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The White House statement: “All Nile Valley countries have a right to economic development and prosperity”

The White House statement encourages equitable use of the Nile River and good faith approach in the negotiation over the Ethiopian Dam.Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan are undertaking a ministerial level talk in the Sudanese capital Khartoum

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The White House

The Press Secretary of The White House has issued a statement on Thursday this week regarding the Nile Valley and the Ethiopian Dam.

The statement outlines the United States’ position in relation to the use of the longest international river in the world, Nile, which passes through nine countries.

It stated that “The United States supports Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan’s ongoing negotiations to reach a cooperative, sustainable, and mutually beneficial agreement on filling and operating the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.”

The statement “mutually beneficial agreement” seems to be in a collision course with the Egyptian claim of “historical right” over the Nile – a claim which is informed by colonial-era agreement to which Ethiopia is not a party.

The White House statement was in fact unequivocal and straightforward when it comes to the rights of riparian countries in terms of benefiting from the international river: “All Nile Valley countries have a right to economic development and prosperity.”

And the United States’ government is encouraging parties to the ongoing tripartite talk over the filling and operating of the Ethiopian Dam to reach an agreement in a way that preserves the rights of all riparian countries to benefit from the river, and in a way that is in line with the principle of equity:

“The Administration calls on all sides to put forth good faith efforts to reach an agreement that preserves those rights, while simultaneously respecting each other’s Nile water equities.”

Ministerial-level of the tripartite talk in Cairo in mid-September was stalled as Ethiopia found Egyptian proposal in the filling and operation of the Nile Dam unacceptable on grounds of principles of fairness and Ethiopia’s sovereignty.

Among Egyptian proposals were:

1) Egyptian to deploy Egyptian Engineers to monitor the construction of Ethiopian Dam construction which Ethiopia sees as a violation of its sovereignty

2)  The Dam to release 40 billion cubic meters of water annually. Ethiopia maintains the position that only 29 to 35 billion cubic meters of water could be released annually

3) Egypt also wants to maintain the Aswan Dam height at 165 meters. 

The statement from the United States came at a time when water ministers from Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan are meeting in the Sudanese capital.

Sudan and Ethiopia are expected to present their responses to the Egyptian proposals. Experts from the three countries met in Khartoum and the outcomes of their meetings are meant to be presented to the water ministers from the three countries.

Over 80 percent of the Nile water originates from Ethiopia, and Ethiopia has reiterated its position for equitable use of the Nile water.

When the dam is completed and reaches a stage of power generation, which is expected to be over 6000 MW, the intention on the part of Ethiopia is to export a portion of the electric power to Sudan. So far Sudan seems to be on the same page with Ethiopia.

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  1. As in the period of colonization and barbaric rule until to these days, western countries are deciding our fate and socalled development , outlined and prescribed capitalists.

  2. This is a well balanced statement keeping the rights of all stakeholders intact. Egypt should learn from its neighbor Israel on how it has been able to quench its thirst for water. Israel does not have pipeline carrying water it needs all the way from the French Alps. First of all, Egypt must stem this runaway population explosion in its hands. Like the old country, it has been multiplying like carpenter’s ants. Our Creator told us to populate this good earth but not to over-populate it!!!

    • egypt is our enemy. Egyptian bishop betrayed ethiopians during italian invasion.Egyptians have no respect for black people.

      They are damn arabe messengers themselves. They are evrywhere and US help them as they are too many egyptians holding us nationalty.

  3. The problem with Egypt is one and only one: SUPERIORITY COMPLEX

    Egyptian’s behaviour and attitude toward Black Africans is well known. It is NOT new. Egypt has NEVER had a positive attitude toward the Black Race — which they call “Abid”, meaning “slaves”.

    The Nile Issue: To the Egyptians, the NILE WATER belongs to them as proved by their historical attitude, relationship and agreement with the world-wide colonial force named Britain – NOT with the custodian Black African Country!!! It is a glaring historical example that Egypt – an Arab country – was colluding with an European famous marauder, thus claiming the ownership of the NILE!!! It is an audacity without boundary.

    To the Egyptians, it did not matter that the source of the Blue Nile is an ancient independent free and proud country, for seemingly time immemorial – ETHIOPIA. But Egypt’s ultimate racial negative attitude towards Black Africa is reflected — without a trace of a shadow– when it suggested that the operation of the Blue Nile be supervised and controlled by Egyptian guardians. Ethiopia, as one of the African “Abids” is supposed to be happy, grateful and jump up and down for Egypt’s magnanimous offer to be the master of the Blue Nile. A typical negative attitude of Egypt and its clones towards Black Africa.

    With the above background, needless to say, Ethiopia is obliged, by its own ancient admirable history, to have self-respect and the respect of its Brethren Black Africans and maintain the ownership, operation and administration of the Blue Nile – with the inherent DIGNITY of the ancient Ethiopian History. It is hoped that Egypt would learn to respect the norms and civilized international relationship. THE END

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