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What has Christianity got to do with waaqeffannaa / Irreecha?

October 6,2019

Many Ethiopians get the point that the political situation in Ethiopia has given prominence to radical ethnic Oromo nationalists.

The politicization of ethnic Oromo traditional religion waaqeffannaa and one of its annual rituals Irreecha has gained a state-religion like status in the country since the coming to power of Abiy Ahmed.

Christians and Muslims are also taking part in the celebration of the traditional region which is not based on the Holy Bible or the Holy Qoran. Orthodox priests with radical ethnic Oromo nationalists conviction who have been trying to break up the Ethiopian church by launching a movement to establish an ethnic Oromo synod, like Kesis Belay Mekonen, were seen in state T.V. sprinkling Irreecha ritual water during the celebrtion at Meskel square on Saturday. Critical Ethiopians are questioning the implication of the trend.

Tedla Woldeyohannes who is a professor in the philosophy department of Saint Louis University questions what has Christianity got to do with waaqeffannaa and/or Irreeccha.

Watch the video below.

Video : embedded from the YouTube account of Tedla Woldeyohannes .
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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