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Reports of exchange of fire in Ataye, other areas in Amhara region

Ataye _ Ethiopia
Google Satellite map of Ataye region in North Shoa, Ethiopia

October 6, 2019

Unidentified gunmen have reportedly opened fire on Saturday in Ataye town in North Shoa zone of Amhara regional state. It is unknown if there are casualties from the incident.

Wazema radio cited Ataye town Mayor, Getachew Bekele, to report on Sunday that Amhara regional state and the Federal Defense Force intervened in the area to restore calm. 

Sound of gunfire was heard on Sunday as well according to residents in the town.   

The area where an exchange of gunfire reported is under ethnic Oromo administrative zone within Amhara regional state.

Residents in the region speculate that the latest attempt to trigger violence in the area could be related to the incident that happened in April of this year.

Amhara regional state special forces are deployed in the area since gunmen launched a surprise attack invading the town of Ataye.

There has been a demand from alleged supporters of the gunmen, who are believed to be linked to radical ethnic Oromo nationalists, for the withdrawal of the region’s special force from the area.

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  1. Ethiopian Christians might be proud to defeat Ahmed Gragn. But these new Oromo activists are planing an even bigger expansion and takeover of the country with clever politics. At this moment, they are the only ones who can easily move their young population to their cause.
    Sadly, the old founders of Ethiopia, Amhara and Tigray, are fighting each other while ignoring the issue.

  2. Lack of leadership in the amhara region has left a gap in the defence of the people and there is a danger that most regions in shoa could be over run by olf /odp if a coordinated action is not put in place to reverse the aggression that is directed from the centre in Addis abeba. the local people are capable enough to defend themselves given that they are equipped with the necessary resources.
    The country is now totally immersed in a tribal/ethnic based conflict which is threatening to take the country into a civil war. Civilised political discourse has given way to political intrigues and conspiracies aimed at destroying one group or the other. the situation is at breaking point and with all sides getting ready for a war. there are many issues that divide the ethnic based political groups. Those who gained most from the last 28 years want to hold onto their gains. who will benefit if war breaks out . no one.

  3. Oromo is not following cattles tails anymore, it found human beings that can be treated as cattles, the Amaras. Oromo rescued all those detained suspected of carrying out last April’s attack in Debre Berhan/ATAYE area , while Amara was once again dancing eskista forgetting to be alert of the surroundings the detanees escaped.

    Amara is at its lowest point in history , Once EAL and other legacies of “nephtegna Amara”get sold Oromo is hoping next generations of “nephtegna Amara” will have no proof of it’s ancestors legacy ,thus making next generatios of Amara bound to be labeled as the worst creation in history and be subjected to be treated as cattles.

    The goal of EPRDF / THE WEST since the inception was to weaken the Amara making Amara’s legacy non existence ..Right now not a single action is being taken by Amara elders to rescue the NAMA BALADERA as other ethnicities elders are doing to rescue the Baladeras and Oromos rescued theirs now , deep inside everyone including most of us the Amara elders know we are guilty of being a sellout that allowed EPRDF to stay in power for close to three decades,while in “schools” EPRDF brain washing all Ethiopians including Oromos to be against those that stood for the truth about Amara’s legacy, now we are reaping what we saw for the last three decades .

  4. must watch video

    amhara is very concerned for its fate as a leader of this fragemented nation , ethiopia. Amhara is producing fake prophets , mehimran , religious leaders and magicians like ehte mariam, daniel kibret, bahtawi gebremeskel who are genuine amhara messengers deceiving the gullible men and women.

    Gebremeskel was telling to the foold ethiopians for decades that Jesus will come in 1992 and there will be god chosen king et c which is completely false and revealed to him by evil spirits and devil himself. Eventually he told to his fans that GOd had told him to mary a lady aged 16 . He continued to tell that his children are decended from heaven . He is a businessman , false prophet reciting demonic book stolen from debteras .


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