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It is clear that we are heading to civil war says Sebhat Nega

October 17, 2019

Sebhat Nega is among the founder and the leading ideologue of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

He recently had an interview with BBC Amharic service. Andafta media has prepared a reportage on it (in Amharic). Take a listen to it.

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  1. No… no civil war. None. Ethiopians have gotten the Abiyemania, and are busy inventing, writing, learning, discussing, visiting, constructing, remodeling, etc Don’t be fooled by the few random acts of violence by those narrow minded shortsighted fools as they fear of losing in the new day Ethiopia is in. It is changing time, and change often brings the good, the bad and the ugly with it. But rest assured this too shall come to pass.

  2. Amen Bro! God bless Ethiopia. This fool still trying to spit poison and fear. I am confident of Ethiopians. What bonds us is stronger than this old, rotten, spineless and dull “abiotawi democracy “

  3. The attitude of the above commentaries i.e. to SAVE ETHIOPIA is commendable. The INSULTING PART of the commentaries has NO VALUE TO ETHIOPIA.’S FUTURE.

    • rezen…I never meant to insult anyone, as it serves no purpose, but am frustrated.. angry and sick of some painting the doom and gloom days of Ethiopia. Years ago, I took part in fund raising for the famine and drought by going to some American churches; now, years later, we’re talking about food deficit Ethiopia (FAO, 2018). The conversation needs to change…

  4. yes it is true we are heading the killers are ready and at standby
    thanks to the narrow ethnic ideology adopted by the tigrian liberation
    front .
    apparently you are warning the civil war as if you have no role in resulting
    this to happened .this is what u and your narrow aerialists has designed .


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