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Suspects in the murder case of an Ethiopian Airlines employee captured, says Addis Ababa Police

After over a week long search, suspects in the murder of Etsegenet Anteneh who was an employee of Ethiopian Airlines are captured. The case has been extensively discussed among Ethiopians in social media. Police is yet to disclose the motives behind the murder.

Ethiopian Airlines employee _ Murder
The late Etsegenet Anteneh ( SM)

September 27, 2019

Addis Ababa Police Commission said on Friday that it has detained three suspects in the murders case of Ethiopian Airlines employee, Etsegenet Anteneh, who was murdered on September 17 in the capital Addis Ababa.

According to the police report, on that fateful day, she was looking for a means to get to her workplace near her residence in Akaki sub-city and the suspects offered her service in a bajaj with a plate number 1-34039 (Oromia) and she boarded. 

Based on the police report, the offer was rather to execute a murder plan. And they choked her to death and abandoned her body in Akaki/ Kaliti sub-city, district  3, near Selam Fire health center.

Although the search for the killers was difficult, police managed to capture the suspects on Thursday this week, nine days after the murder was committed.

The suspects (police did not release details of their identity) confessed that they carried out the murder.  Police have hinted that it got support from the community members in an effort to capture the criminals. 

On September 27, the suspects were taken to the crime scene and they have demonstrated, in the presence of community members from the area,  how they carried out the premeditated murder.

Motives of the murder are yet to be established.

The victims LinkedIn Profile shows that she worked as a financial analyst for Ethiopian Airlines and that she studied at Gonder University.

On September 14, an Ethiopian man who $10.7 million Canadian dollars from the June 2017 Lotto Max draw was killed in Piazza area of Addis Ababa, according to a police report.

The crime rate in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa and in the rest of the country too, is rising on an unprecedented scale in the history of the country. 

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  1. ይህ መንግስት እንደ ወያኔዎች አነጣጥሮ በመተኮስ መግደል ካልጀመረ ነገ የ እናም እታ ፋንታ እንዲህ ነው ሚሆነው ካልሆንም ህዝቡን ፍቃድ እያስወጡ መታጠቅ መጀመር አለበት እኔ አገሬ ለመመላለስ እያሰብኩ ነበር አሁን ግን ከራሴ ጋር እየተሟገትኩ ነው

  2. This is so sad and depressing because i was so proud when all westerners write about Ethiopian first thing they say is how safe and sound our beloved Ethiopian is , that is about to change unless something done quickly the government has to take some action and all the good people of this great country has to be eyes and ear , if you see say something whatever happen to that person could happen to anyone , it is the duty of all Ethiopians to keep this great nation safer .


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