Jawar Mohammed,a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist, says he is under siege in his home

Jawar Mohammed is a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist media entrepreneur who owns Oromia Media Network and Gulele Post, among other things

Jawar Mohammed _ Ethiopia
Jawar Mohammed with his guards. Source : SM

October 22, 2019

Jawar Mohammed, the owner of Oromia Media Network Minnesota based ethnic television station, said on his social media page on Tuesday in the evening, his armed guards are under siege in his residence. 

His claim is not verified by other sources. Some seem to think that he could just be plotting for his next political move.

If his claim about armed groups deployed near his residence is true, the incident came days after road closures leading to the capital Addis Ababa and disruptions of meetings which he is believed to have organized. 

In an update he wrote in Amharic and English on his personal Facebook page, and he has over a million followers,  he said “we are observing that many armed men are deployed near my residence. We ask seriously [referring to himself and his guards] that this force refrain from its move and retreat. The security will exercise its right to defend itself if anyone armed, individual or group, is entering  my residence.”   

He added that whoever deployed the force without any notice and/or concrete reason will take responsibility for damage and violence that will follow, he added. 

Sources close to him said that he has initiated a legal process to renounce his US citizenship and move to Ethiopia for good. The 

The Ethiopian government has been criticized for its leniency towards Jawar who is believed to have caused numerous conflicts and bloodshed by mobilizing radicalized ethnic Oromo nationalists known as Qeerroo. 

Months after the ruling coalition elected Abiy Ahmed as prime minister of Ethiopia, Jawar Mohammed said during an interview with local station that “there are two governments in Ethiopia; one that is led by Abiy Ahmed and one that is led by Qeerroo.” 

His followers have committed numerous atrocities in different parts of the Oromo region of Ethiopia and beyond usually against Ethiopians who are not Oromo speakers.  

He acts like a warlord and seems to consider himself as the leader of Qeerroo and has been a challenge for prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s government and Oromo regional state. 

Abiy Ahmed warned individual media owners based overseas to stop manufacturing conflicts while he was answering question at the Ethiopian parliament on Tuesday this week.

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