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Constable Siraj Abdela awarded for patriotic deed

Constable Siraj Abdela _ Ethiopia _ patriotism
Constable Siraj Abdela meeting with Abiy Ahmed. Photo credit : OPM

September 23, 2019

In light of the reality that a new culture of corruption in Ethiopia has made the country vulnerable even in the areas of security, what Constable Siraj Abdela, a policeman from the Afar region, did is nothing short of great patriotism.

When he was on duty at a checkpoint in Afar region of Ethiopia last Saturday, he was approached by smugglers who tried to corrupt him with 40,000 Ethiopian birr and one AK 47 (which is worth another 100,000 Ethiopian birr in the current market).  Constable Siraj was not one of a kind that betrays his country in exchange for cash. He instead arrested them, seized 29 illegal AK 47 and 25 bullet magazines.

On the flip side, the incident may tell the story that smugglers have reached to a point where they can now approach law enforcement bodies to get away with criminal activity by way of bribing them.

Yet, it also tells a story of bravery and loyalty of Constable Siraj to Ethiopia.

State-affiliated media, Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), has reported on Monday that Afar regional state has awarded the young policeman 50,000 Ethiopian Birr ceremoniously on Sunday for doing his job with a great sense of honesty and courage.  

On Monday, the Young policeman met with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, in the office of the Prime Minister in the capital Addis Ababa.

Abiy Ahmed expressed his admiration for the policeman and provided him with a certificate.

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  1. The Young Constable Siraj Abdela is a HERO and a pride to Ethiopia and Africa in totality. I kept looking INTENTLY at the Photo on Constable Siraj Abdela — in particular AT HIS EYES. I can read on his eyes the depth of inquisitiveness and unwavering attention directly into the eyes of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. .At the risk of being labeled too emotional, I wish him good luck in his mountainous voyage as one of the significant contributors in the development of Ethiopia for the benefit of the Ethiopian People and a pride to Africa.


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