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Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party ends honeymoon, criticize gov’t

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party

October 8, 2019

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party was established sometime in May of this year after seven parties merged together. It has got prominent political leaders like Berhanu Nega, who was the leader of Arbegnoch Ginbot 7, and Andualem Arage who was secretary of Unity for Democracy and Justice, among other figures.

Since its formation, the new party rather seems to have opted to work with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration. As things turn out to be against their expectation in the way the alleged “change” is going on, it has now issued a statement condemning the government.

The issue of Addis Ababa and the security situation in the Amhara region of Ethiopia are among the issues raised in the statement. With regards to Addis Ababa, acting MayorTakele Uma’s (who is one of the central committee members of Oromo Democratic Party) move to organize a special police force for the city is not taken lightly.

The city has its own police force and the federal police force is also in the city. Therefore, said the statement, the formation of a special police force in the city is not acceptable. It has also called the Addis Ababa city administration not to implement new police uniform recently introduced and ceremoniously inaugurated. 

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party also condemned what it called the effort to erode the city’s constitutional autonomous status. 

On the issue of conflict situation in the Amhara region, the party called for the Broadcast authority to take measures on those media outlets that are aggravating conflict in the region. However, the statement did not name the names of the media.

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