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Addis Ababa City school feeding program for 300,000 needy students kicked off

Addis Ababa City school feeding program

October 14, 2019

Addis Ababa City Administration launched on Monday a school feeding program for 300,000 needy students in the Ethiopian capital.

The City-run program will cover from preschool to eighth grades in all public schools, according to a report by state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate on Monday.

Apart from benefiting those needy students, the program has created employment opportunities for more than 10,000 mothers in the city. 

Government says that it has planned program expansion to include students up to grade 12, and it could start as early as the next academic year if what the city administration is true.

With meager or no stable income, the skyrocketing cost of living in the country, especially in the capital Addis Ababa, has pushed millions of households to a point of abject poverty so much so that many were unable to provide a meal to their children going to schools.

The trend had a negative impact on the performance of students and a school dropout rate was high.  Students used to fall asleep in class and attendance rate was also poor based on reports from relief agencies.

Based on a Reuters report in January 2019, Addis Ababa City administration allocated around 169 million birr for the school feeding program during the last academic year, and the program covered more than 70,000 students.

It is unclear how much the city administration is spending on the school feeding program this year.

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  1. Blessed action!

    I wish I could help one kid , but I donot want to give a single penny to th freeloaders who claim to help kids and steal money. I do know such act inside the church both in and outside my homecountry.

    sad story

  2. We should applaud such blessed act and support the effort by all monetary means we can. I hope similar feeding programs will be launched in other schools outside the capital. Kudos to the city school officials.

  3. This is another example of how children of the honest hardworking poor were said to be overqualified for free food doomed to continue starving, while the children of Kinijit ginbot7 affiliated corrupt tax evaders and the Arab Maids were qualified for free food.

    • It is very heartbreaking to hear and see children starving . Ethiopians believe that children will

      grow physically and mentally by the grace of the fate and destiny that God had bestowed upon them. As a Christian, while I have no doubt about the help and providence of God, but we should plan and prepare well
      in meeting thier demands , both physical and pyschological needs, ahead before we bring them to into this world.
      if not, we, parents, are responsible for thier failure in life in one way or another , be it directly or indirectly.

      Children will grow by the fate God had decided is the wrong misconception that people created themselves and it doesn’t exist in the bible at all.

      We have to work and expect God to bless our work and help us making our fruits free from insects and all possible drawbacks.

      We could have been able to see these kids being fruitful and selfsupportive than dependent and on the streets .


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