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Raising eyebrows as Addis Ababa city introduce new police uniform

Addis Ababa new police uniform _ Ethiopia
Addis Ababa police members during a ceremony to inaugurate new uniform. Photo source : Addis Ababa City Administration

October 4, 2019

Addis Ababa Police has introduced a new uniform on Thursday this week. According to the state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) report, the city is not entirely replacing uniforms that the city police have been using so far.

Rather, the new uniform is “additional” to the one that is already in use. Many Ethiopians who took the matter to social media seem to be raising eyebrows on the city’s move. Some see it as unnecessary. Others tend to see it as a move with a sinister motive on the part of the city administration and anticipate something illegal under the cover of law enforcement in the city.

Look of the uniform resembles, very much so, the one in use by the Ethiopian Defense Force. The introduction of it was not announced ahead of time as well.

The uniform bears the logo of the city’s police force and is expected to be gradually distributed to all members of the Addis Ababa police. 

It was the acting mayor of the city, Takele Uma, who attended the ceremony organized to inaugurate the new police uniform in the capital Addis Ababa.

The acting mayor seems to see the measure as a part of the “modernization scheme” in the city’s police force “to strengthen work underway to ensure the city’s peace and security,” as cited in the FBC report published on Thursday. 

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  1. Love them …and may God protect them and their families as they go about carrying on their duties in serving their country.


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