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Renewed violence involving Kemant Amhara communities reported in Central Gonder region

Kemant _ Amhara
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September 30, 2019

Months after security problems improved with the intervention of the Ethiopian Defense Force and concerted effort from politicians and community members, renewed violence is reported in central Gondar region of Ethiopia which affected ethnic Amhara and ethnic Kemant communities. 

The regional government security officers claim that an armed group organized in the name of Kemant opened fire as the region’s special force entered the region.

Chilga zone and the region are affected by the violence which happened over the weekend.

Based on a report on Sunday by the regional state media, AMMA, unspecified number of people were killed and properties damaged.

As was the case in the past, what authorities in Amhara regional state believe to be a political plot to “make the region a war zone” is drawing ethnic Amhara and Kemant communities in the region into conflict.

“Those who attempt to make Amhara region will not succeed. And if there are those who want to come to the region for this mission, we have the capability to defend ourselves,” Teshager Agegnehu who is head of Amhara region’s peace and security building office told AMMA.

He added that the latest string of violence happened as the regional state is working on to resolve issues related to identity and administrative arrangements while emphasizing that it is a manufactured conflict. It is not natural for the two communities to indulge in violence against each other, according to him. The violence is the work of instigators supported by those who are working against peace in the region but he did not name the identities of these groups.

The regional state believes that part of the plan was to block the Methema-Gonder road, links Ethiopia with Sudan, and it seems to be the case that the road is closed at this writing. Agenehu said the road will reopen soon and the security problem in the region will be under control.

It is to be recalled that in January of this year, tens of thousands of people were displaced from the region abandoning their houses as the violence claimed dozens of residents from the region.

Borkena attempted to reach out to those are claiming to be representatives of the Kemant community without success.

Meanwhile, there are emerging reports on social media that a group of people are protesting in Addis Ababa opposing alleged “persecution of Kemant by security forces in Amhara regional state.” It is not confirmed, however, if ethnic-nationalist politicians from outside of the region who seem to be fanning the violence have put together the protest.

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  1. certainly amhara is evoking violence and killing Kimant as they did in the past

    Justice for Kimant, Raya and Agew people massacred by Amhara incessantly.

    • Poor Melat,
      Don’t you know this whole ethnic strife is the result of TPLF. The people of Kimant, Agew, etc… lived peacefully with their neighbors of Gonder, Lasta, Gojjam, etc. But TPLF took power and put them under one state called Amhara. You should know there is no such tribe as Amhara. So that put a majority vs minority problem. Thus all this violence.

  2. Peace and cooperation is achievable when, and when the Amara region authorities stop falsifying the actual activities. The factual matter is the Amara is uneasy to see Kemant as a self governing entity equal to other Ethiopian races-The Oromo, The Tigre etc.
    No one can stop the right of individuals by intimidation, lie and scare tactics. Such behaviours expose the right face of Amara while witnessing their exact goal, which is CONTROL ALL RACES AS IT USED TO BE. This is not happening.

    • Again, there is no identity called Amhara. Ethiopians need to understand that it was a ploy created by TPLF to form tensions between small communities like Qimant against their larger neighbors of Gonder and Gojjam.

  3. you were one of the victims of debtera and amahara priests

    amhara priets and bishops are known to worship Devil and reciting his(devil) homily and greetings . Amhara is known to propagate hate, commit genocide aginst minorities and also spyng for the western world, your masters .

    We donot acknowledge the award given to this mealy-mothed demagogue arab messenger , Abiy Ahled; He is an amhara in disguise. Amhara elites like him are also advocting homosexuality through thier priests. Go and ask ethiopian police that they will tell you how many cases they have been dealing with. Cases related to rape and abuse by amhara debteras and priests . They do sell tabot and artifacts like you guys and flee to US, canda and UK like you
    I bet if you can renounce this case .

    People who are politically correct by the standard set up by UN and oether western world countries are not usually eligible to be socially and ethically correct before the eyes of the public.

    Killing people and producing many refugees can be an assest before UN and can also be rewarded if it is committed by western world . BUt, if an african leader bombed a refugee camp , it can be an object of backlash and renouced by UN as a war crime.

    So, world is now commting the lesser evil to gain profit and help its own citizens who are in need of petrol and water.

    Amhara, like the former colonial masters telling KImant and Agew ” YOu(agew and Kimant) are not capaable of governing yourself and we will govern and supervise and taking control of your assests as you are minorities” This was that colonial master was unttering for centuries in Africa and latin america.


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