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Ethiopia,Egypt, Sudan Tripartite meeting underway in Cairo

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Dr Sileshi Bekele, the Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy of Ethiopia . Photo credit :Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia (MFAE)

September 15, 2019

The Tripartite meeting of Water Ministers of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia is underway in Cairo (September 15, 2019). The meeting is a continuation of the tripartite water ministers meeting held in September 2018 and February 2019 in Addis Ababa regarding the filling of and release of water from the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Dr. Sileshi Bekele, the Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy of Ethiopia underscored the efforts of Ethiopia for an engagement based on good faith and a sincere interest for cooperation. The Minister emphasized the need to reinforce the existing platforms of cooperation to reach an understanding that serves the equal rights of the three countries.As to the objectives of the meeting, the Minister outlined the purpose of the meeting to be consideration of the report of the Scientists Group of the three countries in order to set a direction for the way forward. In relation, the Minister reiterated the need to follow the existing mechanisms of trilateral cooperation and called for all propositions on outstanding matters to be presented within the framework of these mechanisms.

The Minister stated the water of the Nile as the main water resource of Ethiopia is a matter of survival for the country. Accordingly, Ethiopia will continue to follow a cooperative approach that ensures its right and protects the interest of neighboring populations. The Minister indicated the trilateral dialogue between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt on the GERD will enhance the right of all Nile Riparian States to utilize the shared water resource. In concluding his remarks, the Minister stated the trilateral engagements since the commencement of the construction of the GERD are successful and created an opportunity to bridge differences between the three countries.

The Minister of Water and Irrigation of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Dr. Mohammed Abdel Aty after welcoming the delegations of Sudan and Ethiopia expressed his hope for the engagement concerning the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to be an example for other similar cooperation. The Minister states the discussions on filling and release of water from the GERD shall be based on a win-win approach that equally benefits the three countries. The Minister also stated the need to heed new approaches as the eight years engagement on the GERD is not giving rise to the expected outcomes.

The Water and Irrigation Minister of the Sudan, Professor Yasir Mohammed Abbas thanked his Ethiopian and Egyptian colleague ministers for their welcoming remarks and stated his hoe that his previous engagements on matters related to the Nile and other transboundary water resource management will allow him contribute constructively to the trilateral discussion on the GERD.

The Minister also stated, compared to other international cooperation on matters of transboundary waters, the trilateral cooperation between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt has scored a remarkable achievement in just a short period of time. The Minister expressed his country’s commitment to do its part for the continuation of the effective trilateral dialogue that is based on scientific considerations and serves the interest of the three countries.

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  1. Subject: “Ethiopia,Egypt, Sudan Tripartite meeting underway in Cairo”

    It is amazing how TIME change things. There was a TIME where Egypt and Britain decided about the Nile without the SLIGHTEST consideration for the opinion of countries where the Nile, Blue Nile originate and other parties. Those countries — those PEOPLE — were not important enough for dialogue with the civilized Egypt and Britain. Indeed, TIME has a way of displaying the TRUTH & REALITY.

    As a bystander, I am impressed by the dignified and incisive intervention of Quote: “Dr. Sileshi Bekele [*], the Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy of Ethiopia [who] underscored the efforts of Ethiopia for an engagement based on good faith and a sincere interest for cooperation” Unquote, unlike the attitude of Egypt.of yesteryears.
    [*] true to his Ethiopian name, translated as “born for thousands”. Indeed.

  2. Egypt is either bluffing or recklessly playing with fire. Here is one cardinal question I am posing to everyone here and I want an ocular answer which means your answer should be based on what you actually see. So here it is: Where is the Blue Nile located at its place of origin? At the mouth of Lake Tana, right? Where is Lake Tana located? In Ethiopia, right? Ethiopia is the owner of Lake Tana, right? Hello!!! Is someone upstairs? It is like Honduras trying to stop the USA from harnessing the Mississippi River because doing so will deny the Gulf of Mexico the flow of fresh water to sustain fish life. Whether Egypt likes it or not the dam will somehow be completed and up running. So what is Egypt going to do about it? Send one or two of it clunky F-16’s and bomb the dam? Well then the river may stop flowing in the direction of its current course. Rivers, you know, sometimes they change routes. Such reckless threat and action might trigger a ‘huge earthquake’ that may unleash an ‘alluvial tsunami’!!! When this happens(alluvial tsunami), rivers always flow backwards. Instead of flowing south as they always did, they flow northward and instead west, they flow east. Then everyone can say, ‘case closed!!!’ You know what I mean?

    Egypt!! Itadub!!!


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