers were ready to march in and take over the capital. He was literally minutes away from doing that and his determined also very powerful army was tightening the noose on the city when Lemma and Abiy fell down on their knees and begged for one chance. You remember the gesture he was making with his fingers showing a tight ring using the thumb and the index fingers. I believe it was on one of the websites of the group who has hijacked the TPLF from the noble people of Tigray.

    Well, I think his patience has run out now. With welcoming arms from el-Sisi it is the right time to make the move. There is only one gallant and fearless fighter in the old country at this time. Everyone is a sissy. Lemma is a sissy. Abiy is a sissy!!! Every soldier in the 200,000-strong army is a sissy. Those who have hijacked the TPLF have already declared that a state of war has existed between the noble people of Tigray and the rest of the country(well, may be not with this gallant and fearless leader) and they will declare a separate republic soon. Poor sissy Lemma!!! Poor sissy Abiy!!!

    I am not sure about this phrase in the article above. It goes: ‘The security will exercise its right to defend itself’. Which security force are we talking about? Does that mean this media mogul has his own security force? I would appreciate it very much if the dear editors of this esteemed website shed some light on this one. I remember one of the last minute issues the Abiy administration faced with the OLF was disarming the OLA to which Ibsaa agreed albeit that punk who has been wreaking havoc in the western part of the country.

  4. Lelaw degmo, ityopianoch yemaygenezebut, yeityopia hunetan memelket, yalem hunetan bememelket niw. Yahunu gizew lemin Ityopia torinet wist enditegeba endetefelege gils sihon, min yasredanal, ye Ityopia 50 amet sikai, yihew kezarew gar yeteyayaze niw. Betam kemiyasazinew neger, yezare tewlid, yezih ginizaben balememelket, yemiyastemirew silelelew niw. Minew edme le internet, mekefafelin, sidibin kemastemar, le ityopia hezb, lemin yihen ayastemirum ityopianoch?

    Wedednim telanim, yeityoopian chigir lai mehon, tegen bemadreg, ye Muslim Brotherhood network ityopia wist endale finch ale. Ityoopiawin/ Oromo mahberesebin bezer becha bemesheblel, ityopia litishet beteley Oromo akababi be islamawi gizat wist litihon techilalech. Beityopia sim, ye eslamawi ajenda linorachew yemichelu network saynoru aykerum. Wanaw literetir yemichilew, Eslam nek meriwoch becha eyetemelemelu memtatachew niw. Enesu erasachew bifeligum bayfeligum. Yih malet, ye Ortodox mahberesibin sigat endinorew yetederege ajenda niw. Lemisale, Dr aby ahmed, Demeke Mekonen (Muslim nachew yibalal), Moferiat ye Debub meri. Enezih wana Ityopia nen yemilutin kililoch yeyazu meriwoch nachew. Tigrayen yaltekeskut, yerasachin meri nen, enegenetelalen yemilu meriwoch selehonu alkoterkuachewim.

    Leityopia Ortodox mahbereseb sigat yemihonew lemindin niw? Betarik eko aytenwal. Bezarem, beSemen Yodit Gudit, beDebub Gragn Ahmed mesel groupoch endeteyazech finch ale. zare ityopia behuletum teyzalech kewech hail gar. Ewnet niw leityopia hezb sigat mehon alebet kerasu ke Gibse mahbereseb yeminimarew neger ale. Ye Gibse mahbereseb befit endezarew be Muslim Brother hood yeteyazech alneberechim! YeGibse silitane yemetaw zare Gibse be Muslim Areboch alneberem! Zare eyetechekonu eyetegedelu yalu, ye tint Gibsawiwoch melkachew tekor yale ena, kerestaianoch neberu. Enezih hezboch be akrari Areb muslimoch 3% becha kertewal! ye Ityopia kiristianoch eta fantam yihew niw, wedezam eyeteguazin niw. Kign geziwoch, ke areb muslimoch gar honew, esliminan asfaftewal. zarem ityopia lai eyetederege niw yalew. lemindin niw begef wede Areb ager barianet ityopiawun yemiyasadidut agerachew beselam mengede emayaseruachew Nesawchiwoch? Ityopianoch esliminanena arebin geta yemadreg ajenda niw.
    Ityopian be zer kilil lemkfel yetefelegew, Ityopia ityopianochin maggnet endiyakitew niw. Bahunu gize too many variables, bemenor, manena manin lemamen betam adega endehone niw negeru. Wedaje niw yemitilew, telat hono tagegnewaleh. Telate niw yemitilew wedaj hono tagegnewaleh. Yihem yetederegew hon tebilu ye Ityopian tirita lalemaggnet ena, ityopia, ityopian gelo lewech hail lemedareg niw.

    Ferenjoch siketama yemihonut, bedesta aydelm besigat enji. Min yadergalu, yezare 20 amet min likesetibachew (worst case scenario) yatenalu enji, yebelai nen bilew kuch aylum. Ityopiawiw gin, esat wist hono, egziabher alelat yemil meshewed ale. yihe kesigat yetenesa ena akim yematat niw. Ende Merabawian yebet sirahen kalserah, lemiketilew 20 amet min endemikeset, lemin adega ageritu lai aydekenim?

  5. His home was being repossessed for failing to make payments for too long. He claimed he was was misled into thinking he had a free government subsidized housing since he runs a non profit media company.

  6. Negarit!

    ye J-war haset “yedresulign” tezaz bemewsed, ityopian Qerochin bematalel, yetederaje zede niw lemin yihe hone dr aby wechi sihed, Rusia? Meknyatum, bewich hail yeteyazew yewist telatoch, dr abyenena ityopianochin mastenkekya lemstet niw. Ityopia ke wich agerat megnawem erdata endatagegn mastenkekya niw. ityopia kewich hager erdata, yetadgugn melikt kasayech, be j-war al-shabab enamisatalen niw negeru. zare bezu mistir weta. ityopia yemilu hasetegnoch ye j-war eslamawi ginbar mehonachew taweke.

  7. pls leave Alone Abiy . How come we don’t believe what the world believe? Abiy Ahmed is the country’s leader > That is it !! Not Jawar nor Bekele Gerba !

  8. @Borkena.com

    Even the way in which you wrote the title”radical ethnic Oromo nationalist ” shows that you are partisan. Jawar is just an Oromo nationalist but not radical. the hatred against Jawar emanates from those who hate Oromo people and the skill, courage, knowledge and wisdom Jawar has in defending Oromo right.

    • Yane simet yemimenechew, bezeregninet, Muslim brotherhood yemeneche simet niw. Ittu abba ke guada endeweta, ityopian bewich hail Gibse endeteyaz j-war negus lemadreg declare yemadreg ajenda niw . Gilse niw astesasebeh. ityopiawinet sayhon simeteh, ye ityopia tire habt Abayenena Afaren lemasrekeb niw.

  9. Once again, will you aiming to torture Ethiopians as your emperors used to do?

    Once again, are you dreaming to disappear the nation, nationalities and peoples, culture, languages, dignities and many more?

    Once again, are you planning to kill innocents because of that they are not Amhara ?

    Do not dream what will never be happen again.
    Try to refrain from what you are doing.

    • Yafrika habt meche yihon lehizb yemihonew? Ityopia wist demo zare tegegnu agerachewen, habtin lemeshet mahbresebin, erasachew eyegedelu Rwanda style, lelaw Lai mechan tegebi aymeslim.

    • Muslim Brotherhood, Gibse, yew each hailoch, radical ethnic groups, working to ethnic cleanse Ethiopia while claiming victim hood. Quero, atitalel agrehen lishtubeh niw. wid quero, agerehen yemitebik mahbereseb aswegidew, begosa , haimanot sebeb agerhehn lishetu yetederaju Neaawchiwoch, Muslim brotherhood tezegajtewal. Quero, ayatochih kelelaw mahbereseb gar hono agerin tebeke enji tekitochin yene neh yemil anten astegneto agerihin ende kircha adergo lemeshet yetederaderu tezegajtewal. Anten kewndimochih gar eyabalah. Areben/wahabi/gibse behaimanot sim Barya hono lemaskeret niw. Esti quero aynehen kifet, yetignaw kign tegezi afrika Ager, keza behuala wede Wahhabis yekeyeruachew afrika Ager yalefelet? Enesum yihew, bezer/haimano/haset sim agerachew deha/yerasachew yalhone maninet techinobachew, yashashalut neger yelem becha sayhon eske zare teyezewal, torinet eyetesfafabachew niw

  10. he is a puppet for our enemies Egypt and other arab countries.he is opportunistic voulcher who says different things to different people leading uneducated kerro korkoros to do evil acts. He needs tobe stopped before he causes serious damage.

  11. Jawar,

    You instigated ethnic fear and manipulation against the united Ethiopian people living in Addis. What did you expect?

    If it is Oromo superiority that you want to promote, it might be better to do it from the original lands of Oromo (Bale mountains – not Addis).

  12. As an Ethiopian citizen I do have agree with you; but Jawar is misleading the people of Oromia and nations have to think wisely than negligently serving as his loudspeaker.
    Beyond, all nation has to remember the sacrifice paid before for the soverinity of Ethiopian nations hence wisely we have to use the peace making opportunities rather.

  13. Jawar is a man’s man period!
    Swallow it you neftegna niftam whores!
    You will never own Finfinne or Ethiopia!
    You are sore losers kimalam Komata!

  14. Abzagnaw ezi lai yemitsefut, Tplfochena Wahabi-mesel groupoch nachew. ye Ityopia hezb, ye Muslim extremist Jundedin Sado ye Jawar ena gebre aberoch le Areb/Gibse yemiseru groupoch nachew. Lezih niw, ye Ityopian bandira keyerew ye Areb/Gibsen Oromo mahbereseb lai yechanut. wid querro/Oromo mahbereseb, ante mahbereseben selemitakif, be Oromo sim lela hezben/Oromon atfitew Islamic Oromia lemefter ene Jundedin Sado ye Jawar geta eyetenkesakesu niw. Yezare 5 amet, Arsi mahbereseb lai Islam selehonacheu tikim enetagegnu Wahabin teketelu teblew, ye Areb libs niw yemilebsut zare. lezih niw Junedin Sado/ J-war yihen lemasfesem niw. Andand Merabawian yihenen yefelgalu.

  15. Jawar Mohammed,radical ethnic Oromo nationalist,says he is under siege –
    Asking questions are truly pleasant thing if you are not understanding something entirely,
    except this post presents pleasant understanding yet.- calator.tel


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