ODP completed meeting, Abiy’s decision on Takele seems to be reversed

If the report by DW Amharic is true, Oromo Democratic Party seem to have reversed Abiy Ahmed’s decision on removal of Takele Uma as Mayor of Addis Ababa.

ODP _ Takele Uma
Takele Uma. Photo : Addis Ababa city via DW Amharic

October 17, 2019

Two days after news of Takle Uma removal as Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration made headlines in Ethiopian media outlets, DW Amharic service reported on Thursday that the Mayor is not leaving.

The news source cited what it called an individual who is close to Oromo Democratic Party (ODP).

Addis Standard, a local newspaper that is believed to have insider information from ODP, reported on Thursday citing an anonymous individual that Takele Uma had one on one meeting with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and that he was told that he is replaced by Adanech Abebe, who is currently working as a  Federal Minister for Revenue.

DW Amharic said in its report that Take Uma was among agenda items in ODP central committee meeting which has been underway in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa for two days. 

If DW Amharic news is true, it seems the case that ODP has reversed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s decision as it relates to Addis Ababa City Mayor

State Affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) has reported on Thursday that the party’s central committee has completed its two days of the meeting.  However, FBC did not report details, at least regarding agenda items, except saying that the party has evaluated party’s and the regional state’s performance.

ODP is expected to issue a statement regarding its latest central committee meeting, and the issues that will be raised in the statement are going to be “strong ones,” DW Amharic said citing its anonymous sources.

Takele Uma has served as acting Mayor of Addis Ababa for over a year now. Before his appointment in that capacity, he has served as Oromo regional state Transportation bureau head

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