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“TPLF does not support unity before resolving difference in EPRDF”, Getachew Reda

TPLF does not support transformation of the ruling coalition into a single party. Getachew Reda explained to BBC Amharic why his party does not support it.

TPLF _ EPRDF unity
Getachew Reda. Photo credit : Anadolu Agency via BBC

September 25, 2019

In a recent remark, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has openly hinted that the ruling coalition, Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front(EPRDF), is working on transforming itself into a single unified party. If that happens,  it means that the four ethnic parties that constitute the ruling coalition, including Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), will end their existence as an ethnic party.

This week, a rumor was circulating on social media that the coalition has finalized the work to unite itself under a new brand name – Ethiopian Prosperity Party (EPP).

Getachew Reda, a prominent TPLF executive member and apparently a critic of Prime  Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration, is reacting to the story.

In an interview with BBC Amharic service, he indirectly confirmed the work to unify the coalition when he said that “TPLF will not accept a unity within the party that will be created for the sake of power.”

His position, which is believed to be TPLF’s position as well, is essentially the antithesis of what many Ethiopians think is TPLF’s intention when it created an ethnic-based ruling coalition. TPLF’s intention in creating the ethnic-based coalition was to dominate power for many decades.  TPLF dominated, at least the majority of Ethiopians think that way, power for well over two decades until its domination came to an end in April of 2018 following the resignation of Hailemariam Desalgne.

Why is it that TPLF is not accepting the transformation of the coalition into a united party?

Getachew Reda told BBC Amharic service that existing problems within the ruling coalition need to be resolved first.  He went further than that. “The principle that TPLF adheres to is not on how individuals can stay in power. TPLF believes that what makes a given organization [ or party] an organization is a thought,”  he added.

He also confirmed that there is a move to form a single party although the ruling coalition has not officially disclosed it.

The issue of forming a single united party has been discussed for several years now within the party which Getachew confirmed to BBC.

However, he said that his ethnic Tigray party (TPLF) raised within the party that unity of purpose and goal has to happen first before taking action in the direction of unifying the party.

In his view, the difference in the coalition is not ironed out. “Probably the difference internally is broadened and is not resolved, ” he said.

And “I do not see any reason to move in the direction of unity [in the absence of internal unity],” Getachew emphasizes TPLF’s stand regarding that unity that is expected to happen.

What will happen if the rest of the coalition members agree to unite is a question that remains to be seen?

Ethiopia will have national election in 2020. And some political analysts tend to see the coalition party’s move to unite as a sort of preparation for it. Others see it as an important step in terms of easing ethnic tension in the country for these group tend to think that he transformation of the ruling coalition into a single party could help challenge the rising radical ethnic nationalism in the country.

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  1. Whether EPRDF or EPP, the party is practically dead. Unfortunately, the next election would simply be a referendum for every ethnicity to form their own ethnic based leader.

  2. Quote: “the next election would simply be a referendum for every ethnicity to form their own ethnic based leader” Unquote by Hab first

    And that would be The GREATEST CLASSICAL TRAGEDY of an ancient country that used to be called ‘ETHIOPIA’. Is that what Ethiopians of TODAY, of every stripe, wish to have? Is that what the WISDOM of ancient Ethiopia amounts to?!?! Well, disintegrated elements of the 21st Century can have it >>> it requires NO knowledge; NO wisdom; NO farsightedness; and NO consciousness of History. THE END

  3. #tplf? What ever comes devils won’t and cannot cooperate with those who stand for humanity and democracy since they are idiots and proponents of tribalism, not societal.

  4. It’s part of the human experience when one was the boss for a while, and then making him part of MG team?? Of course he’s going resist! So now Oromo is showing maturity calling it EPP (Ethiopian Prosperity Party) such a beautiful word! Great Job! just only relax calling Addis Ababa finfina, Addis Ababa belongs to all of us (Ethiopians)

    TPLF relax, stay tough (you are great fighters) but it is time to let go, for God sake Oromo wants to call us Ethiopian Prosperity Party, not just for one, but for all.


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