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Amhara Intellectuals Council Conference underway in Bahir Dar

Amhara Intellectuals Council
participants of the conference. Photo credit : AMMA

September 20, 2019

Amhara Intellectuals Council Conference is underway in Bahir Dar, the seat of Amhara regional state. The focus is economic, social and political matters pertinent to ethnic Amhara people, as reported by the regional state media – Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA). 

About 1800 intellectuals, seemingly from all over the world, and over 700 invited guests are in attendance. 

The Conference seeks to engage with community members too up to Kebele levels, according to AMMA report. 

The Association began to take shape in the year 2017 but was officially established and registered a civic organization in 2018 after the region’s council approved it. 

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Amhara Intellectuals Council Congress president Dr. Gebeyawu Tiruneh said that anyone, irrespective of political views, with a concern about the people in the region and with good intentions, could be a member of the association.

Four papers will be presented at the conference relating to the history of ethnic Amhara people nation-building, economic challenges, and solutions, existing constitution and Amhara People’s demands and agenda for the struggle will be discussed in depth.  

Identifying challenges within government structure and supporting government executives to solve them is one of the main objectives of the organization, Dr. Gebeyaw added. 

The Association also aims to overcome politically charged and wrong narratives against ethnic Amhara people which led to economic, political and social marginalization in different parts of the country. 

Since Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) took power in 1991 as the leader of the umbrella organization, what appeared to be a government-sponsored negative propaganda campaign was directed against ethnic Amhara people which led to pervasive attacks and displacement of ethnic Amhara people. 

Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen and the region’s president, Temsesgen Tiruneh, have attended the opening ceremony of the conference.  

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  1. Do they still wish to maintain the amhara hegemony through the church and expanding thier language in the ethiopian education system ?

    We will see if they donot culminate thier meeting with the tradtional way , amharic proverbs and ,teret, sayings

    from gerogia

  2. set of people who hold dog-eared paper excepetionally given to those who showed financial excellence . This meeting is an example of rats talking in thier deep furrow.

  3. We have several point on which we donot come to terms. However, when it comes to the western investment in our country and baptizing our children in western pro homosexaula and satanism culture, many fellow country men and I myself I donot accept it at all.

    It is not a sign of civilization at all. We have our on culture and indentity. We should not submit to other so as to get tons of money. I believe every kid should study in his own history, culture and civilization at first and then that of the others.

    The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence or the river, some say. So, Whatever, we should tell our kids the truth and the reality of being migrant and western culture. They should not develop the idea of abandoning thier identity and culture at the expense of changeing the socalled better life. We can change our life by working cooperatively. Jealousy is our problem. There should not be tribalism among children and school.

    Western countries they invest a lot on thier children they respect thier children too, incontrast to our culture of treating children.

    Western countries they donot do anything and spend a single dollar unless they plan to get something in return. You could think of hhow many of the socalled ethiopian and eritrean or other country migrants are treated here. I am saying migrants including children and pregnant women locked behind bars, prison, euphemestically labelled as family residence camps.

    An african man was locked behind bars in canada for 7 years just because he has no papers and he was locked with other people who committed crimes.

    If these people like and want to help our country , they will not torure and abuse migrants like that . Amercan is bult by migrants nicknamed as grey , green , black habesha etc

    Let us not subdue our children to a western country by devaluing our culture, norms and indentity. In the western world, religion and churches are a means of earning ones living.

    We have here many people graduated from universities working as baby sitters and church is where you could make tons of dollars instantly . So some prefer to be a pastor or clergy or other than engaged in chores., enjoyinh hardearned money.overall, this is the tip of the iceberg of the story. You could put 2 and 2 together to understand the reality donot be taken or embezzeled by the propaganda of migration aired On TV channels and entire media owned by capitalists.

    We could teach our children and change our future if we cooperate and work together paying the proper respect to one another putting jealousy aside.

  4. Diaspora D stand for devil or demon , Dooms day, many words starting with D have mostly negative connotation. Many of disporas I met are evil than amhara I know back home.
    life under western world being illtreated and abused make them demons and jealous than that lived back home in thier tiny village .Ethiopians are asddist people they feel excited by destrying the life of thier fellowmen while they are in the same boat being unable to change thier own life.
    Religious propaganda is not able to change the ethical life of ethiopian other than parcticing tradtional religious rituals. limadawi dirgit. Funny story of ethiopians particularly amharas wouldbe pious and akraari kristian.

    Many are spying on thier fellow brother and sis to spoil his or her future. Some ordder the killing of innocent people living in US and Europe. Ethiopians are cursed and evilmen. I donot belive at in teh socalled ethiipianism. It is a border and indentity created by those who have a thirst for power .

    God donot create a country . It is we who divide among ourselves. We set rules to criminalize and abuse and make money. THe law inforcement is just protecting those who have power and demogogues we have seen it back home and outside.
    chauvinist oromo are you decising our fate hiding yourself being in the US appartments given to you due to your asylum claim. What a contemptible person you are ? You are a worthless and contemptible person. YOu got a borrowed nationality from western world and manage to decide the fate of future generation to come.

    I also remember you saying “I will call to FBI” are you the one who spying on people living peacefully ??

    WE donot need to islamitize ethiopia which plainly appears to be your project.

    You are all here bigots who are resposible for the massacre of innocent people by spreading hate and revengeful message .


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